Now the serpent nai dey more crafty pass any other beast when the Papa make.

He go meet woman, “Papa say make una no eat of any fruit when dey garden ?”.Woman con reply, “we fit eat from any tree for garden, but the one when dey middle of our garden(legs), we no fit touch am sef talkless of eat am, we go just die”.

Serpent con reply the woman “Na lie!!! You no go bleed die. Papa know say you go con “open-eye”. You go con know wetin dey xup like Am”.

As woman see say the fruit sef go sweet, and go make person open-eye, nai she use her finger dey poke the fruit when dey her garden. She enjoy am. She con no wan eat alone die alone. Nai she go meet Man. Wetin man fit do. Him get choice? when him dey see two apple-like shaped lumps for her chest. Nai she say make them chop the fruit together. As them two dey chop the fruit, nai Man shout one kind shout like that when be like say person dey tortorin am. It no tey them two con weak nai them eye con open. Them con know say them no even wear clothes sef.

Woman con sew leaves together to form apron. Man and Woman con dey hide from their Papa make Him for no see say Woman don get belle, unto say them don chop the fruit of the womb. Their Papa con drive them commot Him Paradise. Yeye children!!

It no tey Woman born twins.




Mama BonBoy.

Na so Man con tey start to dey suffer.


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