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…But I Want A Baby!

Let’s start with my mum, who by the way insists on looking on my unmarried state like an illness, like something that needs to be helped. Somehow, all my achievements in this life – achievements that I have worked hard for – have been reduced to the singular ‘but’ of the fact that I’m not married.

How Can You Motivate Yourself?

Reading notes and quotes from successful people is good but planning your life towards the same direction might not work because you can’t live the exact way they lived , look at the mistakes they made and do things to avoid it and learn from the decisions they made and use the important ones to excel in your future plans.

Are We Really Controlling?

When women were created they were entrusted with a sixth sense to be used only during trying times. This is a whole package that is placed in different places. We overthink, criticize, undress, analyse, zoom in and out of situations still trying to find the best angle.

No Uterus, No Opinion

The word ‘abortion’ already has a stigma to it, and for no good reason, if you ask me, just like condoms, it is a birth control measure. Those who are against abortions; and there are millions; make it seem as if women would be strolling into clinics to get abortions, but that is not the case.

The Search For The One(s)!

Isn’t that every young woman’s dream? To know and love God, herself, family and have amazing friends. To grow up smart, open-minded, confident and beautiful. To have a career she is passionate about. To have the world at her feet. To be strong, wise and live life to the fullest.