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V: Conversation With Him

That’s one thing I know I did consistently today. I laughed hard and loud. Even the fact that I attended to customers back to back till about 3:30pm didn’t stop me. I found reasons to laugh at almost everything because I was super happy. The thought of having 2 work-free days did that to me plus, I was coming home! The journey home, however, was quite bumpy. I was about 30 minutes away from home at 7:00pm and already jubilating

I Remember When I was a Soldier

People calm their nerves in different ways, I calm mine by looking good. In fact, I dare say my beauty is directly proportional to my nerves. That is to say the more nervous I am, the more made up I look. I might not be intellectually ready for an exam, but best believe I’d be physically ready, a girl has to win some way.

The Rule of 500

But what if we decided to become leaders instead?  What if we finally came to realize that it is up to no one else but us to identify ourselves as leaders, and begin to influence those around us, the majority, the followers, with our actions today?  It is quite simple.

I Still Have a Panic Attack

Three years later, it seems I do not have the luxury of waking up and realizing I am a de facto adult and let the fear that had festered and bore fruits in me (as evident in my many procrastination), float above me like a brooding demon, while I stare powerlessly at it.

Of Mouth Odor and Africa’s Future of Halitosis

A trip into reality and a transportation of these strongly opinionated advocates of free speech into real life settings and the amazement one gets surpasses perplexing. Whereas the world was well entertained by the most recent presidential election campaigns in the US wherein a certain Donald J. Trump bulldozed his way to the White House on content developed from labels such as “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary”, civility was not tossed out the window

The Stage of Soccer: Decoding (For) Mourinho, Once and For All

In his 1st season in charge at Old Traafford, Mourninho bettered the 7th place finish by a step: United finished 6th, but this was on the back of the League Cup and the Europa League – a title that took United back into the Champions League, a competition finishing 7th or 6th wouldn’t qualify a team for! Mourinho’s 2nd season saw the newcomers get knocked out at home by Sevilla in the 2nd round of the Champions League while playing the FA Cup final and finishing 2nd (4 places better than the year before) in the league.

Letting Go…

Love found me late last year, when I wasn’t even looking and when I least expected. It happened so fast and it was amazing.

Then, it ended the same way it started; with me not looking and when I least expected.

You know that feeling of running out of water when you’re halfway to quenching your thirst? Yeah, that was me for about six months. It sorta still is…