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We Must Never Forget to Remember

One of the major reasons for the backwardness of the Nigerian state after so many years of independence is her ability to avoid addressing the past, thereby dooming herself to the commendation of never learning from past events. I understand that most of our history is macabre. But continuous avoidance is only setting us on…

7 Annoying Things Men Do

Men do so many things to women that can be difficult to handle. Sometimes a woman just wants to go all anti-men but nah… We love them still. So here are the most annoying things men do in my opinion. This is not a male-bashing article, so please keep an open mind while reading this.…

Love Don’t Care

Of course I had no other guy in mind. We were not dating though. I didn’t know what he had in mind because he never talked about it. Most times I just lie on my bed and get butterflies of what would be if we dated. He was everything I wanted in a man.