The pastor makes twenty-four references to hell in the sermon at church and forgets to talk about love.

  • From ‘Kid’ on Page 96

Happy new month, guys!

Can I still say that? I hope so. I don’t know where the year is rushing to because I really want to re-do July. You blink once and by the time you open your eyes its’s 2060 and we are old and wrinkled *shivers*

This month I read Yrsa Daley-Ward’s Bone mostly because I knew my reading time would be slashed in half but also because it has been on my radar for a couple of months now. It’s a 123-page long (which isn’t really long to be honest) collection of poems and prose. Generally, I loved the book, its vibe and the feelings it evoked so much I read it again on my staycation a few days ago.

Daley-Ward is a writer of West-Indian and West-African parents brought up by her deeply religious Seventh Day Adventist grandparents in England. And I think her upbringing and experiences influenced a lot of her writing in this book. I may or may not have tried to figure out what was real and what wasn’t. Idc idc idc

I can tell you this for free: this book is brave and honest and not in the I’m-trying-too-hard that great poetry/prose books are. My favorite poems are: ‘Mental Health’, ‘Mum’ and ‘What Love Isn’t’

In ‘Mental Health’, the poet talks about depression, suicidal thoughts and as the title suggests: mental health.

Stop trying to die. Serve your time here.
Do you time.
Clean out the fridge.
Throw away the soya mik. Soya milk is made from children’s tears. Put flowers on the table. Stand them in a measuring jug. Chop raw vegetables if you have them.
Know that if you are hungry for something but you cant think what you are, more often than not, only love-thirsty
only bored.

‘Mum’ hits closer to home

Mum. Where you are
I hope that there is Tia Maria and Coca Cola
and people don’t talk too loudly when
you’re trying to sleep.
I hope you have a daughter with a
plan and a dream
and sons who aren’t on first name
terms with the police
I hope you have your pick of a few
good men
and none of them know how to

And ‘What Love Isn’t’ is just beautiful

It is not a five star stay. It is not
compliments and it is never ever flattery.
It is solid. Not sweet but always
always herb, always salt. Sometimes

Would I recommend this book to others? Definitely!

Rating: 5/5

My recommendation for this month is:

  1. Salt – Nayyirah Waheed (because Nayyirah writes just as beautifully as Yrsa)

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Time to hear from you:
What book did you read?
Evaluate and critique the book
Wrap up with the strengths and weaknesses and mention if you would recommend the book to other people
Give a numerical score/rating.



  1. Oscar Yankee
    I read Contagious by Jonah Berger . Summary: Basically reasons why things become popular, why things go viral. why people are more interested in sharing some news more than others.
    I learnt the theory of being able to make my ideas/ products well received and transmitted onwards
    would I recommend it? Yup
    score/rating: 4.5/5
  2. Miss A
    I am still reading..Half of a Yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi’s an oldie right? i know..just picked it up a few days ago..I would get Bone soon.

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