Encounter With A Same Sex Advance

I am male, straight and heterosexual. Yes, the redundant repetition is necessary for emphasis. Indeed, in my late teenage years, my proclivities ensured that friends knew me as “a man of masculine virtues”.

A ‘serious’ girlfriend ago, I had heard her silence when I suggested that she took advantage of a steam room/sauna in her neighborhood so as to better manage her skin issues with breakouts. While I was ‘man’ enough to make nothing of the silence then, events and female nature since revealed to me what her silence had been screaming. Alas, I since learnt that these steam baths/saunas the world over are easy pretexts/fronts to exhibit human’s aggressive sexual behavior just as the gym offers a front for attention seeking ladies who wear makeup to workouts!

Mind you, it took a measure of manly restrain to omit the word “aggressive” from the title of this piece. Crucially however, it is the contexts of steam rooms/saunas that inform this commentary.

So, I was in one of the heat rooms recently following an extended hiatus after a skin therapist had informed me that such rooms ought to be used with measure, for they had the tendency to worsen skin conditions if over-deployed.

Only last night, I opted to take a one-night vacation to a city three hours away from my station and there was a strong temptation to get in one of these heat rooms – a temptation whose call I answered, after all, I had abstained long enough for a one-off patronage to constitute any form of threat. Little did I know this was to be my baptism of aggressive homosexual advances. My curiosity had gotten the better of me to a point where I felt molested, violated in fact. 

Because this happened somewhere in Africa where the position both officially and unofficially is a posturing of zero tolerance for homosexuality and homosexual behavior – I mean so many Africans have obtained asylum away from Africa just on this issue. There has been so much frowning on the matter from a number of past and present African leaders including from Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and rather more famously, Uhuru Kenyatta’s (of Kenya) non-entertainment of the subject whilst standing next to Barack Obama for which he was hailed resoundingly across the continent. How might one, therefore, term my recent experience with this publicly rejected ‘vice’? Hypocrisy?

Fact is there are very active brotherly communities of folks brought together solely by same sex sexual preferences across the continent. Africa, nonetheless, chooses to look the other way, desisting from commentating on a subject as delicate as this because she has an overbearing ego and a reputation to protect.

On many fronts, Africa is a patient in denial; and like a sick human who refuses to acknowledge an ailment believing this to be more effective than a cure, Africa is a patient that has barred herself from medical attention.

I, on the other hand, am pleased to have completed this piece without specific references from my encounter; displaying utmost masculine virtues once again! Truth is I could have walked away and or stopped it before it got as far as it did but I guess curiosity did indeed kill the cat.

The question for the Me Too proponents and the likes is: where lies wisdom in disturbing the peace and destroying otherwise damaged lives?

  • Okay now, my curiosity is piqued. What exactly went down in that sauna?

    June 18, 2019
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