End of An Era: The Extinction of Fried Rice

I didn’t think that I will live to see a time when jollof rice would dominate and become the people’s choice. Back in the day when all was good and fine, fried rice was a celebrated dish – much more celebrated than jollof rice. And because of the carefulness, skill and time that goes into…


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I didn’t think that I will live to see a time when jollof rice would dominate and become the people’s choice.

Back in the day when all was good and fine, fried rice was a celebrated dish – much more celebrated than jollof rice. And because of the carefulness, skill and time that goes into its preparation, fried rice was a ceremonial meal in most homes. Many of us didn’t have fried rice everyday. It was considered a luxury.

Yes, fried rice was this special. Few years back in our society, fried rice was solely for the upper class, while jollof rice was for the lower class! #fact

Those times, at the mention of fried rice, your eyeballs would pop out from their sockets, your brain would do somersaults in your head, your taste buds automatically get activated like, jollof who? Move over! Fried rice was the real deal few years back.

Today, Jollof rice seems like the best thing on everybody’s food menu; simply because of the modifications and updating carried out to improve it’s quality. Sadly, as jollof evolved, fried rice was gradually devalued.

This happened – Nigerian cooks devised a cheap way of making fried rice. Fraudulent practices such as emptying containers of curry powder into their pots of rice became the order of the day.

Now, what you’re served in most restaurants and at events is a plate of chaff-like, bland, green-yellow grains of rice. These days any rice coloured ‘green’ could pass for fried rice. Tueh!

Worse still, lately, the chunks of carrots and peas you find in fried rice are now countable and sparsely distributed in this food; that’s if you’re lucky to find any. And then restaurants would slap a heavy price tag on it. Of course, they have served you the almighty ‘fried rice’.

Sincerely, I feel bad for the millennial generation. You people may never get to know what the real fried rice tastes like. Poor things. You may not be fortunate to enjoy that richly-garnished, colourfully decorated fried rice that made some moments of our lives memorable. Those days are gone and we may never get them back.

Child, those plates of spicy, curried cereals you buy at overrated fast food restaurants and cafeterias in your campuses can not be classed as fried rice! Not even close! What they serve you there is the worst thing that happened to fried rice.

Who remembers the good old days? Let’s reminisce in the comments section.




  1. Adeleke Julianah
    I read this and was laughing! Especially at curried cereals!
    ???? ???? ????
    Fried rice may have reduced due to the time it consumes in preparation, but I don’t think fried rice will ever go into extinction.
    Nice write up.
  2. Alexander Thandi Ubani
    Fried rice is still a luxury in some homes not because many people can’t cook it well, but because of how expensive the ingredients have become. Even to buy some cups of rice is now very expensive. What about concoction rice? I love that too. You can write about it too.
    1. Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
      Great points you made. Concerning concoction rice, hmm sounds interesting…lol you just inspired another good article. *keep your fingers crossed*
  3. Jeff Emmanuel
    What makes me sick is their ridiculous attempt at making fried rice at occasions as if it is by force. Give me Jolley rice if you don’t have the time to prepare fried rice. Nice write up.
  4. IFFY
    Write a response…I agree with this write up. The way that name” fried rice” has been abused by naming coloured rice after it is incredible. it’s so laughable when some go ahead to sprinkle green beans and kidney beans on the dry rice and ask you” do you want fried rice or jollof rice”? Abeg join the crusade to “bring back our original fried rice”.
    1. Bismark Ekenedilichukwu Benson
      Thanks for your response. lol I’m totally with you in this movement. ‘Bring back our original fried rice’
  5. Farida
    This article made me remember Mr Biggs fried rice they used to sell those days compared to the yellow deep fried rice they sell now
    1. Twisted
      fried rice became extinct in my house cos of Nepa.
      It spoils too quickly abeg.
      I cannot come and come and cry after all my hardwork.

      But I have a friend who makes the best fried rice and as a family tradition, its only cooked on birthdays. So I made it a point of duty to know all the birthdays of her parents and siblings so I never miss it!

  6. Larz
    I am probably one of those ppl that caused the extinction of fried rice. I expect fried rice to Ben bad at parties so much that I either order jollof rice at parties (safe bet) or jollof with a tiny little bit of fried rice. Because there are so many like me, ppl tend to focus on a fab jollof rice on the menu as their master piece in parties.

    I remember my first bad fried rice at a party. That was nearly 10 yrs ago. Sad times ppl…
    Like , my family are prettty great great at making fried rice (myself included) so I will do my best to pass it on to the next generation. Fried rice isn’t pretty much one item we rarely outsource when we have parties or get together

  7. Olubukola
    Jollof is almost like an everyday to me (I cook it every weekend) but I prepare fried rice for special occasions. I also believe like said that the many things that go into preparing fried rice has kinda made it beyond the reach of the ordinary Nigerian….liver, kidney, shrimps, green peas etc ain’t that cheap any more.

    Nice write up.


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