I’m not a lesbian, but…


Although I have fallen in love with many men, I have never fallen for a woman and I don’t think I ever will. So I’m not a lesbian, but… My nipples get hard when I watch girls do squats in the gym. I fantasise about licking Rihanna from head to toe. I bet her skin…


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Although I have fallen in love with many men, I have never fallen for a woman and I don’t think I ever will.

So I’m not a lesbian, but…

My nipples get hard when I watch girls do squats in the gym.

I fantasise about licking Rihanna from head to toe. I bet her skin is super soft.

Whenever I watch porn, it features at least two women, always in the absence of men. Is that what they call lesbian porn?

I love breasts. Oh god, I love breasts. I could literally spend an entire day staring at perky breasts. And imagining my hands cupping them. Licking them, brushing the nipples with my tongue until they harden…

I totally fapped to that Fade video. Twice. Okay, maybe slightly more than twice. Just thinking about sweaty Teyana in that gym right now is actually getting me moist.

So, I’m not a lesbian but…

I’ve had sex with a woman. It was surprisingly underwhelming. Maybe it’s because I’m not a lesbian, but the chemistry just wasn’t there. I’ll try again with a different girl though, just to be totally sure I’m not a lesbian.

It’s worth confirming, right?


  1. Toby

    Fade video part had me gasping for air.

    I am in the office and i have this stupid smile on my face.
    I love this piece

    1. Ugo
      See ehn, I mad ethereal mistake of reading that story while I was still at work yesterday…
      Got me all levels of hot and bothered…
      I’m still NOT a lesbian though…I think.
    2. C.S.O.
      @lipglossmaffia Thanks for ruining what would have been a perfectly productive day!

      Woke up, ran a decent 4km, during which I planned my day…but all i can think about now is both your articles! SHIT!

      NB: From an uninterested pervy bystander, both your minds might give rise to awesome biology, as the chemistry is rather obvious. Be done with the physics already!

      But like Amyn, details please ladies…

  2. Ugo
    Is it weird that I can’t even watch porn with a man in it without getting bored?
    Like she said, I am not a lesbian…but…
  3. Yinx_Sphinx
    You should definitely try it again and when you are done, unlock your door and step out of your closet. It may not be a lesbian closet, it might be a bi one or one without a label either way you are in a closet.
  4. deeh
    It’s good to know I am not d only one that secretly enjoys lesbian porn nd think about kissing at least once.
    I used to think something was wrong with me. It’s good to know I have people in my fantasy club. Le boo will kill me if he finds out about my lesbian tendencies… But like K. Rukia said, I am not a lesbian. Or am I?
  5. so plain
    Fingers itching me….ooh yea I had to say sumtin abt dis… For one think dat the crave for d Western life style is beginning to wipe out our morality…I think u are a lesbian in future tense I also think porn is bad ..but I am addicted anyways …my point is don’t take ur liberality to d next level ..it will change who u are…if j have a porn rehab centre pls I will need an invitation. ….ooh yea I judge ppl say it ..I have always wanted to be an Anthony…
        1. K. Rukia Post author
          Ah. It’s one of two things: (1) You just need to find a genre of porn you enjoy, or (2) You’re struggling with unnecessary guilt/shame because of your upbringing, which doesn’t allow you relax and enjoy it.
          Otherwise why should two (or more) people making each other feel good leave a bad taste in your mouth? :/
          1. Erdoo
            I don’t think it’s the guilt or the shame, it’s just euuww! And then it feels like intruding sort of. Never gonna get the hang of it, don’t even wanna!????
      1. Woyi_Oc
        Addicts can admit to enjoying something they know is bad for them init? Like an alcoholic knows he/she is killing his liver, a person with an unchecked sweet-tooth knows he/she is playing with diabetes ….or a chain smoker is aware that “smokers are liable to die young.”
        1. Cavey
          I shouldn’t have snapped at you. I’m just tired of all the “men are scum” chants and when someone defends one, some scum out there gives 5 more valid reasons why its called scum.
          I’m sorry man
    1. Ugo
      But it’s not RiRi I’d originally like to lick though…her boobs don’t quite do it for me.
      There’s something about a lady with full rounded tits that just make me question if being married (or straight) is really for me.
      LisaRaye McCoy from Single Ladies was my woman crush and material for dreaming strange dreams…before she started losing all that delicious weight and becoming slim.
      But…I’m married, and therefore not lesbian…I think…
    This is a very intriguing read and I find unable to walk away without pleading with all sense of right mindedness, self righteousness and all other kinds of ‘ness’, that all those who are having such amorous girl on girl thoughts must promise not to ever attempt it, no matter how enticing it may appear, no matter how difficult the struggle might be, you must all promise not to partake in it…

    Without telling me every tiny, weeny bit of the details. No matter how irrelevant it appears to you.

    You must promise!

  7. Amayanabo
    I enjoyed reading this. I like that you’ve left me to conclude If you’re a lesbian or not. Whatever I conclude is my cup of tea! Good job!
  8. Andronicus
    I love looking at women’s lips. If they are full and soft,
    Pink, orange or dark or gworro red…slim and supple,
    Luscious, succulent lips.
    If you are a lady just know I’ve looked at your lips and imagined kissing you.
    I love kissing, ergo I love lips. (I love big butts, boobs, thick thighs and thick bow legs, but do I love lips!)

    I like watching any porn that features Nat Turner partly because he kisses a lot and because of his signature finishing, ‘The Prone Bone’. I live vicariously through him and I’m extremely picky about male porn stars. Sofia Coppola, Michelle Tucker, Sinnamon Love (Now a chef), Luscious Louis (best lips in porn), Alexis Breeze, Julia Ann (hot MILF and a kisser), Eva Strauss (one of the most beautiful porn stars ever, cute puffy little boobs), Naomi Banxxx (damn sexy), Xena (damn sexy) to mention a few.

    But I love kissing. Shout out to all the kissers in the house.

    1. Nosa
      Had to google Eva Strauss, i’m not very impressed. No special moves, i’ll passs.

      But seriously though, the name dropping was not necessary ????????

      Posted from TNC Mobile

    2. Andronicus
      and @woyi_oc Sorry about the…name dropping. Someone mentioned Riri and LisaRaye McCon and mentioned porn so I thought it was alright.

      Lol! I said Eva is pretty, didn’t say she had special moves…and what kinda moves? It’s not Mortal Kombat lol!

      1. Nosa
        It’s porn. Why am i watching it if there ain’t no move? It’s the bedroom equivalent of WWE. since i can’t do it, gotta live through them.

        Watch Abella Anderson or Sensei Pearl and you’ll understand

        Posted from TNC Mobile

  9. Gbenga
    i dnt think the guy that mentioned names was showing off, he just felt comfortable being himself on this platform of like-minds… i guess everyone likes porn … but u av to ur religious beliefs and upbringing to contend with…
  10. CV
    Okkaaaay, I don’t want to lick Rihanna but, I can totally relate to the moist-gym-feeling. I reckon many women are Bi-curious. Only a few are brave enough to plunge into ice waters ????
  11. OluGt
    I didn’t bother to waste more of my precious time on what you wrote but simply jumped to the ending paragraphs to see your conclusions.

    Anyway, I will not give you my proofs now, to let you know that being gay is WRONG, because you need to go purge your thinking as regards human sexuality.

    You, who are proponents of gayness, bear the responsibility of proving to the rest of us, who are straight, why you approve of gayness, which is a divergence from the obviously default human sexuality, which is being straight.

    I will not be surprised if science later concludes that gay people either suffer from some health or psychological problems. Problems are meant to be tackled, not to be made the normal.

  12. Anonymous
    Yup this basically summarises me. I’m not a lesbian but I get moist too and yes lesbian porn is lit lol. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m open minded ????
  13. Virgo
    You have a volunteer in me for a second, maybe third try. Let me help you define your sexuality, I love helping people. Let’s see if you ain’t gay.
  14. Tee boy
    Wow! Got to the party 2 years late. How did I miss this steamy piece.
    you have killed it again.
    I don’t think you are a lesbian….labels don’t define you.
    I always thought I was adventurous but you are adventure itself…..(takes a bow)
    Got to meet this beautiful mind !

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