Decades – Revisited

Decades was the first major project on our excellent sister site AfroSays. There is some great stuff on there and you should check it out.

Decades. Captained by Bankole (Afrosays) and our own Betty with contributions from @thetoolsman, @sirkastiq, @ekwem, @qurr, @capoeirapanda @tomboxe, @bulejr_, @JXBZVS, @The_Daywalker_ The Alchemist, @0Toxic and @_TheBoomBox_ for the men and @CeceNoStockings, @UcheAnne, @JadenTM, @Zaffiro, @weird_oo, @Ms_Dania, @BoukkieO, @koromonay, @tecknicoleurGrl, @_Ayaba_ @maria_kesh, @d3ola @tangodeucealpha, @EgovinBaby, and @nwaokpoechi for the ladies. It was originally published HERE.

Decades is a two part project.

Decades I – On Being A Man, takes a wholesome view on the life of a man encapsulated in ten-year intervals. There are many men with intertwined relationships, the rich, the poor, the average. They live the same life we live, experience the same joys and pains unique to their decades and maybe we can learn a thing or two from them.



Decades II – On Being A Woman explores the wholesomeness of womanhood as lived in ten-year intervals – Girls. Ladies. Women. Mothers, grand and great-grand mothers all. They live and experience the joys and pains unique to their decades and in looking at their lives, we may see our own dreams and hopes reflected in them. Find the subtle connections that link their lives together and get lost in stories told.


Decades – Revisited: TNC invites you to revisit the Decades Project and experience the lives of these men and women in one special weekend of stories from the Decades project.

Stories will go up every hour, on the hour. Starting today in 3, 2, 1…


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    The female Decades introduced me to UberBetty and Ucheanne and MsDania's serious fiction. Ucheanne's Serve with a smile is still in my head after four years. Easily the best thing the Nigerian Blogosphere has EVER done bar none. Please aspiring bloggers, read them and experience greatness.

    July 19, 2014
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