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The Angel

The screeches of tires from the street behind me alerted everyone, shortly after, two blazing cars skidded into the boulevard, drivers faces twisted in rage. The skidding stopped and both drivers managed to get out of the cars right before they kissed the sky in a fiery embrace. They exploded, you might want to say,…

A Nobel’s Endorsement and the Extents of a Nation’s Gullibility

Fact is that the Buhari government had become too unpopular for Soyinka to endorse it publicly. The next best thing, therefore, was to offer support in invisible ways. Indeed, Soyinka knew better than anyone that Moghalu stood no realistic chance. The performance of his running mate at the vice presidential debate was a rude awakening to Nigerians that perhaps their best leadership materials are very much resident in the PDP and the APC.

The Eyes of Determination: Re-imagining Wizkid’s Celestial cum Maternal Praise Anthem

To those who aren’t quite his people and are busy downing tools, giving up on life and doubting everything essentially – like Solo who said he’d never blow – Wizkid’s message in ‘Ojuelegba’ is simple: You only live once, so why not commit to prayers whose efficacy has not only been proven but is in fact the very reason why he has grown by leaps and bounds to the point of writing/performing the very successful anthem called ‘Ojuelegba’ and beyond.