Terdoo: This is the Rounds Crew interrupting your regularly scheduled programming.

Sirkastiq: Yeah. This isn’t regularly scheduled, at all. Hello, people. Look who is just closing from work.

Terdoo: Shh! *turns to face camera* You’ve heard of Fractures. Right?

Sirkastiq: You know; big 3-hour-long  theatre show, showing this weekend, lots of star actresses and actors, lots of online buzz, they even talked about it on Rounds,, OMG OMG, big venue…


Yeah. We know you’ve heard of Fractures.


Terdoo: And in that episode,  we said we were gonna be giving away free tickets to the show yanna, and for the love of Theatre, AbOriginalPR is giving us 3 pairs of tickets to give out to our readers.

Sirkastiq: LOL! Fam, you know how we love giveaways.

Terdoo: *covers camera lens* Yo, fam. Are you sure we can’t just keep these tickets for ourselves?

Sirkastiq: Uhm…you know they can still hear you right?

Terdoo: In my mind, yeah? I was holding a phone.

Sirkastiq: Bruh. I wish I could just insert that “Somebody that went to school!” video right now.

Terdoo: *sigh*

Sirkastiq: So tonight we will be giving out 3 pairs of tickets.

Terdoh: That means one person wins two tickets. So you can take your boyfriend out and show him the finer things.

Sirkastiq: For this particularly giveaway, we need you to do 3 simple things unno. Favour for a favour and all that stuff…

1. You know how partial we are towards our followers. Just hit that button and follow @AbOriginalPR

2. Tweet the full names of the two actresses on the promotional poster with the hashtags #FRACTURES2017 and #TNCGiveaway.

3. Be the 1st to do it, or the 5th, or the 10th. Simple.

Terdoh: Congratulations in advance. It’s at the Muson Center, so you know your make up gon be on fleek. As you’re repping TNC and all. No pressure sha. No pressure.

Sirkastiq: Don’t stress them please.

Terdoh: I said no pressure now…

Sirkastiq: Remember: Follow @AbOriginalPR, and send us a tweet with the names of the two actresses in the promotional poster.

Terdoh: Oh and add the hashtags #FRACTURES2017 and #TNCGiveaway.

Sirkastiq: And make sure you’re the 1st person to do it.

Terdoh: Or the fifth.

Sirkastiq: Or the tenth. Sound simple enough?

Terdoh: Yes? Great. May the best (wo)man win.



Agip Hall, MUSON Centre, Onikan, Lagos

Dates & Showtimes

14 & 15 January 2017 @ 3:00 & 6:00 p.m.


General N5,000

VIP N7,500

Box N10,000

(10% off 10 or more tickets)

It’s an AbOriginal Original. Bring the squad.


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