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The Grey Area Between Privacy, Secrecy and Shame In Relationships

significant other

Many people don’t like others all up in their business, and it’s easy to understand why. Especially when it comes to romantic relationships, most of us don’t want our private affairs to become fodder for public dissection. I saw the recent news about Hollywood stars Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling’s secret wedding, and it got…

Why Sex Is Important To Me

Woman in Shadow

A few Fridays back, I was on my way to work really early in the morning I got into a bus that I normally wouldn’t enter because it was almost full and also because it was filled with men. Another female entered the bus and in an instant the conductor shut the door and the…

Celibacy Didn’t Get Ciara A Ring


Beautiful songstress Ciara got engaged to her boo Russell Wilson last week after dating for a little over a year and as expected the Internet went crazy with all sorts of comments, views, opinions etc. There were those who “oooooh-ed and awwww-ed” at the fairy tale like progression to the love story between the two,…