Break Out of Your Routine!

In today’s world, everyone is trying to make ends meet (well maybe not everyone). We wake up each morning, we go through the routine of preparing for the day.

We go to work or wherever, get back home and do it all over again the next day.

Wakeup, eat, work, home…rinse and repeat.

Maybe we have families and maybe we have friends who depend on us even when we would rather they did not.

When does it all end? When does the struggle end? Why do we toil day in and day out and end up not spending time with those we claim to cherish the most?

Life is too short to live by routines.

Sometimes we need to break out and put money aside. Easier said than done I know, but think on this: when we toil day after day, year after year, which is more important to us; leaving huge lumps of money for our dependants/family who barely know you, leaving memories of times shared together or leaving both?

We need to try and find a little balance. The world is moving at such a breakneck pace today that a lot of us have forgotten what’s really important in the pursuit of wealth and the good things of life. Forgetting that even those that have all of these things sometimes feel empty and wonder why persons who have less than they do seem happier.

So tell me, which do you want to do?

Do you want to add value to yourself and those around you or does making money and storing it up matter more to you than anything else?

Ask those currently in war time all around the world.

They’ll tell you which they would rather have invested in.

Make the best use of what little time you have on this earth before it all turns to dust and ashes.


Dearest TNC readers, how do you find balance in your life? Do you get weighed down by the routine that comes with “adulting”? Or do you actually welcome it, and think quests for spontaneity are overrated? You know what to do. Enter the comments section and let’s hear from you.

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  • Afrolady

    Thanks for this reminder!!

    Everyone seems so busy chasing one thing or the other that we forget to cherish moments or engage in other things. For me it has been *work-home-church* repeat, for so long now. This grown up life isn’t beans!
    Does anyone know where I can sign up for a writing class (not online), swimming lessons or some good extra curricular activity? I need to change my ways. Thank you.

    October 17, 2016
    • Afrolady

      TNC admin, we need a like and unlike button for posts. Sometimes typing a response could be a chore ????

      October 17, 2016
      • thetoolsman

        Erm.. but you have a recommend button now. Thats a HUGE like button.

        October 17, 2016
        • Afrolady

          Hahaha, okay Toolsman, didn’t notice that before. Thanks. If I don’t recommend nko? ????

          October 17, 2016
          • Osasu Elaiho

            Recommend o!! :p

            October 18, 2016
  • Mr. 14

    love love love this!!!

    i have had this at the back of my mind and try my best to live life despite work ish. i try to do stuff on weekends, i make sure i create time for my hobbies – writing, music, reading, photography. i try my best to find joys in little things of life, go on trips and well, majorly despite my hectic schedule i still try to keep up with friends.

    but to be honest, its almost hard not living a life of routine especially when work has taken almost every hour of life. sometimes i make plans for weekends, but when i wake up on Saturday morning, i feel so tired i just stay in bed till afternoon and cancel all plans…*sigh adulthood is real wa!

    October 18, 2016
    • Osasu Elaiho

      I totally get what you mean. When we are at work from Monday up until Friday, it does get hard to break away from the usual. I am glad that despite your busy schedule, you try to do you over the weekend.

      That way I’m sure you’re able to gain some semblance of sanity over yourself and not get lost in the mundane.

      October 18, 2016
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