9 Stages You Go Through When Your Favourite Couple Breaks Up

I’m sure we all have at one point or the other seen a couple we thought were so inseparable and would definitely end up together eventually break up. Whether it’s a celebrity couple or one you know personally. You know, one of those things that make you want to give up on love. Well I…


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I’m sure we all have at one point or the other seen a couple we thought were so inseparable and would definitely end up together eventually break up. Whether it’s a celebrity couple or one you know personally. You know, one of those things that make you want to give up on love. Well I have been able to break down the different stages we unconsciously go through when such things happen. Enjoy!

  1. Shock and denial: Yup! The first reaction is always that of shock mixed with denial. Like you actually can’t believe it’s possible. You tend you to believe the person carrying the gist is just pulling your leg. Usually involves a lot of ‘Tah! They no fit break up’, ‘Na lie’, ‘If na joke, stop am’.



  1. Confusion: Here you begin to wonder how things could have possibly gone wrong with them? I mean they were too perfect for each other.


  1. Betrayal: You feel very let down because you used to look up to them as an epitome of true love. So all those ‘I love you baby’ and ‘I have the bestest bae’ were for nothing?


  1. Anger: Here you’re mad at them for raising your hopes so much only to dash them just like that. Like how could they? What happened to all the PDA they were exhibiting? All the BBM updates and Twitter love? What nonsense! They should gerrarahere mehn!


  1. Deduction: This is the stage where you find yourself calculating all the different indices that made them seem so inseparable. “They’ve been together for 8 years”, “They won best couple every year in school”, “Their parents even know each other”.


  1. Acceptance: This usually happens weeks after when the gist is now confirmed. You’ve heard it from different confam sources so you know it’s really true.


  1. Gossip and mockery: Now that you’ve accepted that they’ve broken up, it’s only fair to discuss their matter and spread the gist to any lastma official out there. “E don happen o”, “You don hear?” are different ways the gists usually start.



  1. Skepticism: By this time you’ve become an unbeliever in love. You don’t even want to hear that so and so can never break up. You can even fight anybody that tells you true love exists. You quickly put on the mentality of ‘Let us just be deceiving ourselves’ and look at every couple out there with the mindset that their break up is only a matter of time.


  1. Hope: You know, because love is such a beautiful and powerful thing, you find yourself believing in love again and rooting for another couple in no time. And this continues until they break up and the cycle repeats itself.


So there you have it guys. Have you experienced any or all of these before? Do you think I left any stage out? Kindly share your experiences  in the comments below.


    1. Sagachristos
      Lol doesn’t have to be couples you don’t know though. Could also be those very close to you maybe a friend or sibling
  1. Oluwadunni
    LMAOOOOO. Your memes are perfect, your post is perfect. No, you didn’t miss out any stage. I’ve gone through this, but not deeply, because I don’t really root for people’s relationships since I’ve been through enough to be skeptical, but what made this post funnier is that I’ve seen my friends go through all these stages and it’s the funniest shit ever. It sometimes happens when you find out one of them cheated, even though they’re still together.
    I still remain a hopeful romantic though ❤✌
  2. Abi
    looool! It feels like I am heart broken too sef when my favourite couple breakup ????. There are some people I root for atm, and u am like you guys are not allowed o! U just can not ! ????

    I don’t think I ll ever stop believing in love. I don’t desire to at all

    1. Sagachristos
      Lol let them know! Break up is a big no no. And don’t stop believing, too many counterfeits won’t change the fact that the original still exists
  3. Phola
    This was hilarious.

    I’m currently shipping Brienne of Tarth and Tormund. They had better happen.
    Talking about ‘spreading the gist’ what am I hearing about Rob and Black chyna…

  4. Ucheya Fapaz Isaac
    Hmmm! This article reminds me of this couple that was the talk of our department then in school. They were so ‘sharp’ that everyone thought that they were going to tie the knot. How did it go south? we even gave them awards on two occasions as the best couple. Funny.
  5. Larz
    All these on top of another person’s marriage. Nooo. I dont even rate any couple like that. No one knows what truly goes on with a couple except the two of them and even then sometimes, one of them might be caught unawares…
    1. Sagachristos
      Well true but really? No couple? Not even those close to you? Not just the married ones though even those you expect to tie the knot eventually
      1. Larz
        No one. I recently heard of a couple (family) who were together until they retired. Hubby left his wife when she was in her mid 60s and him in his late 60s. Am like, if after grown up kids (first born is >40) and grandkids, ppl your age cant make it… This is in Lagos not oyinbo ppl.

        Marriage is hard. No one should assume they know other ppl’s marriage enough. Like I said earlier, even some spouses are caught unaware of a breakup/ issue in marriage

  6. Ollie
    My friend’s boyfriend actually broke up with her because his model couple broke up. Apparently, if they can break up then who is he to be “loving up”. Very rubbish person.

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