Short Stories

African themed short stories by the best bloggers in Africa.

The Idiot Who Killed Me


It happened all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, this car smashed into me, and I flew out of my seat unto the road, where I would spend my last few moments wondering about the idiot who killed me. I wondered who else was injured seriously or would die from that freak accident. When I…

Traffic Jam


Nnena was over the moon! She jumped in glee and screamed as she dropped the phone. It had been the call she’d been waiting for all her life! Finally, things are beginning to fall into place, she thought. She had just three hours to make her appointment across town in Ikeja. But she should be…

Office Hours


This shit has been going on for far too long. Being overlooked. All the stupid excuses. “Oh, you know that you are a bachelor na, you don’t have responsibilities.” “Ah ah, you wey no get even wife, talkless of pikin, wetin you wan use money do?” And so on. Comments that had been eating deep…

Drops Of Nothing


Who’s there?” I raise my head in accordance with the escalators you see at those sophisticated office buildings where the receptionists don’t offer polite customer service because they think they are better than everyone else. Animals is what they are. My irritation starts to cultivate. I’m not sure if I heard a knock or a…

Short Story: Bruce

Close-up of African American man with serious look.

**** You wince as you watch Bruce walk out the door. You shift the glass of red wine to your right hand and steady yourself against the bar with your left hand. Snippets of the past few minutes flash across your head. Bruce had called, he needed to talk to you immediately, he’d said. Of…

Short Poem: My Dear Valentine


I know we’ve been in love a long time and since I’m certain you’re not a dime a dozen you’ve earned your bragging and even nagging rights So if ever I wrong you don’t say its fine; make me pay a fine intensify your emotional torture do not nurture minutiae bitterness towards me let me…