I forgot about you. Finally.

I forgot about your crooked smile, your infectious laughter and how you always knew just what to say to make me laugh.

I forgot about how safe I felt when you held me, and how my head used to fit in the crook of your arm.

I forgot about the days we played like kids; when we threw sand at each other and got drenched in the spray from the water hose.

I forgot your love for food and how you always encouraged me to experiment, eating my disasters with gusto and praising me when I got it right.

I forgot the days at the go-kart arena, and the days at the beach, and the day when we took a walk at the conservation centre. I forgot that that was where we shared our first kiss.

I forgot our games of wit, when we challenged each other at solving puzzles, and created puns out of almost everything we said; I forgot how we made a game of writing backwards and how we got so good at it that it became our mode of communication, our little secret, our shared joke.

I forgot about the sex; the glorious sex. Yes, I forgot about it. I forgot how it made me feel – wanton, sexy, free. You always did know how to give good head sha.

I forgot how you always came to my defence when anyone tried to criticize me. It was reassuring to watch you in those moments; I knew you had my back. You said you’d always be in my corner but I forgot. Eventually.

I forgot how you shut me out when you lost your job; how you would go days without speaking to me.

I forgot how much I tried to give you joy, to give you hope, to find you peace in those troubled moments.

I forgot how you left my messages unread, my calls unanswered.

I forgot how your shadow stopped darkening my doorway.

I forgot how you refused to see me when I came to find you; you said you couldn’t pull yourself together and you weren’t up to seeing me. I forgot how it felt to tell the taxi to take me back to the airport – like someone had delivered a huge blow to my chest.

I forgot how I cried.

I forgot that I was sad.

I forgot how many times I picked up the phone to call you and didn’t.

I forgot how long it took me to pick up the pieces.

In the end, I met someone new. And I forgot about you…


    1. MissO Post author
      That is the question. I guess in the new moments of happiness, it’s easy to forget old hurts, at least temporarily. But no, the memories never really disappear. They fade, but they never go away.
  1. Ijehappiness
    U never forgot……we never do ….no matter how hard we try…..we just move on and occupy our minds …..like when you buy new clothes to replace torn ones.
    1. MissO Post author
      … and how we sometimes keep those torn ones in the wardrobe, knowing they can’t be fixed but refusing to let go because they were real special.
  2. OluOlu
    …in the end, I met someone new. And I forgot about you…
    …till you called me out of the blue on my birthday; from your husband’s house, shortly before I went to bed;
    and the long night that would follow, was time enough to remember all the things I thought I had forgotten.


    1. OddMrB
      ….then the memories came back rushing like the desert wind,

      I remembered our discussions about if we ever broke up

      We promised we would stay as friends, there was going to be a way we could exist on this planet

      You went through your battles alone, fought your demons when you knew I held your rosary and the holy water……..

      Maybe my care was stronger than love, I hated how badly you fared

      And that’s what hurts the most – Maybe we could have tried friendship again……..

  3. Zainab
    Like it. I love this. A Lot.
    you don’t forget and that’s okay too.
    I ran into my ex for the first time since the breakup, 6 months later. It didn’t end well, but it wasn’t bad either just disappointing.
    I ran into him during a rough week, in my sweat pants, T-shirt & flip flops.
    I saw him, he saw me, he smiled and I laughed. And hugged him saying, “Man! I always said when I run into you, you’d walk away in a daze. But no dice, huh?” I always had minimal filter.
    We hugged, we chatted, we caught up & went our way.
    And it was fine. No panic,no urge to turn and run .
    Later that night I got a message, “I’ve missed your open and easy way.”
    It was over and it was fine. I haven’t forgotten & that’s fine too .
  4. adventure
    To be honest i dont want to love someone so much, no i dont. I dont want to talk pains when it goes sour, maybe that is why i seem confused because i always run. I dont want to have to say i forgot or i am trying to forget. No No No
  5. Abiola
    Do we really forget?, no. Rather they are buried deep, resurrected by that sudden unexpected memory that creeps in when we are not looking. And after the nostalgia, the alone smiles and the silent tears, they lay low, again. Till we think we have forgotten.

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