Last month, Big Brother Naija 2017 winner Efe released Somebody, which had all the ingredients of an earworm and was a marginally better consolidation on Based on Logistics. Now Soma, Efe’s fellow ex-Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, is out with a new single titled Liquor, where he strings together alcohol-inspired confessions with a kind of languid adult responsibility.

There are so many songs dedicated to alcohol consumption in pop culture. So many it is surprising—a shock, even. “Cheers to the freakin’ weekend,” sings a tipsy-sounding Rihanna in her 2010-released Cheers (Drink to That). Jamie Foxx, a matured functioning and capable male adult, makes Blame It feel like a party-worthy, post-rape song. Beyonce’s sex-driven, Jay Z-assisted banger Drunk in Love is appropriately anthemic for lovers. And coming back home, Bigiano (where is he now?) throws away caution in Shayo when he repeatedly commands in the bridge, “Wound ya, kill ya by yourself.

“I drink that liquor all the time / Just to take away my sorrow,” Soma sings in a semi-drool in the chorus of his single. The song opens with a sparkling synth beat, then ropes in subtle local drums that manage to feel languorously tropical. As it winds towards the middle, Liquor attempts to reach for club-suitable status, but fails. Or maybe that wasn’t the intention. The production is light and drippy and easily digestible. And it’s advisable to listen while not drunk.

“Shayo is a bastard,” Soma confesses in Liquor. And he couldn’t be more correct.


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