People Like Us

People Like Us is an exclusive column created by TNC to document the lives of everyday Nigerians. Watch out for posts on Tuesday mornings at 10am twice every month.

The Jazzhole Story


Walking into The Jazzhole is a reprieve from the Lagos heat. The familiar warmth emanating from the piercing staccato of John Coltrane or Brymo’s angst filled croon wafting through the speakers are telltale signs that you have arrived. The books and vinyl records – some browned with age and pregnant with history – sit thigh…

I Spoke To A “Runz Girl” About Her Hustle: Here’s What She Had To Say


What does “hustling” mean to you? One person’s hustle might be a 9-5. Another’s hustle might be their budding business. To Sarah, “hustling” is the world’s oldest profession. “I prefer the word ‘escort’ but ‘runz girls’ is the well known term given to girls that sleep with men for money. I don’t know where Nigerians…

I Asked This Female Nigerian Police Officer If And Why She Loves Her Job


Horns blared from yellow rickety buses. Drivers and bus conductors screamed their respective destinations in low guttural voices. Agberos fought, drank alcohol from sachets or jumped on and off moving buses. One woman roasted plantains. Another sold groundnuts, and another sold alcoholic drinks. Commuters seemingly unmoved by the circus around them simply stood by, waiting for…