When It Comes To Sexuality, How Far Does Curiosity Go?


All my life I’ve been a tomboy, being tall n lanky as a teenager didn’t make It any easier for me. I went through University with only jeans, shirts and t-shirts and that was perfectly fine by me, not like I cared what anyone felt. I was comfortable with my male friends as they understood…


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All my life I’ve been a tomboy, being tall n lanky as a teenager didn’t make It any easier for me.

I went through University with only jeans, shirts and t-shirts and that was perfectly fine by me, not like I cared what anyone felt.

I was comfortable with my male friends as they understood me perfectly well, I didn’t need to wear lipsticks or fix a weave or nails, I didn’t do any girly stuff until I joined the corporate world and from what I gather, I rock my dresses and skirts well.

I’ve never been without a boyfriend for as far back as I could remember, even when I was in a relationship, there was always that one boy waiting by the side just in case my boyfriend messes up and he can step right in, I can’t remember being emotionally alone for a month without a replacement waiting (Just for the records, these were not sexual relationships but more of companionship, yes a little bit of kiss and cuddle made it a relationship right? Lol). Sexually awareness happened in my mid 20s. When you meet me, the 1st thing on your mind won’t be ‘Damm she’s beautiful, you will however think in that instant ‘jeez she’s sexy’.

I have never intentionally tried to be sexy but apparently, this comes naturally to me, I’ve been told it’s in the way I talk, the sound of my voice, the look in my eyes and the way I sway (I wish I did all this intentionally).

I didn’t start enjoying sex until I got married, and no it wasn’t because my husband made me discover my sexual tendencies, it was thanks to reading, watching documentaries and yes lots of experiments. The most natural thing for me is being with the opposite sex, I have never thought of being with another female sexually, never ever… Or so I thought until last year (Believe me, I’m still shocked too).

My 1st sexual encounter with a female happened when I was in my final year in the University, I slept over in a friend’s room and for some reason she started touching me all over while I slept (I had to pretend like I was still sleeping as I was in shock), I guess being a female she knew the right things to do and where to touch, she touched me in my Vjay and I came In a matter of minutes, I still refused to open my eyes because I was scared she might expect me to touch her back and no way was I ready for that. We both didn’t discuss it ever and even though she is still my friend on Facebook and all, we are both married with kids but I simply deleted that incident from my memory until recently.

So, I’ve had 4 females hit on me with the same intensity a man would, like seriously it was intense. Thankfully I’ve never been attracted to a female before and guess what? One offered me a huge banking account if I agree to spend time with her (the same way the male ogas hit on small girls who go to them for accounts opening? Yeah this was the same way, she was going to move N200M into my bank on my behalf (Maybe I’m hotter than I know).

I turned it down without thinking about It for 60 seconds and yes I was sacked from the bank as per I didn’t meet my target (like I cared)

After that 3-other people came onto me hard and I found none interesting although it was funny and I shared with my best friend (a male).

I’m thinking this is the part that I hint that when I see a well-endowed chic I size her up, in my mind I’m thinking I wish my ass was that big (though I have a perfectly shaped obvious onion ass) but you and I know some are more blessed, so it’s not like I look at them with sexual intents, my boobs are a healthy handful but I envy the girls with big boobs because guys can’t seem to think straight when it comes to that. So yes, I check out a good-looking chic the same way a guy will.

Back to the matter, I met this chic years ago, also married with kids and we got talking, she reminds me of me, in a lot of ways.

One day last year, maybe she was tipsy or bored, we started chatting and it got sexual, we were chatting like a guy and girl would, we were at it for almost 3hrs. and it wasn’t even weird. It was fun (covers face). I didn’t want the chat to end but we had to stop by bedtime. I still remember those chats till date and naturally we both didn’t bring it up afterwards.

She’s the only female I’ve been with that makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but not in a bad way.

She told me last year she wants to kiss me and guess what? I’m wondering how that will feel like.

This is me asking… Am I just being curious or do I have lesbian tendencies? Am I in some sort of partial closet? Is that possible when I love being with men as much as I do? Confused much!

And, by the way… Watching lesbian porn turns me on… Maybe its because I’m a female, and not because I want a female to touch me? Help me please!


  1. Mcflurry Oreo
    You have the tendency of a bisexual, I can’t say you’re questioning your sexuality though, cause you know your sexual orientation.
    Thing is, you enjoy sexual advances from girls and even though you turned down that bank lady, you’re still open to lesbianism, cause you’ve fantasized about kissing a lady before. You can be attracted to ladies too based on your narrative.
    1. Asake Post author
      Hello thank you for sharing your thoughts. I guess i better stay away since i seem to be a little confused in my head. But is it possible not to sure of my sexual orientation after 4 decades? lol.
  2. Mcflurry Oreo
    Like i said,I don’t think you’re questioning your sexuality. In fact there is this saying that ‘Every girl has gay tendency’ thus making most girls bisexual in nature. I do subscribe to this saying because most girls get turned on by lesbian porns, can attempt or consider kissing their fellow girl,are attracted to same sex. etc
    You can call your present predicament ‘Curiosity’ but it is more than just being curious…lol
  3. Toby
    GWORL!!! YASSSS!!!!
    Anyhow, let me be real for a moment now, Sexuality is a spectrum, you may just be heterosexual with a an attraction to one person or you may be Bisexual or homosexual.
    Doesn’t matter, its not the end of the world and you most definitely do not need help.
    The incident with the girl in uni does not need to keep you up at night. Your genitals are not concerned with your sexuality, once they are stimulated and i do mean stimulated well, orgasm would be achieved.
    Heck you may even be a demisexual, just know it doesn’t matter what your sexuality is.
    You are beautiful and perfect just the way you are!

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