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I have always been an awkward child. I remember growing up as a first child and first grandchild. It has always been a silent requirement that I should be tough as nails and not embarrass the family, “be the shining example” and the positive antecedent to my younger sister and all my little cousins. However, tough they wanted me to be, sensitive I was. I hid this well though…. so well that I ended up being the moody broody child. Then I found the subject “Composition” in primary school, and everyone suddenly heard me and wanted me to speak ever so often through my colored and HB pencils. My best friend at the time was my granduncle, he is a professor of linguistics, and he encouraged me writing and made me feel every inch of an author. I still look back fondly at the holidays at Bodija, showing grandpa my latest short stories and how he will exclaim at how dark and funny my imagination was and of course how he corrected my tenses and spellings…

Puberty came and all my stories were all over the place. Half written stories of love and romance, pages of Agbara-Nla like horror stories, and even the old and trusted children stories and I never quite got to the place where I was comfortable to finish my stories or be heard by anybody else any longer. I was discovering the stories that existed outside my exercise books and novels. Muyiwa called me beautiful and I was hell bent and finishing that story and later it was Tomi who called me exquisite and I didn’t quite finish that story and it went on and on till  I forgot my pencils, Bodija and Grandpa.

2011 came along and I discovered the Toolsman Blog, I realized that I felt right at home. The writers back then were bold, unapologetic, and I heard them. They seemed to understand my battles from weight loss, sexual liberation to love, faith, friendships and career paths.  The blog was my ultimate guilty pleasure and suddenly after several years, I remembered Bodija and I sent in my first story to the first series of the Vagina Monologues on the blog now known as and I never looked back. I always say that TNC is a family and I get sneers. What most don’t get is, most people feel alone in their daily and unique struggles and when you have an online community that mirrors these struggles and tells us “we have gone through this and this is how we got ahead” it means the world of difference….. I was welcomed the way I wrote…. I was heard without having to be a celebrated author, I was recognized as a person and when I was added as a contributor in 2015, I realized that I was right at home…

Happy Anniversary TNC.

Yours truly,



  1. Morenike
    TNC made me feel like a human, i used to think i was a strange person, but the TNC family has made me comfortable and made me accept me. Happy Anniversay TNC…. BEING HERE SINCE LIKE FOREVER..
  2. Osasu Elaiho
    “What most don’t get is, most people feel alone in their daily and unique struggles and when you have an online community that mirrors these struggles and tells us “we have gone through this and this is how we got ahead” it means the world of difference”

    I wish I could highlight the above because you couldn’t have said it better. A lot of the time, it’s the only way I can truly express myself. Writing and then reading the works of others who have had and share similar experiences.

    I started out on a site called Medium and was introduced to TNC a couple weeks as it is more indigenous and so far, I feel right at home.

    A lot of times as individuals, we can’t really say what’s in our hearts/minds because we don’t want to be judged or misunderstood. However the minute you can put it down into words and just let all those little voices out of our heads and send them out for others to read, our minds become a little quieter and we can breathe a little easier.

    Thank you for sharing Simi, this is a truly beautiful write-up

  3. cypher
    I should be a writer myself but I have commitment issues.. I’m just a lover of good writing, so imagine how much I love TNC

    Someone introduced me to the site but I’m sure I’m a bigger fan now than she is

    Big ups to you guys

  4. Nwando
    I remember the day I discovered TNC. I said to myself, ‘this is the place I want to share my daily thoughts with…reading ‘we are those girls’ by zainab almost made me cry.. I printed so many works just for keeps cos they inspire me till today.. I love this place …seeing my works get published gives me courage that I was doing better than I thought I was..and also gives me the opportunity to do better.
    I love this family. We are ever growing stronger and bigger, And getting better by the day..
    hoping for the day we all could meet and have a wonderful get together that the world will know about.. am so confident it will happen soon
    God bless TNC…
  5. Whispering Hope
    Well said… I too was introduced to TNC this year. June precisely. I remember thinking…”where on earth has this blog been!”. It is home for some of us who are very far away from home.It feels like nollywood in writing. I have read article after article and am now totally hooked. It is a place I call home and honestly you all feel like family. For some of us whose lives are now anything but perfect due to our own fate, TNC has become a solace, an escape….a place that guarantees us laughter every night. My husband teases me …”you and your TNC people sef!” …Night after night when i relax to get my daily dose of TNC, I hear him nudge me to “read quickly jor” and not spoil his own dose of the-you-know-now of “oko ati iyawo”. So TNC well done for your ability to pour sand-sand in the poor guy’s garri! Well, thanks to toolsman and all the admin crew for the great job you do here. @simi ” I want to be like you when i grow up”. I stand in awe as regards the standard of writing here (just check out this ode you just wrote “obu ebe anor! well done”) and although only a few of my writing scratches have made it, how happy shall I be if I become a contributor one day too! Me sef I wan hammer like you(in TNC terms).Thanks to TNC for giving me the drive again to have a new aspiration. I honestly thought I had passed my sell-by date before I met you guys. Happy birthday TNC!

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