Short Stories

African themed short stories by the best bloggers in Africa.


My mother continued writhing on the floor while the pastor continued praying. The church was silent now except for the praying pastor and my wheezing mother. I couldn’t take it anymore. If it were up to the members of this church, she would be dead.

Bad Gang

As if his brain had suddenly re-booted itself again, with one burst of energy, Segun rushed to the victim of the car accident, who laid helplessly bleeding on the floor, picked her up and put her at the back seat of his spacious G-Wagon. The victim’s sister then climbed the front passenger’s seat as Segun drove to the nearest hospital around, what kept on going on in his mind was “God please don’t let her die, please God”

White Nylon

It wasn’t my fault I was laid off, discarded like a worn, dirty rag if I were speaking the truth, but it seems the truth couldn’t save me from being called a thief by the chairman, who had once told me that I was the future of the company. In his own words, “you young bloods are what this paper needs” And truly, I had the nose for front page news.


‘Well…actually…’ He cleared his throat. ‘I haven’t felt happy with this long distance thing we’ve been doing. It’s not been great for me, Angela’. ‘I just feel that there is no point not being true to myself’, Busayo added.



“Lagos looks way better when you are drunk,” I am saying. “Lagos is a fine city even when you are not drunk.” Dre’s voice came from the driver’s seat. “Fuck,” I am saying ”you have a point. Some parts of Lagos, though. Not all of it.”

I Died At 9:45am

The moment she showed up on my doorstep, I noticed something seemed off about Adaku I knew. This minute she appeared to be lost in deep, sad thoughts; then like one jolted back to reality, the next minute she was initiating endless random conversations in between forced laughter.

Worn Not Torn

Maybe, he shouldn’t even let Joke go to university in order to avoid this nonsense modernization. He however wants educated children who will  buy him that big house and new car, the type his aged landlord’s son bought him, children he can visit in Lagos when they have their own families.

Memories of Childhood

I hate school, but I loved learning. I learnt how to speak three different languages without being in any academy, although I am not fluent in any of these languages. I didn’t need to be boxed up in a classroom to learn them, I was interested, so naturally, I learnt. My first classroom experience, the…

Due Date

Look babe, if you guys are serious about enjoying each other before kids come – and for the record I think it’s a great idea. Dave and I are doing great, and we love Jr. and this one coming with all our hearts, but sometimes, just sometimes…

Happy Endings

​This feels like a dream come true!! Felicia looked resplendent in her bright white wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. She paused for a second as she stared at his clean shaven face, the smile on her face widening, as she struggled not to let the tears destroy her beautiful make-up. I can’t…