Postpill for Mama Bomboy


Yes oh, maybe I should wake them up and line them up in front of you for you to count. Six Papa Bomboy, six! And the only one that came at the time we planned was Junior, the first. The last two we didn’t even plan for at all. All the time I was doing that salt thing; it never worked.

Unbox Your Phone – Buy The New Samsung S8 | S8+ And Get A Free Clear View Standing Cover

With the release of the new Samsung S8 and S8+, smartphone enthusiasts can finally experience a smartphone with revolutionary design and layout. The Samsung flagship has an amazing screen that envelops the entire surface of the smartphone plus its sides thereby ensuring a truly smooth and strikingly beautiful device with no bumps or angles. The…

Diary Of A Young Nigerian

If history has taught Lagosians one thing, it is to never get stranded on Third Mainland Bridge or you’ll end up being the lunch ticket to LASTMA or VIO officials and even the street miscreants would try to “obtain” from you; better safe than sorry. So I packed my backpack, phones, rolled up the windows…