People Like Us

People Like Us is an exclusive column created by TNC to document the lives of everyday Nigerians. Watch out for posts on Tuesday mornings at 10am twice every month.

A Crack In The Head

I didn’t know when I smashed her head into the dresser where she had been packing her makeup kit. I can’t even remember standing up from where I sat. I calmed down when I saw her front tooth fall out, I started begging her not to tell anyone but she took that time to sneak out of the door and run.

The Jazzhole Story

Walking into The Jazzhole is a reprieve from the Lagos heat. The familiar warmth emanating from the piercing staccato of John Coltrane or Brymo’s angst filled croon wafting through the speakers are telltale signs that you have arrived. The books and vinyl records – some browned with age and pregnant with history – sit thigh…