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The following Community Rules apply to all comments on this site, including, but not limited to, all text, images and website links.

These Community Rules are intended to highlight and supplement some of the terms and conditions set forth in our Terms and Conditions page.

This site is not responsible for any comment users post. We reserve the right, but undertake no duty, to review, edit, move, or delete any content submitted by users, in our sole discretion, without notice, including but not limited to the following reasons:

  1. Do not post obscene, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive or harassing material.
  2. Do not post junk mail, pyramid schemes, chain letters or advertisements.
  3. Do not engage in personal attacks.
  4. Vulgar and insulting nicknames will be removed. Nicknames attempting to impersonate other users will be removed.
  5. Do not post anyone’s telephone number, street address. or any other personal information.
  6. Do not post an e-mail address belonging to another person.
  7. Do not post information that encourages criminal activity of any kind, or any statements that may give rise to civil liability.
  8. If you post a link to another site, please provide a brief explanation of where the link goes as a courtesy to other users.
  9. Do not attempt to impersonate other users, site staff or any other person.
  10. Do not post the same message in multiple locations on the site.
  11. Respectful debate and opposing opinions are welcome, but please behave courteously and responsibly. Members who go against this will be banned from commenting on the site for two [2] weeks as punishment. Repeat offenders will be banned permanently from the platform.
  12. If you have a issue or question regarding our administrative policies or actions, contact us via hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com.
  13. Keep your messages on topic for the particular discussion you are involved in.
  14. Do not use multiple account nicknames in one discussion.
  15. All public contributions are the opinions of the contributors only and do not represent the opinions of The Naked Convos as an organisation. 


If you’d like your writing featured on TNC, fill out the form below and we’ll review it. We read each submission that comes to us within three weeks of receiving it. If you don’t hear back from us within three weeks, assume your article will not be published and feel free to submit another article.

Occasionally, we accept posts that have previously been published on other blogs/magazines, but please inform us if this is the case and the decision to publish solely lies with our editors.


Word Limit: Opinion pieces and true-life stories should be 500 – 2000 words (preferred length is around 800 – 1200). True-life stories should be clearly indicated as such.

Topics: All (But current affairs, social commentary, sex and relationship matters and pop-culture pieces are preferred)

Language: English only (stories may contain small parts with other languages)


Wazi, our fiction section is open to submissions from writers from all over the world. Short stories, poems and serialized fiction must be well-written and directly related to or involve characters, settings or themes relevant to Africa. We are looking for honest prose, excellent writing and works that focus on contemporary Africa. We are also open to essays and reviews.

Word Limit: Short stories and poems should be 800 – 5000 words (preferred length is around 2000 words).

Genres: All genres (But lit-fic, social drama and human drama is preferred)

Serialized fiction can be of any length but must consist of at least six 1000-word episodes. Some tips on writing a good series are given HERE


Style: Material must be well-written. Language is important. We desire work with good “technical style” and “substance”. Humor is welcome.


We will publish sex and sexually themed stories/opinion pieces but will not publish pornographic material.

We will not publish stories that have no point, theme or artistic merit.


  1. Tobi
    Hello. I am interested in my featuring my write ups on TNC but there appears to be no form attached here. Can you help with the form please.
  2. Anthony Eigbe
    Hello, i want to submit a piece but do not seem to know how to go about it. There’s a section which claims to have a form but i cannot find the form. Kindly help out

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