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The Jazzhole Story


Walking into The Jazzhole is a reprieve from the Lagos heat. The familiar warmth emanating from the piercing staccato of John Coltrane or Brymo’s angst filled croon wafting through the speakers are telltale signs that you have arrived. The books and vinyl records – some browned with age and pregnant with history – sit thigh…

Break the Ice – My Entrepreneurship Story


My entrepreneurship journey started rather abruptly, it started out of necessity for survival, and my future was dependent on it. Before my journey started, I have always envisioned the freedom and a life time of fulfillment owning my own gig could bring. I desired satisfaction and well being that accompanied being the “Boss”. Admirers and…

Revenge Porn, Slut-Shaming and You


  Did you retweet the video clip of the Ms Anambra saga? What about the Slut-Shaming [email protected] Facebook? If you did, then you just took part in revenge porn, mob action and an unhealthy dose of slut-shaming. It’s that simple. Simply put, slut-shaming is the idea of shaming and/or attacking a woman or a girl for being sexual,…