Hello Kitty

I unhooked her bra with the casualness a man could never feign. When I put her nipples in my mouth, I knew what I was working with. I knew how sensitive they were. Slowly, circling my tongue around her areola in a way many men will never understand. See, most men suck and bite with…


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I unhooked her bra with the casualness a man could never feign. When I put her nipples in my mouth, I knew what I was working with. I knew how sensitive they were. Slowly, circling my tongue around her areola in a way many men will never understand. See, most men suck and bite with such careless abandon, they forget the whole point of it is to turn you on. Some men get it right. Few.

I trail my way down her belly, the change from soft breasts to hard belly muscles very sudden take me unawares. I take off her skirt. “Hello Kitty” I read the words on her panties out loud. She’s wet. I can tell even through what I presume to be cotton. I slowly slip a finger into her. She moans. Slowly I tease her, asking her to tell me what feels good. She tries to make words, they come out as moans and grunts. See I’m a woman. I know what feels good. I take off her panties.

“Hello kitty” I say. This time I’m not reading anything, just saying hello. I had never seen one so up close before. I am fascinated. I place my tongue where my finger had been. I have never done this before yet I know where to lick. When to flicker my tongue faster or slower. When to use my lips. She is moaning louder now.


I’m a woman. I know she’s cumming.


She grabs my hair. I feel the explosion in mouth. Almost immediately she screams. Its the sexiest scream I have ever heard. 1 hour later she says the same about mine.


Another wet Friday and I’d like to send a huge shout out to Vanity who sent in this piece on such short notice. Check out her blog here. So I once read that every gurl gets at least one opportunity during the course of her life to dabble (Eric Jerome Dickey’s word for exploring sexuality). Well, some get two and even more. Call this a treat for the guys but I thought it’d be nice to hear from the ladies; have you missed out on that opportunity or did you take it? And for the guys reading, you might also have stories to share, if not, I’m sure we could learn one thing or the other here. Use the comment box and speak your mind. Cheers.


      1. Mgbeke...
        I do!!!! boy on boy sex turns me on. And have you considered that some of your readers might be young gay nigerians? #justsaying
  1. kitty
    Whew !!!! Gosh, can't believe I've passed d opportunity 3ce now … I'm so going 2 grab d next πŸ˜‰
    *running 2 d ladies 2 re read"
  2. dammydiva
    Oh my…ws getting turned on till I found out it ws a babe.. πŸ™ … Bt still, it's on my bucket list tho..*covers face* πŸ˜€
  3. @lagoshunter
    If there is anything the 'L Word' taught me, it is that women are generally better at giving other women pleasure than men.

    But dicks still rule the world…….hahahahaha!!

    Shame that guys will love this but proudly say they are homophobic…….terrible oxymoron.

    , nice one and I don't be surprised if you see my HEAD on your blog.

    , orobokibo, keep on rocking………

  4. fido
    hmmmm… aii i dont think putting ur tongue where your finger came out from is the bomb thing.. you need to take it up a bit.. to that tiny thing called the clit.. thats the engine room..(this ofcourse is for the guys) *sitting with my notepad and pen nearby*
  5. lipsealed
    I v actually been fingered by a babe before, felt soo good, she knew just d right place to flicker n make me soooo crazy..
  6. 'il Cicero&#039
    ok oooo…. no comments just yet but isn't it funny how most ppl would read this and have wild imaginations and yet still claim to be perfect unblemished homophobes???

    ok ooooo…. no comments just yet!….

  7. djabbarish
    Its cool wen a chic 'dabbles' out of curiousity and not out of necessity..even tho most girls wil neva admit,most of dem av 'lusted' after a chic at least once
  8. Ty Magic
    Before I start, I'd like to stress the notion dat d above write-up is 'allowed' with ladies. If you is a guy and u done did that, niccur u shud b burnt alive. 'Sigh' dat been said, ladies know how to please demselvs, nobout, like totaly. But yo yo yo, if it aint a dick tho, ko le da bi, it just can't be like, dem ladies please demselvs and later look for a cock yo. So guyz still got d final say. I wud like my gf to try anoda girl tho, I meant fack it, I wud like to try them both. OkBye.
  9. kechilauren
    When I was younger, mama's bible stories about sodom and gomorah were her best bed time stories..I and my sisters, all 4 of us lived with the fear of being destroyed by fire or turned into salt.if we tried any homo behaviour.:(
    I'm bigger nw. Nd I still hav no interests in girls..I went to an "all girls" second school.being a hot geh.(Yes I said it) I've gotten loads of advances..but I said No No No..:D
  10. robyn
    *steamy *steamy* I remember the time my friends and I tried to "dabble" it didn't work,maybe cuz we were all a bit uptight about it!that said, I'm not gonna pass up another opportunity though……*sigh*
  11. kitty
    The write up is … But seriously … Asin …. Ok, so it's obvious I don't v anyfn 2 say
    but looking it from the religious view, it's wrong but wld is somefn so wrong be or feel so good ??? πŸ™ … It's so hard now a days 2 keep sight of what's acceptablE by the BIBLE … I mean d Bible says though shall not lie … Who doesn't lie
  12. 'il Cicero&#039
    This is a great post for those wishing to 'come out' of whereva… we are a non-discriminatory community, i guess…
  13. olawunmie
    Lemme just state for the record that I am straight. Now that is outta the way, yes I have dabbled with ladies.

    As stated above, a woman just knows how to give pleasure better because she's one herself, they get the loving just right and appreciate every inch of your body, ooh and the head *sigh*
    But that was an exploration phase πŸ˜€

  14. @Lagoshunter
    , been to your blog and I wanna side eye you from now until eternity…….. you had me fooled one hundred percent.

    Still love you loads anyway………

  15. SoniaofHBF
    I'm sad, I have missed out on any opportunity I had if I had….Ah well life goes on, I'm not sure I've missed much. Good thing though, there are guys who actually take notes and also listen to you when you tell 'em what you want πŸ™‚
  16. TodayIRefrain
    I've had this opportunity once….it was reflex, went down on her thinking wtf am I gonna do, but whatever it was I did, I did it well cause I had babe on fire, and she's asking for more…trust her to return the favour.
    Amazing.. Adventurous. It was a first for both of us, but doubt it'll be our last
  17. TodayIRefrain
    Just to add, I got the best head from a guy (maybe cause there were baileys and ice involved or maybe cause I'm yet to broaden my horizon with women)
  18. Temmie
    I think every woman should do this at least once, I've done it, I still do it and I love it! Women give the best head ever! Trust me I knw lol!
  19. vanity
    Hi thanks for the comments. I just want to point out that I am bisexual amd it wasn't an experiment, we actually dated for 5 months.

    Also if you hold the notion that Ty does, that its ok for women to be gay but not men, chances are you're going to "burn in hell too". According to your bible there is no variation in the levels of sin, so Dear liars, hypocrites and what not you're all going to the same hell as me and the 2 guys kissing/fucking.

    Lol at everyone saying dicks rule the world, lol we let you think you do but you really don't. Vaginas rule the world!! bbm me jo!

  20. Yasminn
    Almost every girl has experimented at one point or the other.
    I did, but sexuality, is a life choice.
    It felt good, yes, amazing- but imma stick to male-folk.
    Nah nobody shld b closed-minded abt this- if u were to be kissed by a girl, u'd enjoy it. I don't know about the guys tho.
  21. Anonymous
    I wnt lie, I've kissed a girl once b4 jus cos 1 boy dared me. I hate being dared. He got me! I ddnt enjoy it all, I wasn't turned on, I ddnt feel shit. It was jus few seconds so it didn't go passed that. Maybe it was the wrong person or maybe it was jus me. I just think I'm too straight but I like my bisexual people. Bisexual or not, nothing is good in God's eyes neways so if I'm thinking cos it's a sin, I shudnt try it then I'm fooling myself. For the fun of it, I'm gonna try it. She's gonna gimme d pleasure tho and eat my brains out!
  22. bbb
    i am not homophobic, i think i accept people for who they are, gays and lesbians alike, ki lo kan mi

    I love this post
    never been with a girl before
    but id def be open to trying

  23. H•A•W
    No opportunity for me though.. Kissed two gals before…. dint go beyond that.. maybe my opportunity is still on the way.. l O l
  24. Vixen
    well, i do feel women know how to pleasure better, i mean,common, i know what i do to myself when i'm alone…no man has ever done. But to take it to an actual female doing the same to me…i shy away from. You cant blame me, i'm a catholic and i feel when i go for penance,the priest may askme to sweep the church for a year (lol)….So i for one dont think i'll ever try it except when dicks begin to fail me and i've been amputated….
  25. 'il Cicero&#039
    these comments can to destroy my brain… in the meantime, i have a crazy question for the guys here… brace urselves…. here it comes:
    Have you ever been hit on by another guy???
  26. Vicki
    Girl on girl, not for me. I'm not that 'liberal.' Some random female grabbed on my ass one time tho. And yea, footsie from a chick on another occasion. Bleh!
  27. carter
    Wow! Wow! Wow! Str8 guy…love girls dat dabble… Personally not in2 gays(guys) but I'm not homophobic! Did I say I love girls dat dabble..lol
  28. Tee boy
    Steamy topic. Like the simplicity of the writer. Short and straight to the point leaving a lot of people dripping or stiff as the case may be. great job. Will definitely see the blog.

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