Anatomy of A Blunt

I’m looking for control. I’m writing and watching the cursor blink, or maybe it’s the other way around. Life is sailing. Control. What if all we know, every teeny bit, is only what we were taught to believe? And that every time we rebel and found our own patterns, it is only because we were…


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I’m looking for control.

I’m writing and watching the cursor blink, or maybe it’s the other way around.

Life is sailing.


What if all we know, every teeny bit, is only what we were taught to believe? And that every time we rebel and found our own patterns, it is only because we were taught to rebel against what we were taught to believe.

What if our unit of measures are wrong? The fundamental units; distance, mass and time. Distance is supposed to be measured in meters, an underived unit. Absolute. Absolute. But consider this paradox.

If I am walking from one end of a wall to the other end of the same wall, at a certain point in time I’m halfway, and then I’m halfway of halfway, and then halfway of halfway of halfway, and it really never ends. Let’s put values on those. If I’m walking a 6m distance; at some point in my walk I’ll be halfway which is 3m, and then later I’ll be halfway of that, which is 1.5m, and then 0.75m, and then 0.375m, and then 0.1875m and 0.09375m, and on and on, and I’ll never reach 0m, which is the completion of my walk.

In reality however, I do complete that walk. We have created an infinite number line to support what we consider a fundamental unit. How can infinite be absolute? Perhaps what we consider fundamental only works in the world we have created and is not the universal absolute.

And then, if our understanding of distance is flawed, so is the accepted concept of speed and velocity. Consider another paradox.

A bunny is chasing a tortoise. The tortoise is a X number of meters ahead. It is generally accepted that the bunny is faster and would catch up with the tortoise. By way of this paradox however, the bunny will never catch the tortoise, because by the time the bunny reaches point X were the tortoise was, the moving tortoise however slow, would have moved away from point X and would now be at a point Y. And by the time the bunny reaches point Y, because the tortoise is moving, however slow, it would have left Y and would now be at Z, and this goes on and on.

By way of these paradoxes, you can never catch a still or moving object. The reality of moving is an illusion or has been wrongly explained by our measures. Where is the control?

It is like a dog. A pet dog. A generation of pet dogs.

Dogs have a lifespan of 10 to 13 years. So, consider a boy who gets a puppy as a sixth-year birthday gift. This dog goes on to have its own pups and dies at the age of 12 years. The boy at this time is 18 years and the first generation of pups are let’s say 10 years. Let’s say the boy goes on to keep the dogs or at least most of the dogs, by the time the boy dies at age 70, there are about five generations with their own lineages with about 120 dogs per generation. If the initial dog gave birth five times, then we have about 600 dogs. Until that boy dies at the age of 70, it would be believed by the dogs that he was immortal. They died, and would tell the next generation that their owner, their caretaker, their primary care giver was immortal. They were dying from generation to generation, but he remained alive, ergo, immortality. But then there’s the last generation that would witness his gradual lethargy and eventual death. They would have witnessed something impossible. It would change their world, their perception of their world, forever.

A journey of five generations has unraveled a mystery that never was because of their limits.

Their limits.

Why am I thinking this? It’s witty but offers no control. What then is control? Why are there limits? And there are limits.

It’s like the 100m world record. The record currently stands at about 8+ seconds, but ultimately someone would come and set a permanent record. This is because even if humans are fast enough to run the 100m in 0s, that would be the limit. We will never be able to do it in -1s.

But isn’t 100m in 0s worth considering? Disappearing and appearing. Movement without the factor of time. Actually, it means no movement. It means being at two points at same moment. It is faster than the speed of light and sound. It would mean, humans won’t be able to see or hear anymore, because we would have been above it.

So, consider this.

What if there are creatures that are above the sphere of observing us? Or what if there’s so much we cannot observe because we are above it?

Will the spoon bend? Will the spoon bend me?

Sometimes I’m concerned about locking the door when I go to bed alone. I’m concerned that my body might not be found till it’s bloated. See, it’s quite unselfish of me that I care not only about my image but also about the image of my remnant corpse.


I know I don’t want it, yet I look for it. Maybe to prove that it exists, or maybe to exercise the control of not choosing it.

If you’re sane, you’re a loser.


  1. P A. Andrew
    This is deep philosophical stuff, but three quick points:
    1. scientific units of measurement, particularly those of distance and speed, are not wrong and were not misconceived. They are logical and provide, perhaps, the only coherent way of dealing with our natural world. And guess what, they’ve worked without problems, except of course when deep subjective, introspection creates problems and paradoxes for it, like the writer has done. This is possible because we humans are often in-tune with realms beyond the natural – realms that are not subject to natural laws.
    2. But you may get into trouble philosophizing about very small and microscopic lengths. You have a height and a weight, and you are not infinitely tall because the length of the longest strand of your hair is mathematically irreducible to zero. Or are you infinitely tall because the outermost cell on the tip of a strand of your hair is 0.000000001 long (and it could actually be)? Of course, you aren’t, and we can simple just approximate 0.0000000001 to 0 and say that we have come to the end of your height. The earth moves at an average speed of 30 kilometres per second, but we can’t make sense of it, because we know how fast a train, moving at a mere 30 kilometres per hour, can get. But if we appreciate that the earth exists in a space and time dimension which is beyond ours, then we can begin to grasp (if the earth sped at this rate the way “normal” objects in our realms do, we would be flung out of our bodies in a second!). Likewise, humans do not exist in the realm where tiny distances can make genuine sense.
    3. Regarding the paradox about dogs. I have also thought about the many generations of the chickens and goats in our compound that have passed. Our species live longer, so it’s only normal. However, I think dogs have acquired, from their timeless interaction with humans, the knowledge that we only live longer and not forever. It is just as we know that trees don’t live forever, although most trees out-live successive generations of human families.
    Thanks for your deep thought, and I think you will make a good meta-physicist!
  2. Yinx_Sphinx
    Dude! How did you get into my head?! This was legit my next article and i was going to name it ‘The Concept of Reality’ *goes to cry in a corner after deleting the article that took weeks to complete*
    Great work though. Nicely written

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