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Introducing: Christmas At The Johnson’s Series

Papa Johnson, a widowed Nigerian grandfather in his mid eighties currently living in his retirement home (read mansion) in the outskirts of Lagos has ‘unusually’ invited members of his immediate family over to spend a Christmas weekend with him. Though he has communicated with every one of them at one point or the other, Papa Johnson has not met with any of the invited guests in over a year.

Papa Johnson retired at the age of 60 as the managing director of a large oil and gas company in Nigeria after he lost his wife – the love of his life. Though he is very well to do, he is extremely shrewd (at least to his family  members) and also annoyingly disciplined. He has been living alone with Sarah, his long serving house keeper and Akpan, his personal chef.

Listed below are Papa Johnson’s guests:

1. Ayoade Johnson – first child – son.
2. Ayodele Williams – second child – daughter.
3. Ayobami Johnson – third child – son.
4. Akintayo Johnson – fourth and youngest son. Love child from an affair.
5. Folasade Johnson – wife to Ayoade.
6. Babatunde Williams – husband to Ayodele.
7. Catherine Johnson – wife to Ayobami. American.
8. Laurent Kader – half Cameroonian, half Nigerian gay partner to Akintayo.
9. Sarah Okafor – long serving house keeper.
10. Akpan Effiong – long serving chef.

From December 18 – 24, join seven TNC contributors as they tell the story of what happened at the Johnson’s through the eyes of any of the 10 characters listed above.

Share Papa Johnson’s story online using the hashtag – #ChristmasAtTheJohnsons and you could be in for a special Christmas surprise.

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    Hi! I’m interested in this. Do we write it like a screenplay or a prose? Also, how is it to be submitted and when is the deadline?
    When you say “share on social media”, do we share the link after it’s been published?
    Thank you!

    December 13, 2017
    • Avatar

      Hi. Thanks for the interest. The series was by invitation and the participating writers were contacted privately. However once the series commences next week, you might want to join in and also write your version perhaps on your personal blog.

      December 13, 2017
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