Special Series

Special | Blog series, projects featuring a selection of some of the best bloggers of Nigerian decent.

Chances [1]

With the guys gone and no audience to appreciate their vocal prowess, the girls retired to the expansive bridal suite to gossip the night away as they tried on their dresses yet again, touched up their nails, made snide comments about what Rila would be hard at by that time the next day and tried dance steps for the party.

KOI-KOI By Raymond Elenwoke

Madam Koi Koi

Ejike woke up with a start. Something had disturbed his sleep. He’d dreamt he was running from something, but it had been dark, and he couldn’t see. All he knew was that he’d felt like he would die if the thing that had been chasing him had caught him. He sat up in his bed, the blanket pooling around his thighs.

AFIN By Edwin Okolo

Today, I can feel Oba’s lecherous eyes on my buttocks as I work the grinding stone, pureeing beans for Iyalode’s allele. I exaggerate my moves, jiggle my bottom and thighs a little more. I can see Oba’s trouser rise through his reflection in the silver tray I used to pick the beans and it makes me smile.

The Story of My Penis

The one time my father and I sat down (I was actually standing, he was sitting) to talk about why I woke with my groin on high alert, all he could say was ‘o ti n di okunrin’ which translates in English to mean ‘you are becoming a man’. That was all! I had actually…

Headquarters: Part 1

“Jerome don enter!” “Run for your lives!” Wigs were grabbed, underwear retrieved as each of the seven girls struggled to vanish from sight. “Where’s Hanifa?” Light skinned Chinwe asked me when we were back safely in our rooms, panting from the race we just had up the stairs. “Chisos!” I had totally forgotten about the…

On African Horror Fiction, Halloween, Lights Out: Resurrection, Writing and Reading – A Conversation, with Wole Talabi and Nerine Dorman

Last week, TNC published the anthology Lights Out: Resurrection, which features a crop of African authors of horror and dark speculative fiction, edited by Wole Talabi. It features a story by Nerine Dorman who is an active figure in the South African horror fiction scene. Today, we present a conversation between them on their writing, African horror fiction,…