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No Uterus, No Opinion

The word ‘abortion’ already has a stigma to it, and for no good reason, if you ask me, just like condoms, it is a birth control measure. Those who are against abortions; and there are millions; make it seem as if women would be strolling into clinics to get abortions, but that is not the case.

The Search For The One(s)!

Isn’t that every young woman’s dream? To know and love God, herself, family and have amazing friends. To grow up smart, open-minded, confident and beautiful. To have a career she is passionate about. To have the world at her feet. To be strong, wise and live life to the fullest.

Pregnant and Annoyed

We had not really spoken about pregnancy with mom until these point. she just said to me “it’s the baby but you must control yourself.” So she went on to tell me that the anger will be transferred to the child…yeah right seemingly the baby was transferring its anger to me already.

The Oddity Of Loneliness

This is my story as a young, timid and pessimistic youth searching for its identity in the city, I cannot commune in their language, their culture was different from my values and belief, they said he is bound for fire, he deserve to tortured, punished and threatened.