Let’s Play Judge

If you are ready, you might want to close your eyes and take a deep breath and while you are at it ask yourself this important question ‘ can I reserve my right to judge others no matter what? ’ allow your sub-conscience to answer that. If your answer is ‘NO’ do not read any further.

However, lets talk about last Sunday. I woke up quite late at about 7am, maybe not entirely late; I still had more than an hour before service. I can not account for the first thirty minutes or so but I remember Glo’s network was so good, extremely good and I had a quick bath with no soap or sponge involved.

As time go bye, I finally get dressed in my vermilion Italian shirt and a simple naive blue pant matching it all with my $85 Italian custom handmade shoe, staking my pant pocket with cash I realized I hadn’t breached my teeth, by then it was too late so I rushed out to church. Usually this journey is much easier when I drive but on feet you have to take a ten minutes walk to the highway before one can board a bus. I was only mid-way on this journey when I discovered an ugly tear at the knee of my pant, I ran back quickly to change my pant and embark on the journey again.

Fast forward twenty minutes, I’m in a bus heading towards church when the conductor stretched his right hand towards the back demanding payment. At this moment things began to get funny, I searched myself thoroughly and discovered I had no cash not even a phone. JEEEZ! I changed my naive blue pant, I hope I don’t get molested or worse get my watch or shoe taken away from me, terrifying thought clouded my mind and it was quite obvious I had to settle for the last resort-beg.

We were only three passengers at the back, me at the right window close to the door and a suited young man at the middle followed by a shabby dressed old woman. Ok!, I had to beg but I had to do it with some dignity atleast. I asked quietly the suited man beside me for fifty naira explaining briefly my predicament but he replied with a loud tone “ I don’t have any money, the only money I have here is for God”. it was totally embarrassing, now my situation was in the clear- the expensive well dressed man can not pay, the two passengers in front and the driver glanced at my face; the conductor was already gazing at me and I could tell he was running out of patience.

I froze at window looking outside to see if someone I know was along the the road. Eventually the suited man paid for me while he was close to his stop, he uttered “ na God money I dey use pay for you so” while he was getting off the bus, I appreciated although I felt he was a prideful man trying so hard to mock me and at that instance I noticed something surreptitious, so I turned my head to the old woman and she gave me a hush sign. It was obvious the suited man’s wallet fell off his pocket while he was getting off, I didn’t inform him not because the old woman was looking hungry or the fact that Benin boys are always ready to perform jungle justice for just about anything instead I felt this was some kind of divine punishment for his pride but just before I stopped the old woman was generous enough to give me four thousand from the wallet and I was able to enjoy myself and my girlfriend at chicken republic opposite my church immediately after service.

  • Ibiela


    January 24, 2018
  • Wow I love this piece, beautiful and at the same time hilarious.
    I judge you not

    January 24, 2018
  • Bkd

    My nigga

    January 29, 2018
  • Elano

    Nice one & Interesting

    January 29, 2018
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