Aso Ebi

Aso-Ebi: Episode 10: Ripped French Lace


Ehen, our country-people…welcome back. The air in Café Vergnano is still agog to propagate some more drama. One afternoon’s worth of drama is obviously not enough to satisfy its customers. In the midst of the murmured questions and buzz, Anita decides to attempt to blend back in. Anita walked calmly towards the table she shared with…

Aso-Ebi: Episode 5 – Baby Lace


Welcome back to the longest flashback in flashback history, and in this particular flashback, its a Monday. Now, there’s something odd about this particular Monday morning. It could be the fact that there is hardly any traffic or that Jaiyeola Gbadebo’s black Mercedes has an extra passenger in it, which is very strange. Even more strange, this…