Body Count 101: Lessons from The Hoe Phase

I discovered really early in life, probably as a teenager, that males in my age group were of no interest to me. In my first year of university I dated a guy five years older than I was and the age gap ascended from there. The first man I had intercourse with was about nine years older than I was and I have kept up the standard ever since.

I always had a mental picture of how my first time with a ‘man’ would be. First: I couldn’t be living with my parents. Second: I needed an income so I could afford sexual health consults and birth control. Third: it had to be an older man who would be less likely to run his mouth to his peers. Most of all, it had to be with a man whom I had zero emotional connection with. It worked out perfectly.

Several years down the line, I have mastered the art of having unattached sex with men and women, and it is bliss. I do not suffer from post-coital feelings and I believe this works for me because sex is different things to different people.

For a few years now, probably due to the kind of men I am interested in, men who are about a decade older than I am seem to have flocked in my direction. And I really mean FLOCKED! A bunch of them are married and some are divorced (BEST). From my observation, they are drawn to my small frame and my clueless-innocent façade. They eventually realize I am anything but that. Lowkey, I think the men who are attracted to me want me because they have fantasies about my physical appearance – a weird combination of a lady they want to protect, smother with expensive shit and also FUCK.

Yes, I’m gorgeous. I know, I own a mirror. I have a job people would kill for. I’m super smart and I believe women should rule the world. But my thing with these men isn’t to become their lover, confidant or shoulder to cry on when their wives are giving them grief. I just want to be pampered and, if I want to, I might throw them a fuck or two.

Initially, I was overwhelmed but I decided to conduct a social experiment. I began to indulge freely with men and women. Through this experiment, I have enjoyed using and discarding clingy folks – especially men – and I have come about a few findings.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing these findings, which have become life lessons, every Friday at noon. Stay tuned. You might learn something. Or not. Who knows?

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are fictional. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is shade purely coincidental. 😉

NEXT WEEK ON BODY COUNT 101… Lesson 1 – Size isn’t everything.

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