Short Stories

African themed short stories by the best bloggers in Africa.

The Travail Of A Lagos JJC

No sooner had I boarded the bus than I was struck very hard on my scapula with a gun. I clasped my shoulder instinctively and let out a loud groan of pain. I was slapped by a burly man in ankara sitting next to me. I don enter one chance
I don’t know why but my mind drifted to last week when my mum came to visit me from Abeokuta in Ogun state.

Burnt Petal

I have to kill you before you kill me!” he quoted a bible verse or two, the one about training up a child and not departing from it as he fussed with the greatest hate I have ever seen. Ann my younger sister rushed in crying already, she heard me cry that was all she needed to join the chorus



It was the same bunch of rascals who called you “pretty” and almost kissed your feet just minutes ago. So you went into full street mode, swearing on your great grandpa’s balls that no extra dime would come from you, even if other passengers complied.