9 Worst Food Combinations Ever

Some years ago, I watched a documentary about Japanese culinary culture. Even though I was aware of the enthusiasm and passion of the Japanese when it comes to food, I thought they were only going to drone on about Sushi. I was quite surprised when a chef started talking about how to cook rice fast.…


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Some years ago, I watched a documentary about Japanese culinary culture. Even though I was aware of the enthusiasm and passion of the Japanese when it comes to food, I thought they were only going to drone on about Sushi.

I was quite surprised when a chef started talking about how to cook rice fast. A typical person would assume an increase in the intensity of the gas burner was the answer but nah, the Japanese just have to take things too far. The chef said adding coal to the food will make it cook faster. I was like:

tnc_foocom_001 I remembered this documentary recently and thought of all the weird food combinations I have ever seen in my life. I did not make these food combos up. I actually saw human beings – actual human beings – devouring these meals.

For example, during my NYSC a few years ago, my platoon was helping in the kitchen and I was told to serve the corpers Beans and Pap during orientation. Every normal person came with two bowls except this extra terrestrial dude who came with one. I dished his beans and asked him where he would like his pap and he told me to put it on the beans. I asked him to explain because I was seriously confused. He repeated himself and I promptly did as I was asked. Right before my very eyes, people of God, this dude mixed the pap and beans together and started eating.

If you think that’s all, just wait until you read these other crazy food combinations.

1. Beans with sugar and butter

What did beans ever do to deserve this?


2. White rice and Okro

I guess some people just wake up one morning and decide that all the poverty, tribulation and pain of third world countries should be packaged and served to them on a plate. If you’re one of them, clap for yourself.


3. Amala and plantain

I think we should blame all these new generation Nigerian chefs for this one. You were trying to plate something that looks like a sunflower abi? Circle amala in the middle with golden plantain petals. We get you.


4. Garri mixed with palm oil, unripe peppers, green pepper and onions

If you wanted scattered granola, you could have just ask.


5. Indomie and Egusi

You are mad and Daddy Bu is here to tell you.


6. Fufu and fried egg

I will give you a second to process this. As a matter of fact, take a minute. You’ll need it.


7. Bread and Indomie

Grassroots Sharwarma, huh?


8. Fried unripe pawpaw and beans

I understand frying bananas to eat beans but what did pawpaw ever do to you that you thought it wise to fry it?


9. Bread and close up toothpaste

I totally understand if you don’t believe this one because if I didn’t see it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it either. I am not going to waste precious man hours trying to understand the motive behind this action. I have made myself believe that eating this helps with decoding secret privy to the CIA alone.


That’s all folks. Feel free to add other weird combos you have witnessed or heard about.


  1. bkd
    I think the beans and pap story makes sense after all, they’ll end up mixed in your stomach so wth?
    As for the bread and toothpaste guy, I’ll be praying for him. Is it even healthy to ingest toothpaste in such quantities? Maybe he’s been contemplating suicide void of thee pain and discomfort that accompanies the conventional methods. ‎
      1. Ify
        wow!! So many food combination..
        I saw one dude eating porridge yam with bread, beans porridge with unripe paw paw, sprinkle onions on top..e make sense die.
    1. G B
      Bruh, whatever happens in the stomach stays in the stomach. If God wanted us seeing all that shit, He’d have made glass panels we could peer into the stomach through.

      Beans and pap may NOT be mixed. End of story.

  2. D.K
    Ah ahn Debloww. But rice and okro is bae now (i love it more when i sprinkle dry garri on it). You should try it.
    Bread and close up toothpaste? ! Close up is even bad enough as toothpaste and now this? Lmaoooo. As for the other combinations, i don’t even believe you. ????????.
  3. ME
    Bread and toothpaste! Chisos!!..adonbilivit! D dude was probably diagnosed of ‘filthy stomach’ was like “hey, if it’s good for my mouth then it’s def good for my stomach,activate gastric sanitation mode “…he should probably jst drink a jug of hypo to down d whole thing, to brighten his dull brain…lolss…
    1. Debloww

      Dude probably thought it was the cheap version of Jam and he just got a good bargain or something because I don’t get it. Lol . Ya mean!

    1. Osasu Elaiho
      I love bread and indomie though. Makes a whole lot of sense. I still eat it up until this time.

      I’m surprised he didn’t mention banana and egusi soup though! This is super delicious but might be weird for some. I won’t even try to understand the rest although I also eat rice with egusi soup. 😀

  4. Jeanne

    I’ve seen bread and noodles, rice and okro, bread and toothpaste, beans and raw garri, sugar and milk mixed together, beans and puff puff and fried termites in soaked garri.

    1. Debloww
      Loool. This your comment is ‘one kind ‘. So Beans and Garri is bad? Should we use Sand instead? Also should Sugar be mixed with ‘Spam’ instead of milk? Maybe I read this wrong sha
      1. Jeanne
        Ermm, if you found it ‘one kind ‘ that I consider beans, raw garri, milk and sugar in one plate weird, then you shouldn’t have found it weird that someone ate beans and pap from the same plate, no?
        1. Osasu Elaiho
          All of this mixed together is sooo weird!!!

          On the other hand though, raw garri mixed with beans is super dope.

          Then my favorite combo has to be soaked garri (ijebu garri) mixed with salt, sugar, milk and groundnut and then eaten with either moi moi or beans or even akara…

  5. Shopss
    I once saw someone eat yam porridge and moin moin, i couldn’t stop staring at the guy’s plate. My aunt eats dodo and ewedu with stew and my colleague once told me indomie and a cold bowl of garri is bae.

    But as they say to each his own…

  6. Can't Remember
    Lol. y’all should try jollof rice with original digestive biscuit.
    The jollof rice should be really spicy.
    Like this:
    1 spoon of rice, 2 chews, the biscuit, then a smaller amount of the rice again.
  7. Og
    Likeee… I don’t understand how people feel bread and indomie is right. I just can’t.
    I think the worst food combo I’ve seen of recent is someone soaking cornflakes with garri. Eww. According to her, it is filling. She then went ahead to tell me that her brother soaked semo powder with sugar.. you know, as garri. So people of the world, I’ve heard it all… atink. Or what about those that mix garri with beans. Like in the same plate. Ugh! Or my sister that once ate noodles and mayonnaise.
    1. Osasu Elaiho
      It’s a case of to each their own I guess. Garri and beans is normal to me.

      Same goes for bread and indomie especially when mixed with suya and fried egg. The malams back in Benin always knew how to do this combo justice. Very filling.

      As for semo mixed with sugar…we are talking semovita powder here right? It’s made like a paste and comes out like akamu if done right. You can even add milk to it. Very delicious when eaten with moi moi.

      Am I a weirdo? Maybe 🙂

  8. HERA
    Okra and white rice is sold at canteens in Lomé, and hot jollof spaghetti with garlic bread and mayonnaise. Talkless of the woman who sells bread. I’ve gotten used to it, I live with someone who eats rice and stew with garri sprinkled on top.
  9. Mesozoic
    Biko, kindly remove bread and indomie from the list.

    When you come across a good meshai guy ask him to make fried indomie and egg and sandwich it with bread.

  10. Anonymous
    When your 100 level in Covenant University gives you a neighbour like Ojemba, nothing can surprise you. We witnessed
    1. Indomie and Milo Powder on top
    2. Cornflakes, garri, indomie,golden morn, milk, milo and sugar eaten as one cereal (he went room to room and combined everything he got ) and so many others I can’t remember.
    Mind you this guy was not broke/poor, his dad worked with a multinational NGO and was a very big boy.
  11. Ragneloid
    The indomie and bread part make sense na…. Infact i actually can’t eat indomie without bread, if not everything would be vomited out…
  12. SeryxMe
    I think I found it weird when someone ate rice and yam in my presence. Plus there’s this story I heard of a guy who bought bread, akara and fried yam. No issues there since bread + akara is just as good as fried yam + akara. However, the guy proceeded to eat up the akara and put the fried yams inside the cut bread for proper munching! Lol! I can’t!
    1. Butterflymind
      ???? bread and fried yam? Lol maybe the bread was supposed to cushion the impact of fried yam on his teeth.

      When I was 6, I ate bread and toothpaste. My elder bro (7 at the time) thought it was a good idea, and I went along with it.
      It was flourish gel toothpaste at the time ????

  13. spicy
    lolz..vry funny write up. while growing up i had uncles that ate soaked garri n fresh green pepper together..also had one that poured fried groundnut into his coke bottle. weird combos.
  14. Sapphire
    With these many creative combinations, it’s a wonder the gas produced from the human backside isn’t listed among the top three causes of global warming. Or have those guys been tackling the wrong things?
  15. Jennie Chi
    I actually saw my neighbour eating okro soup mixed with raw egg…..(Seriously) and when I asked how it tasted he said “e sweet die”.
    Some people are just too ridiculous.
  16. B
    OK so this was really funny. One day though, I got thinking about weird food combinations I’ve seen or done and then settled with the fact that they’ll end up mixed in the tummy anyhow.
    Here goes the ones I have done:
    Bread and noodles
    Noodles and egusi
    Noodles and efo riro
    Fufu and boiled egg (blame it on Babcock uni).
  17. Joko
    Back in boarding school, the beans we were served was so boring, we had to garnish it with sugar and butter ????

    How on earth is Bread and Indomie even considered a good combo?!

  18. Ramatu
    Deblowww! You are crazy! I love your expression. Lol.

    But for real though, I have had bread and indomie. See, when you are hungry, you eat what you can! Lol

    Awesome piece girl!

  19. Toni
    Bread and Indomie is a hit sometimes, then a miss at other times. The right bread, the right texture of noodles, garnishing etc would make it a hit.

    I have a friend who’s done noodles and garri; I captured the whole expedition on video back in the days. I wouldn’t put any of the combos above past him, but beans and pay in the same plate? Dude needs to go for Cele deliverance….

  20. Joebaba
    Back then at the hostel in JSS1, this dude often ate watery beans with large quantities of Milo sprinkled at the top. Up till this day, I have not recovered from the sight.

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