Introducing: The TNC One Month, One Book Challenge

Hey people, Toolsman here. So those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I did an experiment last year. Well, basically, after realising the continuous decline in the number of Nigerians who have an active reading culture, I went out to do some research to find out what the exact problem was. From…


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Hey people, Toolsman here. So those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I did an experiment last year. Well, basically, after realising the continuous decline in the number of Nigerians who have an active reading culture, I went out to do some research to find out what the exact problem was. From the feedback I got, there were quite a lot of reasons actually, from distractions to time to lack of interest in stuff people were putting in books nowadays. However, one thing stood out for me – a lot of young people wished there was a way they could push themselves to read more books.

With that in mind, I decided to conduct an experiment by starting some sort of special book club. Special because it wasn’t quite like your regular book club. The objective was simple. Bring together twenty people who were interested in reading at least one book every month all through 2015. I know it sounds pretty easy but if you consider the fact that so many people went through 2014 without actually reading just one book, you’d understand where I was coming from.

Anyways, instead of 20, I ended up with 40 participants and we kicked off the club. Just like it is with life, we quickly noticed those who were struggling and those who kept pushing themselves to do even better then the one book per month. At the end of the year, I think only about half of us made it to the end. I guess you can say that’s not so much of a bad performance for a pilot. After that experiment, I got more encouraged and thought, well, no reason why we can’t bring this on to the TNC site and try to even reach out to more people.

Sometime last year, I got to know about the Lagos Mainland Club and the awesome lady who started the initiative. We got talking and selling the idea of my experiment to her was easy. That conversation is what has now given birth to the One month, One Book Challenge. The young lady is Ibukun and together with TNC, she will be hosting the challenge here so let me hand y’all over to her so she can further explain how this will work.


Hey guys!

As Toolsman has already said, the reading culture in Nigeria (maybe the world?) is rapidly declining but there are still many, many book lovers out there. If you, like me, are better able to achieve your goals/resolutions when you team up with someone then this challenge is for you.

We’ll be reading one book every month this year and doing a review here at the end of each month. I’ll be recommending a handful of books each month you can choose from (I said can because I understand how difficult it would be if we all had to read the exact same book). I will then do a review and you in turn, will post a comment with a short review of whatever you read that month.

For January I’ll be recommending 3 books on my reading list:

  • Toni Kan’s Nights of the Creaking Bed (because LMBC is reading that this month)
  • Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen (because Chigozie is hot right now)
  • Philip Yancey’s Disappointment with God (because I can)

You can pick one of the books I’m reading or something else you’ve been meaning to read so we can discuss at the end of the month! My review post will go up here every first Monday of the month. The 1M1B Club link has also been added to the site’s menu so it will be easy for you to locate all the reviews from the previous months.

On a final note, I’d like to encourage everyone who decides to join this challenge to take the little poster above and put it up on any of your favourite social media platforms along with your commitment so it goes out there and friends, family and colleagues can also help you stick to your commitment. On that note, there’s really only one more thing to ask:

What will you be reading?


  1. Nkechi
    I love the idea! Just finished my first book of the year ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’ (oId schooI…I know) and I enjoyed it. Where in Lagos can we get the books you mentioned?
    1. Ibukun
      You can get them from Patabah bookstore in Surulere mall. Or you can mention Cassava Republic on Twitter to have them delivered to you
    1. Ibukun
      Contact Cassava Republic on Twitter for Toni Kan’s book and Chigozie Obioma’s book. They’ll let you know where you can find 🙂
        1. thetoolsman Post author
          The mails actually go out around 1pm so they can cover all the posts from the day.. Let me know if you’ve gotten it now, if not, please send a mail to hello [at] thenakedconvos [dot] com with your preferred email for receiving the newsletter.
  2. Sam
    I’m about 20% into Noviolet Bulawayo’s We Need New Names. I can try to squeeze in something else if I finish that on time. I have read nice reviews of ‘The Fishermen’. I should try that, perhaps.
  3. Blaqlotus
    I’ll be reading “The Dragon Reborn” the third book in the Series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. If i start off reading something else now, i’ll never get to finish this..
  4. JAL

    Funny as I had actually set a goal to read/listen to 52 books this year, and not necessarily per week but in total.

    I just finished listening to Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel and I recommend this book to anyone who has ever asked the question “why did the Europeans conquer the world and not African Negros or Australian Aborigines?”, and many more questions about the distribution of wealth, knowledge, power and societal structure in modern times. It is truly a fantastic book.

    About to start reading Jared Diamond’s “Why is Sex Fun”. Would probably read something light after that so I would keep looking through Ibukun’s and the other comments to make a decision.

        1. Minxie
          Hi Jal, if it ain’t too much of a bother, i would like the audio/epub copies of the book and others that you will recommend. I read anything and everything. Maybe include a link to cloud we can download from?
    1. Mz C-me
      I started Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel (it’s book of the week on @TheReadClub) but mehn I couldn’t go past page 5. I would try reading it at some other time again.
    2. Don Flowers
      Hi, I like the sound of listening. I don’t have much time to read these days and would appreciate audio book. Perhaps you can send me links to download as I’m not particularly savvy at such search
  5. Fran
    Hi Ibukun and Toolsman; great initiative! Would love, love to be part of this. I guess for me, in addition to posting the title of the books; a good thing, might be for y’all to also post WHERE we can find the books. Finding books – well, some particular ones, especially in Nigeria can be a bit challenging.
  6. Ighódálóh
    Hey guys, I just stumbled on this on facebook today and I think it’s a fantastic idea. I’ll be joining the challenge from PH.
    But the thing is my kind of read is mostly in self help and business books. I’m currently reading START UP NATION. Maybe I’ll try these literature books once. Kudos!
  7. Don Flowers
    I think this is a mighty great idea. Been wondering how I will pluck the the courage to read a crucial book in, maybe, three months. But now I feel like I can do it within one month.

    I’ll be reading “The Merchant Prince of The Niger Delta” by Obaro Ikime.

  8. Orteri
    Great idea. Already unto Adichie’s ‘Americanah’. I’ve not been living under the rocks! Lol. So, guys anyone with useful links as to where I can get ‘The Fishermen’ in Sokoto should help please. Alternatively, the email address is [email protected]; if you’re generous enough to share your e-copy. Wish you all a terrific time, flipping those pages.
  9. Chiedozie
    I tried doing this kind of challenge last year but got drowned in the excuses of work and family… *sigh*

    Please Ibukun which of the 3 books would you most recommend for a long read? Dunno if it’s just me but I never want a good story to end, so the longer the better abi?

  10. Dr tee
    Well.. This is so cool…. I sure read more than one book a month usually, but with this challenge I’m sure it ll become a difficult task…I’m going to be reading BRIDGE TO HAVEN – FRANCINE RIVERS… Her books are awesome
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