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On Nigeria & Jungle Justice

Dear Nigerians, we owe a sense of responsibility to ourselves. And so, the next time we offer our very colourful show of concern when a bomb goes off in France, or a nuclear leak in China, or flood in Florida, let us also speak out in concern when a suspected thief is beaten, molested and burnt in Lagos.

Six-Pack Abs… And So?

African Man with six packs

Sculpting and chiseling your body is good, it’s appealing to the eyes but if you have nothing to offer in terms of character, integrity, patience, loyalty and all the valuable non-physical stuff, when it comes to relating with other people, then of what use is your sculpted and well dressed body?

On #EndSARS: What Would Fela Do?

I think it’s incredibly ironic when these cats praise Kendrick Lamar for dropping To Pimp A Butterfly, critically acclaimed as one of the best album of all time, an album that talked about various issues affecting Blacks most notably, the oppression by police officers and a similar problem is happening in your backyard and all you can do is tweet a hashtag.

Surviving The End of The World

It had been four months since Andy had been with Femi and Oreniwan but it felt like a year. Food had become harder to find and they were sure the world had finally run out of any kind of food. They hadn’t dared to venture beyond the safe sectors yet because they were certain the food in the other sectors would certainly be contaminated.