I Blame Both Wizkid And Linda Ikeji But…


A few weeks ago, there was uproar on social media when ‘star’ Nigerian artiste Wizkid went on a violent verbal attack on renowned blogger, Linda Ikeji. My goodness, it was brutal but I wasn’t shocked because Wizkid has proven himself time again to be someone who looks down on women and has no regard for…


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A few weeks ago, there was uproar on social media when ‘star’ Nigerian artiste Wizkid went on a violent verbal attack on renowned blogger, Linda Ikeji. My goodness, it was brutal but I wasn’t shocked because Wizkid has proven himself time again to be someone who looks down on women and has no regard for them either and truthfully, I can’t stand him. He did what a typical ‘kid’ would do, bash her physical appearance and diss her for not being married. He even went as far as mentioning her genitals and threatening violence. Despicable but not at all shocking because as far as I am concerned, he is exactly the kind of person to do just that.

In an update to the messy quarrel, Linda put up a lengthy post on her blog where she explained why she reported Wizkid to the Police – let me be clear, THE NIGERIAN POLICE.

I’m going to highlight a few talking points from her essay, add some commentary and hopefully this can guide our discussing.

“I’ve read a lot online from people saying I don’t like Wizkid. Even Wizkid .Why he or anyone would think so is puzzling to me to be honest”  I’m struggling to understand the relevance of this statement. What does liking him have to do with anything? She has put out horrific stories of other celebrities in the past and will still do so in the months to come, her like/dislike for them is irrelevant. As far as she is concerned, she needs to get these jaw dropping stories out so that she can make her money. As she called it, it’s doing her job. Right?

She mentioned that any other blogger who knew about the ‘hot gist’ of Wizkid being served a quit notice from his home would have put up the story – of course they would have. Why did he react to this? Probably because Linda has a reputation for shaming celebrities and has cashed off it but it’s still her job. Right?

I am against violence of any kind okay, Wizkid was VERY WRONG to have threatened her but also, knowing Linda I can bet that she has been threatened several times before this.

“You see, violence against women and threat of violence against women is not okay” Being what I believe to be a decent human being, I definitely agree that any form of violence is not okay, regardless of the gender but if you believe for one second that Linda reported Wizkid to the police because of violence against women, I think you need to rethink. Violence against women is a major problem in Nigeria but using her narrative to preach this? Doesn’t add up for me.

“Threatening harm to someone in a public space is a criminal act …I bet some of you didn’t know that, yeah? You can not publicly threaten someone with harm. You will only get away with it if your victim doesn’t report to the authorities. If they do, you will have a case with the police and I promise you, the police take these things seriously.”  We are talking laws now, shall we recant how many lawsuits have been filed against Linda for libel and defamation of character?

I am 100% with her for reporting the issue but I was really lost on the part where she explained that the police take stuff like threatening a victim with violence seriously, maybe not the Nigerian Police though, because the Nigerian police doesn’t even take rape seriously not to mention ‘threatened violence’.

“This is not a laughing matter. It doesn’t matter whether you like me or not! This is not about Linda Ikeji. This is about abuse of women which has eaten deep into our society …..I refuse to be victimized.” I think this is entirely about Linda as opposed to what she has to say. His threatening to harm you is a big deal, I agree, I would never take it lightly if something like that happened to me but as much as I dislike Wizkid I think they were empty threats (I could be wrong). The fact that he has hurled threats on social media about sending his teenage cousin to beat you up means that if this case ever went to court, he has implicated himself. If anyone did ever beat up Linda, Wizkid will be the number one suspect because of his attack and this will ruin his brand. Considering that all Wizkid does is sing about his money, I’m pretty sure he won’t mess up by actually physically harming Linda because I can bet you, he doesn’t want to go back to Ojuelegba, he does not want to lose the lucrative endorsement deals that put millions in his pocket – which by the way, some already believe he should have lost after his attack on Linda.

“When we see a woman being physically and mentally abused, let’s act. Let’s speak up. Let’s not laugh and say she deserves it”  Linda feels physically and mentally abused? I would to but I wonder how she thinks those people who she airs their dirty laundry and claim it’s her doing her job feel? The false stories she has published without rendering apologies, does she care how they feel?

“Young men like Wizkid, a father of two young boys himself, should never advocate violence against women. One day, he will have a daughter” Did anyone else catch the shade in this sentence?

Linda seems awfully bothered by being called a hoe? As far as I’m concerned, she is way too grown to defend where her p*ssy has been. She owes no one any explanation really. She went on to say “Except you drive to Sanusi Fanfuwa at 2am to pick up a prostitute, who proudly describes herself as one, then you shouldn’t call any woman a hoe” being a sympathiser for sex workers, I find this very insulting. Some of them are doing what they need to survive without hurting anyone, just like you said about your job which involves putting out hurtful stories from time to time so darling, don’t knock the hustle of sex workers.

Linda’s post goes on and on but I don’t want to dissect all she wrote. She went on to make references to the late American rapper 2pac, encourage women to report threatened violence, emphasized on the fact that in a civilized country Wizkid would have been stripped of all his endorsements and ended the post by wishing Wizkid the best and adding God references (as a typical Nigerian would).

Let men not leave out where she casually threw this into her story “You call a woman, who gave another young woman, whose real name she doesn’t even know N500,000”. This sounds self righteous to me? She ended her post with “Oh and by the way, I’m starting my vlog series soon. #excited!”   Perfect, a plug right at the end. Just perfect!

The truth is if it were a different woman, I probably would have taken her side all through because like I have said over and over again, she has very strong grounds to make a lot of noise about Wizkid’s attack but not in this instance. She doesn’t deserve violence, she absolutely doesn’t. Wizkid was WAY OUT OF LINE and deserves some sort of punishment but Linda also needs to do better. Perhaps it’s time for her to really consider introducing the much talked about structure to her business. maybe get in some writers so people do not associate her too much with the posts on her blog?

She is a classic case of dishing but not being able to take, remember how she had that meltdown over the authenticity of her Hermes Birkin bags, maybe then she felt an iota of what victims of her stories feel, after all she is just doing her ‘job’ as she said.

Hi my name is S and I stand against violence and women bashing. I also stand against any enterprise that feeds off putting out hurtful stories for financial gain. Also, I believe I am not alone when I say as a Nigerian, it’s quite difficult to feel sympathy for Linda Ikeji because of the reputation she has built for herself. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Jade
    Honestly S i think you are biased and it shows in this article, everybody knows celebrity gists are hot, do you honestly think if Linda fabricated all those gists no one would have sued her? as learned as Femi Kuti is you think if Linda lied about the DNA and denial thingy he wouldn’t have taken her to court? How many times has TMZ said Rihanna is pregnant? or that Khloe fucked Scott? I am not saying its okay to lie and dream up stories but the part about posting hurtful stories to me is hogwash, if those stories are true then she has every right to post them, if she hears first that Toke’s husband impregnated someone then she must post it because Toke is a celebrity and celebrity gists are hot. Even the law recognizes that celebrities having put themselves out there must accept this aspect of fame so long as it is true and doesn’t threaten their lives. I agree she may have wanted to garner public sympathy by adding VAW to it but im sick and tired of people saying she made her money by reporting hurtful stories, what about all the good ones she reported???? Abeggy
    1. Bee
      Jade, God bless you for this!!!!
      I mean she’s a gossip blogger. She will post what she hears whether true or false, it now left for the party to deny it or let it slide.
      See how they are crucifying Linda, TMZ should be dead and gone by now niyen.
    2. A
      I don’t think the problem is the content of her posts, But her taking this to the next level and hiding under “violence against women” WFT? In my opinion, her last blog post was unnecessary. She happily posts stories about so many people and ofcos some of them are not true. There are also allegations of her stealing people’s contents. But for someone who is okay with doing this, she is saying she will hand him over to the police – please on what grounds? That she does exactly what he did to her? It’s a gossip blog, so she should accept that people will jdef talk bad about her and especially those who she has written negative stories about .
      1. Jade
        she will hand him over to the police on the grounds of being threatened with bodily harm which can be easily escalated to conspiracy to commit murder. if the stories she posts are untrue then sue her ass for some cool millions, if she steals your content sue her ass for some more cool millis. Talking bad about her is different from threatening her and inciting your fans to do same.
    3. 11
      Linda making waves simply because we have no guidelines here, perhaps a lawsuit or two will put her in check. Take Femi Kuti’s case for example, heck she put up pictures of his kids, haba, where does she draw the line? basically you’re saying she can write any and every hearsay?. Do you know about another case where she used someone picture she got off facebook with a rape article, because the dude had the same name as the rapist, please ma’am imagine what you would do if that were your son.

      LindaIkeji blog is shit and i’m not hating, maybe because i dont gravitate towards things that lack any form of depth or i just plain hate gossip.

      1. Jade
        if she had lied nothing stopped Femi from throwing the entire weight of the law at her, he could have successfully sued her for damages, both compensatory and punitive and he would have even gotten her to pay his legal fees so why didn’t he? I’ll let you chew on that answer for a bit.
        1. 11
          some things just ain’t worth the stress. And it’s not always about the money. How many lawsuits of that nature have you heard of in naija, except for our politicians making noise right and left.
  2. Emma Marie
    You articulated my thoughts perfectly while (and after) I read her post.
    Once a blogger, as popular as she is, puts something out there, it’s haaard for anyone else to give explanations contradicting it. Although I don’t have her page bookmarked, once in a while when I’m bored, I stray over. And I don’t go to whoever’s page looking for the other side of the story.
    It’s easy for her to give us explanations on her blog, what of the real VICTIMS eh?…
    I do hope the police call Wizkid in and give him a non-physical shakedown so he thinks twice about slut shaming and threatening violence but darris wishful thinking…
    My mum said if what she posts about them isn’t true, they should sue her; if they don’t, then it’s POSSIBLY true and my younger sis that is a lawyer should encourage that venture ????????
  3. heo
    Journalist and Pulse writer, Jola Sotubo has penned down her thoughts on the Linda Ikeji versus Wizkid saga.
    Every Nigerian knows Linda Ikeji ’s story, how she came up from nothing and became one of the richest young women in the country.
    Linda epitomizes hard work and persistence and shows that determination is the key to success.
    This used to be enough to make her an inspiring person, but it isn’t anymore.
    Linda Ikeji’s fame and wealth have increased in great proportions over the past five years, but she has wasted so many opportunities to make real impact that I wonder if her good fortune has taught her anything.
    The only thing Linda seems to have acquired with her position is money, possessions and a growing sense of vanity.
    The average Nigerian might think being rich is the be–all and end–all of life, but a person whose only boast is in money is as poor as poor can get.
    Why doesn’t Linda Ikeji have a degree in online journalism? Why does she insist on using that terrible blog theme despite having her own website? Why hasn’t Linda Ikeji improved? Linda why are you so afraid of growth?
    Why is Linda Ikeji not giving speeches around the world? Why doesn’t Linda Ikeji have any endorsement deals? Why is Linda not hosting any TV shows? Why isn’t Linda on radio? Why wasn’t Linda at the recent dinner with
    International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss,
    Christine Lagarde along with Genevieve Nnaji who she’s more famous than?
    Why does Linda Ikeji insist on making safe and passé fashion choices? Linda why are you still matching clothes and shoes in 2016? Why do you always wear the same hair? Why are you not killing it on every red carpet possible? Why don’t you attend events? Linda what are you so afraid of?
    Linda why are you still spending so much time blogging? Why can’t you pay others to do the work so you can move on to bigger and better things? I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but there’s nothing special about that blog, it was just your vehicle to the top. You’re the one who’s special and you can transfer that specialness into other things. It’s time to jump out of that vehicle and make a real difference.
    Dear Linda Ikeji, you’re already one of the most disliked women in Nigeria, why the heck are you not milking it? You write about Kim Kardashian all the time but have learnt nothing from her. If people are going to dislike you anyway, you better give them a reason that pays you, one that doesn’t only involve your computer.
    Dear Linda, it’s also time to tone down on the vanity. You were worth something before the bags and the shoes, yes even before that house. Maybe it’s time to look within and find your true purpose, find meaning outside all the retail therapy that is just a sign of growing emptiness.
    You should know better than to lose your head over claims that your bag is fake. You should know better than to announce that you’re “too rich to buy fake” or say that you’re “laughing in your Banana Island mansion” or that your “bag is worth more than your haters’ cars.” That is so unbelievably shallow.
    Dear Linda Ikeji, you have lost almost all your goodwill, you do not need to be hated by everyone to know that you’re successful. You should be envied, resented even, but not downright detested. The people who hate you were created by the same God who blessed you. There’s too much negative energy around you. You need to check yourself.
    Dear Linda, you should go down in history as one of the most influential Nigerians in history, but will you? When your blog fades away, and I say when because it will, will you still mean anything, will you still be somebody?
    Dear Linda, you have so much power at your disposal. You have the power to influence minds and inspire generations, when are you going to start using it? When are you going to step out of the box you’ve built for yourself, when are you going to step out of your Banana Island box?
    I know that a lot of people who read this will say that I’m a “hater” and remind me that you’re smiling to the bank. Maybe some of them will ask me if I’ve eaten today, in fact I have not. But the truth must be told and as long as it is the truth, it doesn’t matter who the messenger is.
    Dear Linda Ikeji, stop wasting your opportunities and start growing. You’ve been on the same spot for too long and if you don’t innovate, you will fade away and quickly too.
    Dear Linda Ikeji, you used to be an inspiration, you used to encourage people to do great things, what happened to you?
    1. Don Flowers
      I can’t believe 13 people liked this comment, it’s even worse than the article itself.
      I threw up too many times while reading this. And to think that you rounded off by saying it is the truth! Yuck
    2. Don Flowers
      Jade, Funmi and Anonymous have addressed a large part of what is wrong with this article and a great deal of the comments here so I’ll just adopt their views as mine and move to the one part I feel they left out.

      It’s the “doing it for women” part.

      You see, wizkid did not just attack Linda based on what she reported on her blog. He attacked her as a woman, not just as a person. He derided her not being married and/or having children. He slut shamed her womanhood, her female nature, and both he and his trolls attacked spoke about her vagina and beating her up.

      You think Wizkid would have made those rants if he was dealing with an equally active young male jaguda like himself?

      She has every right to claim to have responded to set an example for other women. Women suffer too much especially from their own folk

  4. Titty Boy
    Stop violence against women yada yada yada. How about equality? If men can rumble wth men and women want to be equal. Then get ready to rumble.
  5. Aunt Agonist
    ”Putting out hurtful stories about people”. If we were to go by this analogy, all media houses (tv and print) should be shut down. Yes. Journalism shouldn’t exist at all. Because whether you like it or not, someone somewhere is usually hurt by the news. I don’t understand how else celebrity news can be reported. Because yes, people like to read about celebs, celebs like to be read about (except when you’re outing them on their fake house) and celeb news will always be hot.
    Is it only ok when we’re reading about Rihanna or Beyonce on TMZ? Think for a minute. How many of you Linda bashers have ever thought ‘Oh no TMZ shouldn’t have reported that it’ll be hurtful to Chris Brown’s feelings’?
    For years and years, we’ve had City People, Fame, Prime People, National Encomium etc. There are socialites and celebrities and these people have always made the news. It helps their career when they are in the news. Heck some of them pay heavy money to be in the news. Why is Linda such a devil all of a sudden? Because she has a face? Before everything went online, I had a stash of rag mags. I love to read about socialites and celebrities. And I can tell you for free that there are so many others like me. As a matter of fact, you the writer are most likely like me too. Why is everyone suddenly on a moral high horse talking about Linda Ikeji is satan? Is her crime really reporting celeb stories? Is that really what all of this is about? Wizkid knows he is a celebrity. Would any gossip mag/blog get breaking news about him and not report it?
    So many other blog/magazines reporting salacious gossip but we’re consistently attacking Linda. This might sound crazy but yes, it IS her job to give us juicy gists. Call the police if you don’t like it. Oh wait.. she already did.
    1. Optimus Prime
      You are clearly missing the point. It was reported that Linda & Wizkid had history. It’s very easy for Wizkid to think Linda reported the eviction story with a huge slice of malice.

      Common sense dictates Linda should have left that particular story alone based on the history between her and Wizkid. Don’t also forget Linda lets her army roam freely in the comments section to bash without moderation.

      Linda has already built herself a big brand and I am afraid she doesn’t even realise her brand has outgrown her. Not reporting all these petty malicious stories would not suddenly make her destitute. If she can dish it out, she should be prepared for the consequences.

      Posted from TNC Mobile

      1. Ella
        common sense doesn’t dictate that it is fear and stupidity that would dictate you get a scoop and ignore it just because you have have issues with an individual that in actual fact is against the journalism ethics. I really don’t understand what you mean by reporting malicious stories,what is malicious about the story? is it that it has been proven as false, or because it is bad news. People are just bothered because a lot of them secretly dislike her and so are unbiased. If we look at this closely without bias, she had every right to report the story, if he felt it was a lie he should have published facts and sued her and not hurled hurtful insults at her , that was really petty, how was she supposed to react, after all she is just human not wood, of course she would feel insulted.
        1. Optimus Prime
          So it’s fear and stupidity to walk away from what could potentially drag you in the mud by a youngster. Goodness gracious, you have a weird sense of reasoning.

          All I was saying is Linda should choose his battles carefully. When you have previous history with people, best let them alone. SDK and Linda also have history. See how she’s not reported a single scoop on the Linda vs Wizkid melodrama, that is common sense – an uncommon virtue.

          Linda isn’t the only blogger in the county. She should use some of her money to buy some class and emulate bloggers like BellaNaija who doesn’t get herself in this kind of mess.

          1. Jade
            Just so you Bella Naija is not a blog its a lifestyle website catering to middle to upper class clientele who have even begun nagging Bella to venture in the kind of tea spilling stella and Linda glorify in, there is a reason Linda is wealthier than Bella ya know? Linda caters for all and sundry while Bella has a supposedly niche subscribers so enough with the comparison. Moreover we can’t all be the same, reason why there’s cosmopolitan and there’s the national enquirer, there was ovation and there was hints magazine.
          2. O_o
            Blog. Website. “Lifestyle Blog”. Lifestyle Website. Same nooni. Blogs no be website? Functionally, I see no difference.
      1. Emma-marie
        I think it’s because she’s too linked to her posts. If she gets a few writers to work with her, people won’t know who wrote what… Maybe, just maybe, the bashing will reduce.

        Plus, she needs to stop giving explanations, nobody cares.

  6. Journalism is dead
    Linda Ikeji has never(to the letter of the law) done anything wrong in her venture to satisfy you people with “juicy gossip” and “trendy gist”. What she does is not morally or ethically correct to you people, good and fine; but y’all keep subscribing to E news, us weekly, Perez Hilton, tmz and co. It’s gossip, if you don’t like it, don’t subscribe to it, don’t knock someone’s hustle off some petty e-hate.

    Posted from TNC Mobile

  7. Zinny
    It is just amazing to me to see the huuuuge amount of hate people have for Linda Ikeji. I was on Bellanaija the other day reading about this Whizkid/Linda Ikeji showdown and man,the comments. Its like people throw reason to the wind because it’s
    Linda Ikeji. Methinks,it might be
    the house in Banana Island and the “show off”;nothing more.
    Let’s keep it simple. Linda runs a gossip blog, so yes it is her job to report juicy,salacious gist.And if she gets an exclusive story, of course she has to report it. It is thesame thing SDK does and the same thing Bellanaija has began to do. So why are we not all up in their faces about “hurting people with stories”?
  8. Orlaarmy
    If Linda did not post, someone else would have done it. So am sure, its not personal: its bizness (in a deep igbo accent). Lets cut her some slack please. Wizkid was really childish with his comments doe. I mean if you cant stand the heat, stay outta the kitchen.Any one that feels the stories are false should take legal action and stop wailing. Chikena
  9. Exclusive
    Linda hardly ever reports her news in a humane manner and I think therein lies the problem. You can say the truth in a way that ensures dignity for the individuals involved. But does she do that? No.

    For the record, I don’t particularly care for either of them, Wizkid and Linda, and in this soap opera, I hold both of them culpable. Violence is never the answer and Wizkid was wrong to have taken it to all the new levels of low he did. Linda is no saint either. She wants to “win” this their show of stupidity by force, even releasing another statement yesterday after Wizkid uploaded a picture of himself with I think, the commissioner of Police. To what end? And for what purpose?

    Wizkid needs a huge dose of common sense and basic decency. Linda needs to see a shrink or something. There’s gotta be more to life than this stupid rounds of her justifying her actions to us recently.

    And both of them need to grow the hell up.

  10. Redhot
    S, nice write up as always but your bias is very clearly obvious.

    “Being what I believe to be a decent human being, I definitely agree that any form of violence is not okay, regardless of the gender but if you believe for one second that Linda reported Wizkid to the police because of violence against women, I think you need to rethink. Violence against women is a major problem in Nigeria but using her narrative to preach this? Doesn’t add up for me.”

    Why all the assumptions??

  11. Anonymous
    I wanted to write so much about this thing on social media but it just didn’t seem worth it.

    Talking points:

    1. Linda puts up gossip and makes money from it and this makes so many people mad. Like it or not, this is one of the things pissing people off. Little do they know that multimillion dollar empires were built from gossip rags. National Enquirer, Us Weekly, Star Magazine, In Touch etc, etc. For just the simple reason that she ain’t a corporation and is an actual person, there is an actual living breathing person for the trolls to attack and hate.

    2. Defamation lawsuits are divided into two. Libel and slander. She can only be sued for libel because what we posts are written not said. Now defamation suits are a civil offence. The penalty is a fine.

    3. Threatening bodily harm on the other hand is a criminal offence and depending on the prosecutor, the case can jump from threatening bodily harm to conspiracy to commit murder.

    Did Linda go on and on rambling about stuff that just added volume to the post? You bet your ass she did.
    Did she go on and on and made irrelevant references? She did.

    But none of that takes away from the fact that there was an issued threat. Take it seriously or not, there was a threat issued. People have been murdered for much less.

    Posted from TNC Mobile

  12. Funmi
    I disagree because we’re conflating two separate things.

    Linda’s issues with plagiarism and allegedly ruining lives by posting hurtful stories (which I see as a gross exaggeration because she’s not the only blogger and the internet is not her father’s compound) are entirely separate from this mannerless child insulting and threatening her. The issue at stake is the disrespectful, out of order and illegal comments he made- which entirely justifies her reaction.

    The fact that he responded with impunity, I.e.the “I know police too” pic instead of apologising shows that he thinks he’s within his rights and even above the law. Linda’s indiscretions cannot be made equivalent to this, and should not be used to judge this situation.

    It’s like hearing someone was assaulted, then feeling some kinda way about sympathising with them because you heard they stole some money when they were in uni. Let’s be objective because if we go down this road, most people sort of “deserve” bad things that happen to them and have to put up nd shut up since nobody holy pass. We’ve all hurt people.

    Wizkid is a prick. No ifs, no buts. We can discuss Linda’s matter separately but let’s not use that to dilute this situation.

  13. nikky
    Did wizkid really get a quit notice from the landlord of his rented duplex for not paying rent and renewing his lease? If yes then he should learn to manage his finances and the people around him. If it’s not true then he should have come at Linda with facts. How did Linda get this news it’s probably from someone within his inner circle or his people were handling themselves in a way that drew unnecessary attention to what was happening.
    Linda is not a journalist, she runs a gossip blog. If she gets a tip that a big ass celeb like wizkid is being kicked out of his duplex tell me why she would not post it on her gossip website.
    Linda’s website caters to the needs of millions of people who wants the tea on famous people’s lives and she makes a lot of money from it. She is not doing anything different from other gossip blogs out there. I wish I could explain why her case is different.
    The way wizkid handled his scandal is just gross, we cannot defend his behavior by saying Linda steals people’s content, Linda is a village mgbeke, she shows off her money, bla bla bla. All these things have nothing to do with her issues with wizkid. Being famous or infamous comes with people wanting to know every detail about your life good and especially bad, this goes for Linda and wizkid. That’s why that Hermes scandal will always be attached to Linda and disgusting violent inciting rant will forever be attached to wizkid.
  14. H.B
    people hate linda, and i cant figure out why, neither can they! which is soo annoying. i dont like her, i dont hate her, i admire her “ill rather be self made thing” she is afterall self made, (through something u all dont approve of) i have no love for her blog..i dont even think she qualifies as a writer..in the deep sense of the word..but she is the tmz/media take out in nigeria, we all want the gist, we crave it, we relay it at gatherings when we have nothng to talk about, cos even if you didnt go on her blog, the person who told u probably went to LIB to read it.? or another gossip blog?

    And she hurts lives? because She reports news before the families hear of it? how is that new? stop eeettt

    She’s a gossip blogger, for christ sakes her headline reads “GOSSIP!” that is a disclaimer right there. if you go on the blog, you are a gossip monger, reader, or closet gossip! she is actually covered under the law(i think)..shes not an investigative jounalist, she’s a copy and paste journalist, a “hear and post” blogger, same as lots of people who just come on here and write stuff about depression, introversion or women and they have zero facts..

    She will not make heaven shey? so won’t you, the fornicator and the one who talks about bisi behind bisi’s back or wish she had bisi’s life..

    Judge much? ”Putting out hurtful stories about people”? Really?

    Jesus then KIm and the likes must be rolling in money from all the lawsuits they have filed?

    Let me take a chill pill…Who wiz or linda don epp?

    They are both wrong, im just tired of people crucifying linda as a gossip blogger! i think it is beef, and while i know you have your own opinion, before i saw the name, i thought “who is this bitter unobjective Linda basher on naked convos” then it was you, then i was sad, just a bith

  15. Jade
    Please what do you mean by humane manner? she shouldn’t write in caps or she should? or she should emotional emojis? how do you convey emotions while reporting gossip bikonu? is Linda’s goss worse than SDK’s? I still see nothing wrong with what she does, and if she has falsely accused anyone she would have been scape goated and made to pay through her nose but all these go on twitter to rant and rave but never take legal action because they know there is truth to what she has reported.
  16. Ella
    To be honest i think you are biased, you truly are entitled to your opinion, forget that she is Linda Ikeji for a second and she is a media house, should she ignore stories and scoops just because they hurt people.It is ridiculous when people say she exploits people for financial gain, this is her job, shouldn’t she make money from her job, does guardian give out its papers for free or do they sell out their advert slots for free, so why shouldn’t she even as much as Beyonce loves to sing does she do it for free?. How does she exploit people? does she fabricate stories or make them commit crimes or what, she simply reports news and if she is making money from it she is simply smart, we only know how to talk about the bad she has done but we don’t remember the countless times her blog has alerted authorities to injustice or the number of women she has empowered. I read posts on twitter from toni payne saying she reports false news we live in an enlightened world and if someone reports a lie you have the evidence to sue or destroy their reputation not go on a stupid twitter rant that yields no result. I love, admire and respect Linda Ikeji and have religiously followed her blog from 2010 when it was not much to this point and I admire Linda Ikeji because she rose up from nothing went through multiple failures but continuously worked hard to make something for herself. The truth is I am really tired of people bitching about her, if you don’t like her then don’t follow her or read her blog simple.
  17. Zaynab
    I happen to be pro Linda here. Do i particularly like her blog, no. But i saw what Wizkid posted about her and it was rude, demeaning and threatening. The fact that he thought it was okay and people actually supported him and somehow she became the bad guy for reporting a bully, is beyond me. I mean the guy slut shamed her and then threatened to beat her up. I’m disappointed that this situation ended with him taking a picture with the police commissioner. Like, you can almost feel them humouring them. As in, these children. Forgive and forget. Boys will be boys.
  18. Engoz
    The truth is if it were a different woman, I probably would have taken her side all through because like I have said over and over again, she has very strong grounds to make a lot of noise about Wizkid’s attack but not in this instance.

    Herein lies the reason I cannot take the Wizkid camp seriously because they have refused to treat this issue independently of her past mishaps.She has very strong grounds but not in this instance? Really? Well that is your opinion, thankfully the internet is not judge and jury to offenses made against the law. I used to think everyone had the capability to filter their emotions, apparently this isn’t so. Many of us who are for Linda have questioned her methods in the past, so we are already well privy to her antics and there’s no need for the reiterations. However at the same time we have the filter to judge an issue independently of the other. Tomorrow I may not even be for Linda but I’m glad she used her influence to address a pertinent misnomer in our society. I would have also addressed the policing of female sexuality and the deriding of single, childless women exhibited in Wizkid’s quotes. A weak, beta, chicken female would have bowed to the taunts from social media. But Linda didn’t. She is dogged, has tenacity, very persistent. I respect such traits. And I stand with her!

  19. seryxme
    Looool! I still laugh at the Linda Ikeji sympathisers. Lol! I mean, I have nothing against the chick. She’s done very well for herself. I even admired her on FB for the note she wrote to young ladies while showing pics of her new home last year. I like positive messsages like that. I don’t read her blog basically because I really don’t care much for celebrity gossip. All the people mentioning that others subscribe to TMZ, US Weekly and all the likes, well, I don’t.

    So to the matter. Linda runs a gossip blog. Fine. She has the right to report anything that quenches the thirst of gossip mongers. Good. I won’t even bash her for doing ‘her job’. But what I’ll bash her for is expecting herself to be thought of as every other woman when it comes to her being in the limelight. Explaining everything and expecting sympathy from people? Abeg stop that nonsense. All the sympathizers here saying she has the right to report on any celeb because it’s gossip but they don’t understand why people hate her, are you guys real? People hate people, reason or no reason. It’s even more so when you are a celebrity like she is. You people forget she IS also a celebrity. So whatever puts her out there is really fair game to anyone who wants to dissect as they will. Asking for common sense in her situation, to me, isn’t common sense.

    Wizkid stepped out of line with the threat. She reported to the police. Simple and straightforward. I don’t see any reason for all the epistle everyone is on about. If she’s going to keep reporting these stories as she should and will remain the face of her blog, she should be just as willing to deal with this kind of situations when they come along. She shouldn’t turn them to some ‘woman rights activism’. Deal with the issues when they come at you and just STHU and face your biz!

    If she didn’t report the Wizkid story, all these things won’t pop up. Now that she did, it’s her prerogative to do so, let her deal with the issues as legally as she possibly can and stop dragging people’s emotions into it. It’s that simple. If you run a gossip blog, you have to be ready to deal with all the unhappy people whose news you’ve reported and who will come at you in many different ways.

    No one should tell her how to run her blog and what she should or should not report. As well, no one should tell the people she reports about how to feel or how to handle the news. If anyone on both sides goes against the law, they should simply take necessary action. I do not sympathize with either party in this situation. Shikena!

  20. Ebi
    I am definitely pro Linda doing her job etc..And whizkid being a kid and all.
    But common !!!why make it a gender issue ( which is my biggest issue with feminists today.) I mean why make everything a gender issue.
    Also how does you giving someone you never met 500K relate to the issue at hand? SERIOUSLY!!!!!
  21. Exclusive
    Well, .K, seeing as I’m not an expert, I can’t exactly do a how-to on it. What I do know is that it is possible to detect humour, joy, feelings of melancholy and the whole gamut of emotions in write-ups.

    Why is it then impossible to think that happenings can be reported truthfully but with emphaty?

  22. 11
    ”A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog)[1] is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual[citation needed], occasionally of a small group, and often covered a single subject. More recently, “multi-author blogs” (MABs) have developed, with posts written by large numbers of authors and professionally edited. MABs from newspapers, other media outlets, universities, think tanks, advocacy groups, and similar institutions account for an increasing quantity of blog traffic. The rise of Twitter and other “microblogging” systems helps integrate MABs and single-author blogs into societal newstreams. Blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.” From Wikipedia

    Please let’s stop calling Linda a blogger, it’s insulting to those who strive hard at it.

        1. thetoolsman
          Far from it.. Its simply the website of a media. It doesn’t have bloggers, it has correspondents. On the TMZ site, they can have a blog. Linda’s is a blog by your definition…
  23. Seriously...

    Not sure why, but I felt the need to say something about the point some of us have repeatedly made about how people respond to the gossip that Linda Ikeji and other gossip bloggers put out.

    Not everyone will take a matter to court, especially if it is something that borders on highly sensitive or private issues. There is no single right way that individuals will respond to true or false allegations.

    As the Yoruba adage goes, one does not open their ass to show everyone to disprove a rumour that you shat yourself. Sometimes the best way to put paid to a rumour is to ignore it.

    Sometimes, you just make sure everything is sorted between you and those directly involved and you bone other people’s opinions. Only those whose opinions matter ought to know the details.

    Citing the instance of the paternity of Femi Kuti’s children, I would probably have taken the approach he took. In any case, if he has chosen to be father to those kids, what is best for those kids comes first. In his shoes, I would not drag out the matter by going to court. We all know that in the process, you are asking for your whole life to be up to public scrutiny.

    In the end, it is about choosing your battles. Sometimes, you choose to lose a battle and win the war.


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