The Buffet

In this unique series, you the reader is given the power to decide how you want your story to end. The main dish is Pounded Yam and you have four options of soup to go with it – Egusi, Efo Riro, Bitter leaf and Banga.

Pounded Yam

I bend my fingers to get a better view, watch as the rock catches the light and I think, my mother would be so proud. A sigh forces itself out of my mouth into his, and as he grunts in response his doughy fingers dig deeper into my back. Ouch.

Banga Soup

I was expected not to sweat over the steaming yam nor to wipe my sweat with anything I was wearing while at this pounding. My mum was that scrupulous. And now she was comparing love to my most annoying kitchen chore.

Efo Riro Soup

That was not the first time my mother had spoken to me like that. Almost every week since our families had chosen a wedding date – Valentine’s Day at my insistence – my mother has tried to convince me that this is not as bad an idea as all my friends made it seem.