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The Personalisation of Speedy Possibility

A song which served to document this aspiration of suddenness in the Nigerian but appears to have past largely unrecognized in such respect is D’banj’s ‘Suddenly’. Other than ‘Oliver Twist’, there is perhaps no gainsaying that ‘Suddenly’ is D’banj’s most iconic and definitive work. Indeed, his playboy image overrides his contributions to chronicling the Nigerian socio-cultural reality of speediness.

The Chronicles Of My Broken Heart

Stage one was the crying phase, where anything and everything reminds you of this person and you find yourself crying over the littlest things. Oh that was the couch he sat on when he came to visit me that one time? Tears. Oh this was the top I was wearing that he said he liked when we were on FaceTime that other time? Tears.

My Continuous Struggle With Make up

I face-timed my partner, because we always have this petty banter about my ‘wind-erosioned eyebrows’. Wind-erosioned, because I have very sparse almost non existent eyebrows and I always refuse to have them overly drawn. I usually just keep it light on the eyebrows with a not too dark brown eyebrow pencil.

The Pitiful Buyer

“Wetin do your meat?” I quizzed him.
His shoulders fell.
On the table were pale brown meats, dark around the edges and devoid of blood; the type of meat that’ll stink up an entire house when prepared.
“Na yesterday’s meat. Yesterday na bad market so na dis one remain. But nothing do am my broda.”