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The Glue Called Friendship

When we were younger it was easier to make friends because we didn’t have a care in the world. We were still experimenting; we were not yet sure of who we are, we were still trying to find ourselves, so we could not decide what kind of friends we wanted to have. You grow up practically wanting everyone to be your friend, because we don’t know any better.


The foregoing is perhaps a glimpse into the togetherness and absence of tears that followed the final match which ended one nil in favor of Nigeria’s Super Eagles. Little-known Sunday Mba had struck for the second Sunday running to effectively send the trophy Abuja’s way.

Now that Eze Has Gone Abroad

The excitement of being abroad as evidenced in members of those meaningless ‘Association of Nigerians in XXX’ is palpable. Never mind those from families in the lower and upper middle class whose parents have charged them to avoid Nigerians abroad and ensure to enter into wedlock with a foreigner.

Beyond Brexit: How Jeremy Corbyn’s Suits Got Dapper

Through his remark, Cameron isolated Corbyn’s fashion sense in order to evade the question of excessive spending at the Oxford NHS Trust, thus invited the country to partake in a rational qualitative critique of Corbyn’s wardrobe. In the book Fashion as Communication, Malcolm Barnard argues that since there are alternative interpretations of garments between the designers and the wearers, meaning cannot be a product of the designer’s intentions.