Short Stories

African themed short stories by the best bloggers in Africa.

Worn Not Torn

Maybe, he shouldn’t even let Joke go to university in order to avoid this nonsense modernization. He however wants educated children who will  buy him that big house and new car, the type his aged landlord’s son bought him, children he can visit in Lagos when they have their own families.

Memories of Childhood

I hate school, but I loved learning. I learnt how to speak three different languages without being in any academy, although I am not fluent in any of these languages. I didn’t need to be boxed up in a classroom to learn them, I was interested, so naturally, I learnt. My first classroom experience, the…

Due Date

Look babe, if you guys are serious about enjoying each other before kids come – and for the record I think it’s a great idea. Dave and I are doing great, and we love Jr. and this one coming with all our hearts, but sometimes, just sometimes…

Happy Endings

​This feels like a dream come true!! Felicia looked resplendent in her bright white wedding gown as she walked down the aisle. She paused for a second as she stared at his clean shaven face, the smile on her face widening, as she struggled not to let the tears destroy her beautiful make-up. I can’t…

My Friend is a Military Officer

A man wearing a blue and black head warmer, dressed up in a black vest and a blue jean was screaming at the taxi driver with a gun in his hand, I leaned forward to make out an image of his face, but I jerked bark when the angry looking man’s gun went off. I almost died in the cab. No, I think I died and came back. The only thought on my mind was that my taxi driver had been shot.

King Over Slays

When a few benevolent women praised my efforts, my hardened face gave way to a brief superficial smile, mostly so I don’t come across as rude. Gradually, it came to an end. I took out my phone from my pocket and placed it on the sink to play some of my favourite music, just to lighten my mood. More dirty plates were brought in. I washed them, moving my body subtly to the rhythm of the song playing.

Inside A Lagos Bus (A short story)

That morning, the sun stretched across my face and I immediately levered myself out of bed. The clock was striking seven. I dragged myself to the bathroom, my shadow dancing across the white-tiled floor as it followed me. In no time, I was refreshed and ready for my first job hunt. I came to Lagos…

Order (A short story)

When there are no customers Madam Gbenro takes a thirty minute lunch break. She pulls out a container of beef lo-mien and an egg roll. Not that the greasy MSG laden food did much for her arteries. There wasn’t a restaurant that sold good Jollof rice within 10 miles of her shop. If she wanted…

Ocean Blues

There is something enchanting about the ocean; its voice, in the briny air that caresses your face, whispers to you, calls you, lulls you. You are a child of water, and here looking at the wide expanse of blue-green, you know you have found home. You rise with the waves, ride the high, and land…