Short Stories

African themed short stories by the best bloggers in Africa.

Crayon Painting

It is Friday, the sky is gloomy as if it is in collaboration with the mourning too, today is the funeral service. Your father has been charged and transferred to white house prison where he awaits trial, you still don’t go to visit him or think about it.

The Pee Partner

They say he went out one night with his pee partner Jimi, but on their way back he fell and slammed his head on a stone. Jimi told the school authorities that he didn’t know Nedu wasn’t behind him that night. The next morning, they found his bloody body on the corridor. He had bled to death.

A Week After My Funeral

I was still in an awe when I was jolted back into reality and the time now was 5:47 PM and two nurses came to move my body to the morgue. I walked out from the Hospital this time not through the doors but through the walls. I spent my time on the streets watching as people went about their daily business

A Favour from God

James was my elder brother; he was two years older than me. My father had just died, and we all sat in the blindingly white waiting room in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital—James, our Aunty Grace, our help Agnes, and I—waiting for my mom. Aunty Grace had called her immediately it happened.


Do you remember all the songs you played for me? “The woman I love – Jason Mraz”. How you made me fall in love with James Morrison? You’ve ruined sex for me, O. ‘Cos no man seems to know just how to choke me right.

Dear Ibiye

For everything I have become or obtained at any particular time, whether good or bad, it has been largely as a result of the people I called friends at that time. So I say to you, if you have found good friends, the ones that spur you on to success, hold them closely. They are rare, sometimes once in a life time.


My mother continued writhing on the floor while the pastor continued praying. The church was silent now except for the praying pastor and my wheezing mother. I couldn’t take it anymore. If it were up to the members of this church, she would be dead.

Bad Gang

As if his brain had suddenly re-booted itself again, with one burst of energy, Segun rushed to the victim of the car accident, who laid helplessly bleeding on the floor, picked her up and put her at the back seat of his spacious G-Wagon. The victim’s sister then climbed the front passenger’s seat as Segun drove to the nearest hospital around, what kept on going on in his mind was “God please don’t let her die, please God”

White Nylon

It wasn’t my fault I was laid off, discarded like a worn, dirty rag if I were speaking the truth, but it seems the truth couldn’t save me from being called a thief by the chairman, who had once told me that I was the future of the company. In his own words, “you young bloods are what this paper needs” And truly, I had the nose for front page news.


‘Well…actually…’ He cleared his throat. ‘I haven’t felt happy with this long distance thing we’ve been doing. It’s not been great for me, Angela’. ‘I just feel that there is no point not being true to myself’, Busayo added.