I broke up with Dupe because she said “abortion should be made legal,” in a flippant tone. She said it like a murderer would. Her face didn’t even twitch for a moment.

From where I sat, I waited to see if she would attempt to recover with disgust at what she just said but her make-up didn’t dust off, her lips remained pressed together, neatly inked over with her red lipstick.

“This is how you wanted us to end this relationship ba? Lately you have been disrespectful Dupe. You now say some of the most reprehensible things right in front of me.” I waited. Note that she said nothing so I continued, meanwhile I had vowed to not beat her again so it was hard talking without showing my agitation. My palms were clammy, I wiped them on my sweaty thighs; that didn’t help at all.

“Mummy always said you were bad news. Abortion is a taboo!! Just look at you-”

“Spare me!” she cut me off for the first time ever, “who cares what your mom thinks? That’s how your mom will not have time to teach you how to wear a condom, ode!

She had started packing her bags, she turned her back on me like she was not even scared I would break my promise.

Truth is, I had cleaned out my room last week. We had not seen our father in years because he left mom when I was still little. There was nothing to throw at her or swat her stupid mouth with.

Father came back and said he had cancer and that whoever could keep a steady relationship for a year among his children would be his heir.

No one really cared for the old wizard but we all wanted a piece of his money. Father owned 40% shares in 15 multinationals across Africa and Asia and more securities in government bond certificates than any single man I knew.

I really wanted to get the money. My elder sister had bashed up her husband’s car outside a club. That was about a month into the challenge. I talked to Dupe that night and told her that if she worked with me, we could be the richest couple alive. I offered her a stake even.

She said she would do it on the condition that I stopped beating her and gave up raw sex, she wanted me in condoms at all time. I always hated the way those things dampened my performance so it was hard agreeing to these terms but I had no choice.

I lived in a prison for three months, I couldn’t beat her so she came visiting at her own discretion, went to work when I would need her around, did all sorts of things that showed me she was out of control. Even the sex now was only whenever she wanted and I had to wear a condom. Why didn’t she just dictate the number of thrusts I was allowed to have, foolish woman!!

So that day, her voice went just a notch too high, she said she would never even have a child except she wanted to. In her words “you are not even worthy of creating another human being,” she said she couldn’t bring herself to keep all the babies I had planted in her, she flushed them! This was when I lost it, which kind of woman is this? Someone who thinks she should decide the fate of my child without my permission.

I didn’t know when I smashed her head into the dresser where she had been packing her makeup kit. I can’t even remember standing up from where I sat. I calmed down when I saw her front tooth fall out, I started begging her not to tell anyone but she took that time to sneak out of the door and run.

Technically she left me but she knows I only allowed her to leave because I lost my shot at over $100m the moment she ran out crying. No one breaks up with me, she knows only men can breakup with a woman. She knows this, but after our breakup I received a text from her.

She called me unprintable names then told me about Tope, my unborn child. She said she had decided to flush him too but just to spite me, she would name “it” after me then send the hospital records to its grandpa just to make sure nothing would make him reconsider his decision. This mess, I will walk by her office soon, I might take along an old baseball bat!

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    Eunice Oladeji

    Apparently, the young man was still disillusioned to think he ‘allowed’ Dupe to leave. If it took his father’s criteria/money to stop him from beating Dupe, then, he would keep at the beating if he ever lays his hands on that money. Of course, Dupe also had her issues especially because she saw the power she now had over him. But I’m glad she left.

    July 27, 2018
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    Olayinka Faderera Olayiwola

    Vivid imagery. Very captivating story

    July 27, 2018
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    Ds man is a Psychopath.
    I can not understand why Dupe cant leave him or if she stayed, use a contraceptive pill like Levofem or a contraceptive injection but instead she does nothing and ends up getting pregnant and aborting them. but I do know she is right when she says abortion should be legal, cos it been illegal has not prevented people from doing it but it been legal will save someone’s daughter, sister or future mother from death or infertility at the hands of a quack.

    July 29, 2018
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    I find Tope to be very scary and sexy.
    Dupe was very rude though.

    July 29, 2018
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    Write a
    actually, i believe a woman has d right to her body, but she also can prevent instead if abort. tope though, u should understand opinions differ just as our DNA. u wont look good in jail so d baseball bat can stay home.

    August 14, 2018
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    This girl should’ve left this guy the first time he put his hands on her. Now he’s turned her into a monster too.

    September 6, 2019
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