Her Famous Mystery Man

At 5pm the next day, Chisom clad in a blue denim Jean pants, a white fitted top, and sunshades, got in her car and drove to the nice lounge in Victoria Island where they had agreed to meet.


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Chisom was so excited. She had never met anyone quite like him before; well…they hadn’t met in person really. They met on Twitter, she had commented on a friend’s post and had gotten lots of retweets and she had become a mini-celebrity that day. David had been one of the many followers she got with her popular comment. She had gone and checked out his profile when he sent her a direct message on Twitter that read.

“Hey, I think you are pretty smart, wanna have a drink and maybe talk?”.

He had no profile picture and all her efforts to find him on Facebook or LinkedIn proved futile. She had also tried finding him on Instagram to no avail, so she gave up and decided he was just a ghost. The way he talked spoke of arrogance, the kind she liked. Not necessarily the bad kind of arrogance, but more like confidence, someone who is used to giving orders. The more they talked over the phone, the more attracted to him she got and she knew the feeling wasn’t one-sided. So why could she not shake that nagging feeling that something wasn’t right? She hadn’t told any of her friends about her mysterious stranger, she didn’t want to jinx it. They were supposed to meet the next day, which was Saturday, and she couldn’t wait.

As she was dressing up to go to the salon, her phone rang.

“Hey dear, how are you today?” he said immediately she picked up.

“I’m good, about to go run an errand, how are you?” She responded.

His voice sounded so familiar like she had heard him somewhere before. She swallowed the urge to ask him again why she couldn’t find him on any other social network site. He had told her he wasn’t very active on Facebook some time ago, but she wasn’t having any of that. She kept trying to place his voice in her head but with no luck.

“Why don’t you have a profile picture?” she asked when she couldn’t help it anymore.

He laughed and said, “I know you can’t help yourself, curiosity kills the cat you know”.

“Well, I don’t know how someone is only Twitter, with no profile picture, and doesn’t belong to any other social networks”.

“As a matter of fact Darling, I am pretty sure whether I belong to any social network or not doesn’t change the fact that you like me and would see me tomorrow”. He responded.

They went back and forth about it for so long that she gave up and decided to go run her errand. He said something about looking forward to meeting her and hung up. She knew they were attracted to each other, she also reminded herself to take it slow but it seemed she might lose this particular battle. David was so intelligent and from the way he described himself to her when he has refused to do a video call, he was over 6feet tall, fair skinned and not bad looking. Well, she would have to wait and confirm herself, tomorrow.

At 5pm the next day, Chisom clad in a blue denim Jean pants, a white fitted top, and sunshades, got in her car and drove to the nice lounge in Victoria Island where they had agreed to meet. She entered and chose a spot at the extreme of the room, away from the speakers and close to the balcony. She had been a little early intentionally, so she would watch him come in.

She was still about to respond to a chat on her phone when she spotted a familiar figure enter the lounge, she couldn’t believe her eyes as the figure drew closer. No! This couldn’t be him she thought, this man is famous and a man of God, everybody knew him, and she knew he was so married. So what is he doing here? Ok, she thought, her heart pounding in her chest, maybe he was here to meet someone else, but that voice… that was definitely his voice. She knew it now and she has heard it lots of times, so why couldn’t she place it before? She could not believe her eyes; he was even more handsome in person.

She watched him walk towards her and tried so hard not to let her jaw drop or her face show what she was feeling, which was to turn and run.

He stopped in front of her table.

“Hi Darling, you have quite an expressive face, can I trust you not to run?”

At the same time Chisom was picking up her purse from the seat and was making for the nearest exit from the other side of the table, all she could think of was not being the next exclusive gist on Linda, and her not so mysterious stranger persistently followed closely behind.


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