Falz – Transactional Sex/Prostitution/Legalization

Going by Falz’s current one man war or rather crusade on Transactional Sex, it will be interesting and particularly amusing to see how he hopes to sanitize an industry that has existed since time immemorial- this ancient trade that is irredeemable and not going anywhere. Because Sex, no matter how we try to police it, remains humanity’s main recreational activity.

There are some questions I would like to ask Mr. Falz.

Is he arguing within the ramifications of his religious/cultural beliefs, his personal morals/standards or the law? Is transactional sex -a subset of prostitution- a crime in Nigeria? Is his crusade on transactional sex or commercial sex-work? Is his argument based on the primary issue of money/gifts being exchanged?

Will the elimination of monetary rewards make the sex acceptable to Falz? If a person is characterized by many transient sexual relationships, but without the reward of financial gains, will this be acceptable to him, since emphasis is heavily laid on ‘transaction’? If the answer is yes, how many sexual relationships is too many to fit into his moral standards? We can go on and on.

For easy transition of this article, transactional and commercial sex will be grouped under Prostitution henceforth.

Prostitution and the various forms it exists is a female dominated industry and vice. Yes, vice. Now, who controls this industry and dictates the acceptability/unacceptability of this vice (which is arguably the height of female sexuality) has so far been heavily dictated and influenced by men like Falz, nevertheless supported and policed by women. What follows in typical patriarchal fashion of one sided pseudo-morality, is that the female vice is delegitimized or criminalized.

However, this same moralistic energy is not extended to male dominated vices which are instead legitimized, branded and promoted as necessary evils or entertainment.

Take male aggression for example. Two events where you see this branding of male vice is in war and violent sports (boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, American football, etc.).

As the saying goes, all war is immoral. A vice is an immoral or ‘wicked’ behavior according to the dictionary. But war has been packaged, legitimized and justified as a necessary evil. Same with violent sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, etc.

The immoral act of selling the body to be crushed, beaten senselessly, fighting and crushing skulls and limbs, rearranging internal organs and damaging nerves, has been justified under ‘entertainment’, feeding man’s primitive lusts for violence and blood, like in the days of Roman gladiators.

Thus, if war and violent sports can be justified, by what reasoning is prostitution or transactional sex criminalized or placed at a debased level?

Prostitution, not only a source of entertainment, is also a necessary evil with its own negative consequences and benefits. Benefits and rewards of pleasure, many a man can testify to.

Germany makes about $18 billion dollars from legal prostitution annually, with 400,000 registered sex- workers. The Nigerian government can also benefit from taxation of this industry. And since we boast of a massive population tethering on explosive proportions due to our love for sex and ‘procreation’, and currently being the extreme poverty capital of the world, it is unbelievable the government is not taking full advantage of the financial benefits prostitution will generate. We have the numbers, we have the market and men will buy sex.

Negative consequences include sexual objectification (and the discrimination of sex workers when transitioning to non-sex professions), sex trafficking, sexual harassment and assault, STDs, violence, crime- most of which can be eliminated under a legalized structure and proper sexual health education as seen in the Netherlands.

On sexual objectification, however, women who sell sex need to come to terms that they will be objectified. It comes with the territory. The average man will objectify the average woman. The average man has already pictured the average woman naked in his head. It is one of the casualties of war, in this case sex work, or just being a woman.

All we need are strong laws put in place to imprison men who go beyond the ramifications of the law before, during & after the sex. And also, remove discrimination practices that may hinder sex workers from transitioning into other professions.

Thus, Prostitution should be legalized in Nigeria.

Now, it is of great importance women usurp the heavy influence men have on the narrative of this female dominated industry. Female sex workers must direct the conversation and the legitimization of this field , not a Falz. The narrative of female vice or virtue must be controlled by women. And unless Falz is well versed in the profession as a prostitute, his opinions remain irrelevant.

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    I absolutely loved this article The first line captured me. The basic thing is that Sex Work is a revenue-generating enterprise that governments can take advantage of if everyone would stop being so stuck up about sex, when in fact its an economic service.

    February 1, 2019
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    February 11, 2019
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