A ‘Triplea’ to the TNC Community


As a writer, it is your responsibility, not a choice, to keep writing because whilst they may be just words or creations of fiction to you, they are anchors to some and life to others. And so I’ve decided to, in my own way, right the ‘wrong’


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It’s been 979 days since my first interaction with TNC and 987 days since my first words were published on the site and it’s been quite the journey; 30 submissions, 29 published articles, 1 rejected story (side eye), and a shitload of engaging conversations.  On this journey, I’ve made great friends; the totally mad (Rachel, Temi this is where you guys fall), the super cool (Hey MissO, we still have a wedding to attend) and a million people in between (Ramat, I promise you’re somewhere in this category). I’ve also made a few enemies (maybe?) and I’ve had my fair share of proposals, hookups dates and it’s been good vibes since the beginning. I’ve laughed till tears dropped, my heart has ached reading some words from some writers but most importantly, I’ve grown as a writer and as a person.

Very recently however, I had another TNC inspired encounter that prompted me to write this. My inboxes often get messages from people who my words have touched in one way or the other and I still feel greatly humbled when I see these and it eventually becomes cute (and somewhat funny) when a number of these women (yes, 98% of the people who text me are females) feel they know me because of the part of me I shared on here and like I commented on an article on here sometime (can’t remember which), a common mistake a lot of people make is that they assume they know a person because of the content they have on the media and sometimes, don’t explore the actual persona of the person on the other of the phone/laptop and  (tend to) get upset when said person doesn’t exactly act as they assumed they would but it’s fine. Some of the popular comments I get is “you can’t really be the person you write like you are, can you?” or “you’re too good to be true so you’re not real” or my personal favorite “your ideas of a man/life only exist in movies/novels and if you think this way, you’re maybe misguided/deluded?”. Lol. All I can say is ‘Cavey’ is but a shadow of me, a projection of who I am that words would allow me project and if you think that person is fiction, that’s okay too.

Anyway, a number of people in the last couple of months have reached out to me telling me how they miss how TNC used to be/feel of which I encourage them to keep faith in the name and trust the system but a few days ago, on a group of my high school mates, someone shared one of my articles and for a while, I watched how quite a number of them were avid TNC readers and a number loved ‘Cavey’ went on about the article and TNC generally  so I privately texted one of them and told her I was Cavey. Her reaction was satisfaction enough, knowing that TNC had enabled me to reach at least one person and get her through a tough patch in her life. However, she too, ‘missed the old TNC’ so I asked her how it had changed and she told me a number of ways but the one that cut deepest was that she said the writers a lot of people connected with stopped writing and there were a lot of new writers on there that never had a chance to connect with the readers for a number of reasons (most of them directly not the author’s fault) and even though sentiments are scarce good when it comes to making decisions, sentiments in this case were instrumental. I realized I had some blame allocated to me for not staying consistent even as the site evolved and I came about a realization “as a writer, it is your responsibility, not a choice, to keep writing because whilst they may be just words or creations of fiction to you, they are anchors to some and life to others” so I’ve decided to, in my own way, right the ‘wrong’ I unconsciously created and try my best to recreate a TNC Community that’s as familiar as the one I met xxx days ago and maybe even better.

But I can’t do this on my own.

So I start by writing this ‘Triplea’ (Tribute + Plea) and ask that the comaradie that existed on here be reestablished. Translation: Lit articles, liter comment section and love and freedom all around.

This is The Naked Convos.

Express you!


  1. A
    I feel the same way as those people although I still come here everyday. ????‍♀️????‍♀️ Hopefully something happens.
  2. Sussy
    Awww, glad to know that you are listening and care about TNC, I love this site alot too. I have another suggestion too, can we do a pingback of some of the hot topic articles that we had published years ago on the site? It could be one per week and I can think of a few.
  3. Tush
    I miss miss miss my TNC, I want those explicit, crazy, weird stories back, I want all of it. TNC is that place is go to in the mornings and evening to stay on tab, but now sometimes the stories don’t come in as they used to, is it me am I doing something wrong, there used to be 3 stories everyday, does that still happen.
    I love TNC and I want TNC back.
  4. Yolanda❤
    Hello. I am new here and I am glad to be here. I hope to learn a thing or two on a daily. I like the name The Naked Convos.
  5. QT
    Cavey! I really do miss the good ol’ days. I’m an avid reader but I rarely comment on here. Been here long enough to see Snow transform over the years. Lol
  6. Gbemileke
    It’s so funny how my friend and I discussed this issue yesterday night after reading a screenshot of a 2015 TNC post out loud to her “We are the second best girls” by Zaynab.I have been in love with TNC since I discovered it in 2016 to the extent that a day could not go by without me reading it. TNC posts occupied a large part of my screenshots and offline pages but not anymore. What happened to the funny Emails that we used to get to alert us of new posts on TNC? What happened to a blast from the past? What happened to the extremely interesting and sarcastic rounds every Sunday that made me shed tears from laughter ? Where did all my favorite writers go ? Once upon a time, the comment section was popping and interesting.Once upon a time, I’d re-read to myself/aloud to other people that I introduced to TNC community the numerous screenshots of TNC posts on my phone [I think there was a time I could recite every line in “words I never got to say/Hera’s words” by heart]. At a point, I had to start looking for the very old posts to read on TNC just to re-ignite the excitement I had for TNC. This is the first time I’m commenting but it’s definitely more than a million times that I’ve opened TNC in anticipation of mouth-watering posts. The way my heart leaped for joy when I saw “Cavey” just beneath the article “A triplea to the TNC community”. In your own words, please let the comaradie that existed on here be reestablished. Thank you
    1. Cavey Post author
      You could recite every line of ‘Words…”. I just died ????????.
      Hey . How ‘bout you tell your friends that we ‘coming back’! You played a small role in the dearth by withdrawing your comments but I forgive you ONLY if you promise to change your ways. Thanks for this. You reminded me why this article was a good idea.
      Don’t be a stranger. ????
      1. Gbemileke
        Impossible. You died since July 19 [Excerpt from Words I’d never get to say]. I do solemnly promise to change my ways and I’d definitely tell my friends that TNC is going to be as familiar as it used to be!
      1. Everest
        It is so refreshing to read from you Cavey. I miss the old TNC, when Rounds was here and not in an App, my Sunday was incomplete without Rounds, where is Miss O, Dr Baruu, Snow/Nosa with his fire comments?.

        Let me just say that maybe those writers we all knew are getting older and may not have time like they used to. I mean @thetoolsman used to write every week with Sarkastic and co, but now maybe they have higher goals to achieve, family, vacation etc.
        What about the TNC Hangout/party?

        My suggestion is that we bring back some of the old “gang” members and mix them up with interesting new members (writers) that will carry the touch.

        Also bring rounds back to the website. On a final note, no matter what, TNC will always be my family

        1. thetoolsman
          Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately we cant bring back people who don’t or who can no longer commit. Like you rightfully said, life has happened to many of the older contributors and it’s left for the younger, newer ones to pick up the mantle. The platform is bigger than people – it’s a tool we built for anyone to use.
          On Rounds, have you checked it on the Stories app? I think you should, it will always have its audience and while I know it’s hard, it’s part of our commitment to innovate and move with the times. In time, we hope many will come to understand and appreciate why we had to transition some content to the app.
  7. Ramatu Ada
    Cavey ????.

    First, stop being a bully. Second, you had crazy and didn’t have me on that list? ????

    Anyhoo, TNC is bae to me. Always been. I don’t read as often but I try to catch up as much as possible. Surprisingly, apart from Toolsman and Rounds, I didn’t read pieces because of the authors. (Yeah Cavey, that is a shade. ????). I think what changed was that the pieces weren’t as crazy as they used to be. That is what I want back! I want to consider that married man who kisses me at the airport and blows my back out just before he tells me his wife is pregnant, or Hajia threatening her new daughter in-law, and definitely NOT having ogbono soup vomit all over my penis from being blown by a girl. And no perv, I don’t have a penis. ???? I miss that a lot.

    But you know a girl fell in love with you when I first read your piece. So darl, yes; you need to write more often. You know I am always going to read. And comment. And share. Big bully. ????

    So yeah. More TNC craziness.

    1. thetoolsman
      Thanks Ramatu. Like I said earlier, the platform is bigger than the writers. It’s a tool built for anyone to use really. Some of us here don’t want to be like the Kenny and D1 of our generation, forcing ourselves to appeal to a younger audience we share very little connection with. We can’t write about marriage and raising kids when most of our readers are barely out of college. That’s why we discovered new voices and that’s why we are hoping they pick up the mantle.
      1. Ramatu Ada
        And it is good. Evolution makes all the sense in the world. Plus, you can cater to both; the older and younger readers. *Laughing at ‘Kenny and D1 of our generation’.
    2. Cavey Post author
      First, you like me bullying you so quit complaining.
      Secondly, I had ‘mad’, not ‘crazy’ and the word for you doesn’t exist yet so enjoy the undefined zone.
      Thirdly, shade all you want, dazz nor my business, sha quit looking for familiar names and try some fresh doze of youth. How do you want to be a glucose guardian if you don’t ehn?
  8. V
    15/16 TNC was the littest, too many memorable posts and things happened.
    I particularly remember on auction during an anniversary or so. I’m sad I stopped reading at some point, I don’t know what exactly made me stop. I’m going to download the app because of this post.
  9. Chioma
    Cavey is back, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been away from TNC for a while, rediscovered the beloved site a week ago and of course remembered the mushy Cavey. I just spent the day reading through your posts and wondering why there aren’t more.
    please write more so some of us can read, relate and maybe comment.
  10. LordSleeK
    I have had this tab open since this post was put up. However, I have only just read it. Bottomline: life has happened/is happening to a lot of us. I think I began reading TNC after stumbling on it via TSC in circa 2013. I was hooked on both. Then life began to happen. I used to string words together in my former life as well. I doubt I have done so in years. It may be difficult, but it is possible to get this place vibing again. We’ll see.

    Well done again, Cavey. I don’t know how you keep the online personalities separate and keep Cavey anonymous from/unconnected to the other account. You must have been an otelemuye in your former life.

  11. JanJan
    I totally agree. I currently treat TNC like my music playlist. I listen to old stuff instead of the new gibberish. So when I come here I scroll to the bottom and pick an old writer I love a head straight to their blog to fish for old articles. I miss Toolsman, Baruu, S, Lipglossmafia, and you too Cavey. I’ve visited religiously since 2013. I know life happens but like Charlamagne says in “black privilege”, keep the stuff the keep you grounded. A true writer knows what that means for not just writers but all artists and creatives. Please bring back the old TNC. It’ll be like one last MJ concert I swear.

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