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The Baliff announced the presence of the Judge and the court rose as the judge entered once the judge had taken his seat the court registrar began calling out the cases that were on the court’s list for that day.

I Still Have a Panic Attack

Now though, it seems I do not have the luxury of waking up and realizing I am a de facto adult, and let the fear that had germinated, festered and bore fruit in me (as evident in my many procrastination), float above me like a brooding demon, while I stare powerlessly at it.

Conversations With Him

African woman looking sad

Tuesday came with paranoia. I was already getting shitty worried because period was yet to come. I could feel the premenstrual cramps and all but period did not show o. I later told myself my body was adjusting itself for the baby growing in me, hence, the cramps.

Comparison – The Thief of Joy

While it is occasionally helpful to compare and contrast with our peers, it should not be made a habit especially as we get older, as it eventually does more harm than good. Sometimes, it seems impossible not to fall into the ‘comparison trap’ particularly when it feels like everyone is leaving you behind

Abortion: A Woman’s Right to Salvation

This is no different from society and our leaders in Africa. It is why you mention abortion to an African parent and the next word you hear is “abomination”. Meanwhile, the child they forced you to birth, would end up your sole responsibility with not even as much of parental care or basic education from society or the government.

The Second Chance

Barely two years after I started eating once a day, I had lost about 10kg and contrary to what I had thought, it brought me very little satisfaction. I kept pushing myself and constantly felt the need to skip meals and feel good about myself.