7 Annoying Things Men Do


Men do so many things to women that can be difficult to handle. Sometimes a woman just wants to go all anti-men but nah… We love them still. So here are the most annoying things men do in my opinion. This is not a male-bashing article, so please keep an open mind while reading this.…


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Men do so many things to women that can be difficult to handle. Sometimes a woman just wants to go all anti-men but nah… We love them still. So here are the most annoying things men do in my opinion. This is not a male-bashing article, so please keep an open mind while reading this.


Sometimes, men have strong emotional reactions to situations, but as soon as they become aware of their emotions, they quickly hide them behind a mask and act like they don’t have a heart. Men are just as human as women are. It is okay to feel things and let it show. It is not weakness; it is strength!


How is it that men remember when the game is on, when a new football season starts but can’t remember important events like birthdays, anniversaries, special places like where we met, had our first Kiss, where we went on our first date… The list could go on and on! These things seem unimportant to men but to many women, remembering these details is a big deal because it shows that you care about the relationship.


When a woman gets angry over something serious, a man’s first guess is “Oh, she is probably PMS-ing”. Really, bruh? I am mad cause you did something that doesn’t feel right. How is this still about me? While I agree that women tend to be a bit sensitive during this time, it is rarely ever the entire reason for a woman getting angry.


Okay, this is one is particularly annoying because yeah, I can see you checking the other girl out and I know she is attractive but hello! I am right here! Yeah me… Your pretty girlfriend. Men flirting with or checking out other women right in front of their girlfriend is sooo… Oh my God, just stop it! How do you men do that with a sane mind? And, yes, even if you criticise something about the girl you check out, we are still not okay with it honey.


It is natural for women to let their emotions get the best of them so when we talk to you about how we had an argument with a colleague or a friend, we are not looking for advice. Take our side: don’t tell us how we should have done it your way.  We could have handled the situation differently – yes, we know that – but we didn’t. We just want you to listen and take our side. Okay?


Every time we have a disagreement, I want to be able to talk about it and resolve it. It will not just disappear. Issues don’t just disappear and talking about them does not mean I want drama or that I like arguing. It means I want to talk about it so we can get past it because the relationship is important to me.


I am not saying you are not great in bed. I am saying I don’t like it when you do *ladies, insert something your man does that you don’t like* so stop doing *insert that thing you stubbornly insist on doing*. It’s just not working for me. Why don’t you understand this?

I don’t know if it is an ego thing but most men think they are so great at it that they cant possibly go wrong. The fact that a few of your exes may or may not have faked an orgasm doesn’t mean I am harder to please or that I am not as into you as they were. What worked for them might not work for me. We are into different things and that’s okay. I want you to be able to please me. For that to happen, you need to listen to me and actually get to know what turns me on. So LISTEN.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Ladies, perhaps this list isn’t long enough? If you have any other pet peeves when it comes to your guy, share them in the comments section. Also, guys explain yourselves! Why do you do these things? It would be nice to hear from you so feel free to talk about it.


    1. Deoye
      No we won’t.
      Even if we listen, y’all still get bored that everything is too cool and then start some shit we have no clue about.
      Just enjoy the shitstorm, y’all miss it when it’s nonexistent.
        1. Deoye
          1. Speak for yourself.

          So wait, you’ve never for once extended an argument or went on about something just to see how far bae could be pushed?

      1. Funmi O
        This is what happens when guys consistently fuck around with dead, immature girls and then extrapolate fuckery to the wider population. The wider population is not amused.

        If she likes drama, she’s dumb.

        If she gets bored of things being “too cool”, she’s dumb.

        Guys, listen PLEASE. Don’t inflict dumb behaviour on other women because you’ve dated fowls in the past.

        1. Oluwiz
          I’m sure you know this goes both ways, right? ‘Cause the writer hasn’t met all men either; her argument is most plausibly based on the men she’s related with; “dead, immature, fowls” and all.

          No offense Jedi-girl

        2. 'Deoye
          This is interesting. Considering that Funmi has no clue as to who I’ve dated and whether or not I consistently’ fuck around with dead/immature girls or if any form of fuckery is extrapolated to the wider population. LOL!

          Also funny that this applies to guys but the OP writer isn’t making assumptions about men.

          I wonder what will happen now if i make certain references to that special art of ‘jumping’ to conclusions 😀

  1. TheManya
    Lmaoo.. football season has steady reminders to keep us posted, like transfer market and what not, so we know what’s coming. Perhaps y’all can work out some not so subtle lights to guide us on our way. Like anal for example. Let him stick it up your area and he’ll be like “ahh, it’s that time of the year “.
  2. Deoye
    I don’t do most of these things. Well, maybe the disappearance part but is it gender specific?

    Forgetting too. Usually, women getting mad when you ‘forget’ stuff = you not remembering when they want you to. So not calling at 12Am on their birthday is the same thing as forgetting. Some of us like our sleep abeg.
    And no, we won’t sacrifice it.

    I won’t take your side if you did dumb shit. Do you want a boyfriend or an acolyte? Sure I’ll understand, and I’ll help. But I will not take ya side. Bae or otherwise.

    Ermmm, what is sex?

      1. Deoye
        See? Simple question. Later they wee say men are problematic.
        I dinnor say, “What is sex to a woman?” I saith, “What is sex?
        So there’s sex to a woman?
        What a wondafu world 😀
    1. Morris
      I suffered the 12 am (Well, not 12 am, but arly enough to count) thing sha, twice, even as a girl, Lol. But No, i do not excuse myself, i could have done better.
    2. J.Boscoe
      While I can reason with the points raised, there is one that I just don’t get. Why must I with a brain and a conscience support you when you are wrong? I have lost potential baes due to this but I don’t feel bad. You’re wrong, listen and change and let’s the world a better place. You can’t keep expecting guys to support you when you’re wrong and say you’re not drama magnets.
    3. Makachuks
      I was going to reply to that but decided to piggyback off of yours.
      Lots of ladies complain about this taking a side of a thing, you want me to listen better not expect blind agreement, even if you were in the wrong.
  3. Sam
    1. Going by (1), (4) should be okay.
    2. Forgetting is natural. Women forget too. The difference is men don’t emotionally punish you for it. Also, a lot of men “remember”. It’s not a man-woman thing; more an individual thing IMO.
    3. The PMS thing? Really? You know the amount of rubbish women get away with because of that?! Besides, this usually happens when the man OBVIOUSLY cannot relate to the problem logically, or deems the reaction “uncalled-for”.
    4. It’s BAD for a man to “check out” another woman in the presence of his “pretty lady”, but it’s okay for his “pretty lady” to go, “That hunk is so cute! Did you see his blue eyes?” in the presence of her man? And still y’all can talk of gender equality with a straight face?
    5. This obviously goes both ways.
    6. Men would rather not engage because it’s usually a lose-lose situation. Most women would deny this, but they go in to these talks already victors with male victims. You are right; now he has to listen to you drone about you being right. He can’t be bothered to. Hopefully, it’ll pass naturally and die a gradual death… But noooooooo… Ya just have to bring it up.
    7. The Sex Thing. First, saying that most women fake is just you defeating your own argument. That would make these fakers the root of the problem. Why take it out on the men? Also, any man with half a brain doesn’t think in terms of any of the accusations above.
    Basically, it’s safe to say these apply to people with IQs under 80. In which case, my effort here is wasted.
    Have a nice day! 🙂
    1. Deoye
      See? Simple question. Later they wee say men are problematic.
      I dinnor say, “What is sex to a woman?” I saith, “What is sex?
      So there’s sex to a woman?
      What a wondafu world 😀
      1. Jedi-Girl Post author
        i wrote the list from a woman’s point i keep telling u that… And i wrote it based on the things i’v seen and heard . And yes women see and feel sex differently.
    2. Morris
      Ahan, Please take it easy. The points you flipped around and those you consider neutral (applies both ways) are still annoying, right? Which is title of the post….
  4. Morris
    I was so hoping it will be on this list, but nobody is addressing this issue….

    1 – They have made me prone to laughing when I see a nigerian man crying (Depending on the situation). Please y’all should cry more, it is nature!!!
    2. Well, that’s me in my relationship. Ultimately, it depends on how many times you forget and how many things you don’t know before i can seriously say You don’t care. Maybe that’s because I m the forgetful one, lol.
    3. I have only one friend that always does this, I want to believe it’s just to tease because…It don’t make no sense, especially, for me. The only emotion i can link to my time of the month is Pain. Now, if you assume it’s that time every time i tell you i have a stomachpain, then, good.
    4. The criticize part bothers me more (Maybe because i have never noticed the other part) she’s a girl like me, another guy in the crowd could be doing the same to me, C’mon.
    5. Errr
    6. Lol
    7. ….

    Now, to what I was hoping you would add, Peeing, taking a leak, Urinating anywhere and everywhere. I still thought about this yesterday. There is no excuse except the fact that your orientation has made you feel like it’s not inappropriate.

    1. Sam
      Umm.. Again.. Don’t generalize.. I feel ridiculously awkward and wrong when I’m forced to pee anywhere that’s not a designated “pee place”..
  5. Nazz
    1. A lot of women could be like that too if you ask me. And I’ve met a few emotional men. Irks me to some extent though.
    2. Hmm… This particular one? No comment.
    3. Hasn’t happened much for me.
    4. Whether another dude is checking me out too is not my biz. Bae, pls don’t try it.
    5. So true.
    6. True.
    7. …
  6. Andronicus
    I met this beautiful lightskin girl in London, summer of 20__
    She made me sing Train’s ‘Marry Me’ in my mind each time I saw her.

    She told me most women hate it and most men are guilty of it.
    The urge to advise or give solutions instead of just listening.
    I caught myself many times doing so.
    She sent me to read the book, ‘Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars’.

    We are no longer together but I’ve never forgotten NUMBER 5!

  7. pullout
    Seems I’m the perfect boyfriend. That must be why I’m single. So guys keep doing what you’re doing, at least it gets you a babe.
    1. @ProDiGyRockz
      Write a response…Anyway bro I actually think your right because if you give the gurls what they need, you’ll just remain in the Best Friend Zone or at worse in the Bro Zone, So to me I think I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing bcuz no matter the Drama, I have a Girlfriend.
  8. @ProDiGyRockz
    Write a response…Okay Really Really, I think d Drama makes a relationship Fun so If You ladies are complaining how about we men make our own Complaints by The WAY A Note to All Ladies, Tomorrow’s Football Action is going to be Epic From City vs Chelsea to El Classico to West Ham vs Arsenal so please LEAVE US FOR D WEEKEND LOLZ (Tongues Out)
  9. Orochi
    I would actually really like to understand why yall are always saying you want men to show emotions.. do you really want to see a guy breakdown? do you really want to see him express his fears, hurt? Can you stand by him when he’s looking beaten??
    I’ve learned the hard way, like many other men have, that no one, women especially, really wants to see men express emotions. Women don’t really know how to handle it. Of course, when it happens once in a while like once a year lol, you really feel and show it, she may be feel closer to you, but should you prolong this expression, your woman may shut down, clueless, if you’re unlucky – you’ll see her irritation/disgust.

    Also, biologically women can think and feel at the same time – while men naturally separate their feelings from what they are thinking. In an emotionally-arousing situation, a man’s first instinct is to leave and calm down. This is partly due to how emotions affect men. They are a cue to physical action – the consequences of which could be terrible. If a man stays put and becomes very emotional, his blood pressure skyrockets and he is at risk of having a heart attack. It also takes much longer for a man’s blood pressure and immune system to return to normal after high emotion than it does for a woman. Therefore a man will instinctively try (without even knowing that this is what he is doing) to protect himself and escape the situation.

    This difference in male/female emotion processing is evident from a young age. Women need to be more tuned into their emotions than men because they are, more often, the ones who rear children (of course, this is a generalisation and there are always exceptions). One research study showed that young boys were much quicker to try to switch off a recording of a baby crying than young girls were. The researchers at first reasoned that this was because of male insensitivity. But it turned out that the boys had much higher levels of stress hormone in their bloodstreams than the girls did on hearing the emotionally arousing trigger. Men are actually more sensitive to emotion and so more likely to avoid it.

    This gender difference persists through life and old men are much more likely to die soon after the loss of a partner than an elderly wife when she loses her husband.

    If communication is not terrible between you and your man you should have learned to know how thinks and feels if you pay attention.

    Whoa! I turned this into an article lmao!

    So honest responses please, I’d like to know how you’ve handled men were they were emotional around you.

    1. Jedi-Girl Post author
      You are basically just saying desame things i am talking about, its ok to feel its ok to bare it all to a woman u are emotionally attached to. Only an immature woman will take advantage of that to make you feel like less of a man … A man who lets his emotions show is not weak and even if a woman leaves him for that, she is probably just immature and well, her loss! Covering ur emotions up to protect yourself is weakness…
      1. Orochi
        It’s not really a covering of emotions, we learn to express it in other ways to the extent that we can.
        Have you ever witnessed a man be very expressive, sensitive and/or emotional multiple times? If yes, did he gain manly points in your eyes when this happened?
        I don’t know what society you know, but I don’t see a line of people waiting to support men when they lose it or get emotional in the office, at home, or in the streets – as kids or adults.
      2. Adeola
        Men are emotional too, and probably just as emotional as women. But due to a mix of nature and nurture, men and women handle emotions very differently. If we don’t understand this as men and women in a relationship, we’ll keep having this discordance. Men do not connect with and adequately express their emotions as much and as easily as women do. While I think men should learn to first recognize and then harness their emotional sides, women should also try to be aware of the limitations men have in expressing emotions.
  10. soplain
    I am a Man to start with …[email protected] has judged me already from my opening but she ought to…I will start with dat part were a lady wants u to support her even when she’s wrong …hell no …we are Men, problem solvers we were taught to get d source information correctly ,make objective decisions and come up a a reasonable solution ..my dear I won’t support my clone if he was doing the wrong thing so …dat apart I am not a perfect bf but I don’t forget birthdays ,anniversaries and match fixtures …a good bf is relative period..my flaws as a BF for GF (1) might just d d best attribute go GF (2) I had an ex dat drifted away from me just because she felt I am too nice ..who does dat…..end of story..
  11. soplain
    I am back again ooh..I noticed sumtin …@jedi-gal be like if she leaves u bcos u are too emotional she is imature and unwell.. And a profound quote from legendary @funmi-o “Guys, listen PLEASE. Don’t inflict dumb behaviour on other women because you’ve dated fowls in the past”
    Pls is dere any book dat have stereotyped all men to pay for the wrong doing of another ..if so ladies I will want a copy and later take the writer to court…
  12. Deoye
    Back to number 1. How is OUR unwillingness to show OUR feelings, annoying to women? Y’all should be glad. Still, I’d like to know how it concerns them, really. Foe instance, I rarely tear up, even at the loss of loved ones, it takes weeks or months. My emotional reaction is usually numb. I’ll withdraw from everyone and be quite irritable.

    Unfortunately, people just want you to cry and when you don’t, ya mean.

    And just a thought, are these peeves only annoying to women in relationships or women in general…

  13. Makachuks
    There are so many issues to nitpick in an article like this but I will just stick to number one.
    Male bonding and female bonding are two very different things and also how both sexes express themselves differ a lot. The earlier women just let it be, the better. I have heard some very high profile women say it makes them uncomfortable when a man is too emotional.
    And then you turn around and here another say they like emotional men.
    I think for younger men who may be reading this forum for information, try to know yourself find out what works for you. Most of the more emotional men I know are friend-zoned faster than you can say , hi.
    Ladies mouths say one thing, their brains want another. Its primal. The better most guys understand this , the more success they may have in future relationships. Its the difference between being the BOYFRIEND and being the BEST FRIEND.

    PS: In those nature documentaries, you don’t see the ‘Lion King’ , go crying to his wife that he struck his paw on a rock. I know that this a facetious analogy, but that is how we came about. Show emotions and get torn apart, literally.
    Now show emotions and enter the friend-zone.

  14. Sean
    Not true, not true, none of it all is true, all guys aren’t same, I don’t know bout the guys you’ve been with but none of the write ups up there applies to me

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