Introducing TNC v.6.0

Today marks six years since we launched The Naked Convos. It has indeed been a remarkable journey so far with ups and downs, errors made, lessons learned and a lot of success stories. As we celebrate today and in the days to come at the #TNCAmplify event, I’d like to say a huge thank you to…


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Today marks six years since we launched The Naked Convos. It has indeed been a remarkable journey so far with ups and downs, errors made, lessons learned and a lot of success stories. As we celebrate today and in the days to come at the #TNCAmplify event, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you, our readers, our community members, our contributors and of course our kick ass team. We would never have come this far without any of you and on a day like this, I’m glad to announce a few things we have been working on which will prepare us for the next leg of this journey and hopefully help us all better enjoy this platform.

Our first major announcement is our new identity. Over the past few days some of you must have come across our #TangoNovemberCharlie teaser campaign. We really enjoyed the engagement on the campaign and watched as people tried to figure out what on earth it was all about.

Tango November Charlie = TNC and today I’m proud to announce our new brand identity.


Our new brand icon is what some call the megaphone. We call it the amplifier as it ties into our mission of driving culture change among young Nigerians. Helping us get to the point where we find it ‘express’ without fear of being bullied, judged or silenced. The goal is to help the African youths amplify their voices, their thoughts, stories and opinions using this platform. All of this ties into our vision of becoming the largest African open publishing platform within the next 4 years.

This brings me to our next announcement. It’s been a long time coming but I’m glad we finally decided to do it. Today, we officially launched TNC Kenya.


For months we’ve been going back and forth, working on putting the team in place and it has all finally paid off. It’s a totally different entity with its own team put together to create content for the Kenyan market but riding on the same mission and vision with the TNC NG site. And so, next time you’re in Kenya, be sure to check out

As you must have noticed, what you’re currently viewing is the newly launched sixth version of our platform. This update became necessary following our decision to transition from a magazine into a open publishing platform. You will notice that we tried to stick as close as possible to our fifth version in terms of the general look and feel and instead focus a lot more on functionality. To begin enjoying these tools, you need to start off by registering or logging into your existing account using the Login icon at the top right corner of the site.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 4.58.42 PM

Once you are logged in, you’ll notice a more elaborate menu across the top of the site.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.02.59 PM

On the menu you’ll see the following icons (left to right):


Yes, all registered members now have their own private message boxes through which they can receive private messages from their added ‘friends’.


Here, you’ll be able to view friend requests as well as other notifications on your account.

Edit Profile

With this, you can quickly change your profile picture, update your bio, location and other information you want the public to see on your profile.


Simple and straightforward way to find anything on the site.

Write a post

To truly establish ourselves as an open publishing platform, we needed to make it as easy as possible for people to contribute on the site. This is why we have moved the post submission functionality to the front end of the site. With just a click you’ll be able to access the streamlined editor which makes writing easier.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.27.25 PM

If you’re not quite done with your post you can save and it automatically goes into your draft folder accessible once you mouse over your avatar at the top right corner of the site. And once you are done editing, you can submit for review. By clicking the circle icon with the three dots in it, you’ll see options for adding tags and a featured image to your submission.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.31.07 PM

Use the rollover menu that pops up when you mouse over your avatar, contributors can also quickly gain access to their Payment Dashboard to view how their published submissions are performing.

On the homepage we have included a section to capture most recommended posts. For some time now, you have asked us to include like buttons for posts – well, we figured if you like a post so much you’d want to recommend it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.04.30 PM

To get a post featured here, all you have to do is click the heart shape at the end of the post.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.37.00 PM

Once you are signed in, from the homepage you can quickly add members as friends by clicking on the red icon below. By scrolling over the 3 horizontal lines beside a contributor’s avatar, you’ll be given options to view their most recommended posts as well as their latest posts.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.45.04 PM

Finally, we touched up our commenting system to tie in all the changes.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 9.39.03 PM

Whew. I know it’s quite a lot to take in and as it is with changes, we expect a few bugs here and there but we have our ever reliable team on hand to hold your hands and help you settle in and get used to the updates.

Again, I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the TNC story. I know for a fact that we are only just getting started. Remember never to stop ‘expressing you’.


  1. Buchi
    Congratulations are in order. Weldone to you and your enviable team.
    Yeah. I did wonder what the megaphone avatars on Twitter were about, But you did say it was a bad gang thing sha. If this is bad gang, I don’t want good gangs ever.
  2. Cavey
    I’m proud to be part of this bad gang! *looks to make sure Mrs. Cavey’s Mom didn’t hear that*
    Well done, TNC.
    Well done, Toolsman.

    Posted from TNC Mobile

  3. Nedoux

    You guys are awesome, your sense of professionalism is so inspiring.

    Onwards and upwards! 🙂

    I love the aethetics and functionality of the revamped site, feels like a freshly painted house. Well done.

  4. Hanie
    Happy Birthday to ‘my peoples’ Love the work u do. Keep soaring.

    P.S. I’m not changing monikers ever again cos with the new changes, #seizethebae is just about to be LIT!!

  5. D.K
    WOW! This is awesome! For a minute i was confused when i first opened the website, until i read this post. I love love love it! A big congratulations to TNC.
    Of course, I’ll be shuttling between here and the Kenyan blog. Who cares if I’m Nigerian?!
    1. D.K
      Hey, a moment please . Does this mean i cannot edit my comment or post images without signing up? I don’t see those options here.
  6. anonymous aboki
    I feel so proud of TNC, like I actually own the whole thing & my stake isn’t limited to just my weakass comments & friends I’ve managed to snag..

    Onto this scarlet megaphone, saw o twitter yesterday & had an inkling ’twas TNC. Checked handle to confirm, but avi was . So, it feels rather pleasant seeing this; these things aren’t revealed by man..

    #TNCis6 baby..

  7. Abi
    YAY!!! CONGRATS! I have loved TNC since I discovered it in 2012 or so. I always looked forward to “dear Efe” on Saturday mornings, and graduated to reading the blog FT. Thanks for giving us a platform to read and contribute!! I never had the courage to submit any of my stuff cos the quality of writers here are just 😭 Lol another thing I love about TNC is its quality!! thanks for allowing me. Hopefully I can work more closely with your team soon 😊😊
  8. Hephie Brown
    When the site loaded i was like “kileleyi, wrong site” i had to look at the link again and boy! I was so emotional and my head was swelling reading this and the emotions just died when i got to the part where everything i once knew changed, buttons here and there, and change became bad thanks to buhari but now, i can smile and be rest assured it isnt always so bad (dry, i know)! Yipee, happy birthday TNC! 2 years since someone sent me the link to a post, i have never been disappointed!
  9. Exclusive
    Happy Birthday, TNC!

    I’m so with you, Aboki, on feeling like I have an actual stake in the platform.

    The changes are head-spinning a bit, I will not even lie but its a good change and we’ll get in line and get used to it.

    Greater heights, by His grace.

  10. Butterflymind
    Hmm it is well o. All these changes! It’ll take a while to get used to the new look, but I can’t wait to explore ☺
    Happy birthday TNC and congratulations to the team. Loooove all the humans I’ve met here in my short stint.

    @thetoolsman Heaven will help you people if I don’t attend this party o.

    **Going to follow all the people I’m stalking 😏

          1. Hephie Brown
            Well, i sorta can see my post from wordpress backend..sorta..just my posts to tnc, and it has a red mark on it sayiing bad readability..and then the new site came, so i tried out the new submit a post button, and it was approved, and next thing it was i guess d readability must reallyyy suck! i give up submitting, maybe ill just stick to my blog and my loyal readers
          2. thetoolsman Post author
            hmm.. from what I see here, you probably submitted white the site changes were going on thats why you may have seen your post on the live site. We don’t allow contributors to post directly to the live site – your submission has to go through our editors who provide detailed feedback if your submission is not accepted for publishing. In your case, I see your posts are now pending review from our editors. Once they have been reviewed, you’ll know if and when they’ll get published and if not, someone will send you a detailed mail on what needs to be done to make the submission work.
  11. andré
    Happy Birthday TNC!!!

    Whoa! It’s beautiful how you guys keep pushing this platform to get better and provide that awesome 10/10 experience. Honestly, I got a bit dizzy when I checked in, I had to double-check to be sure I landed on the right page. It feels like moving from a mini-flat to a mansion! I so can’t wait to explore.

    Well done Guys.

  12. E
    Ahhh!!! Happy birthday TNC… Followed this blog for more than 2yrs and its been wow;just wow.
    The information, knowledge i get here, damn!! Can’t trade it for nothing. Hav been talking sense but d day i discovered this place, the dag i knew that i didn’t know nothing.
    Thanks to all d columnist especially & d Boss man .
    1 tin has been missing though -ROUNDS- tell us whats happening.


  13. Joko
    Can across this platform by chance and I’ve never regretted it for once. So important I look forward to the next notification email for write ups. Good job TNC team. Keep up thw good work. Congratulations…🎊🎉🍾
    N.B: Still need to get use to the new changes though…lol
  14. Afrolady
    Congratulations TNC, this is truly remarkable. I’m proud of what you’re doing and I’m glad signing in will no longer be a chore… Wish you many more successes.

    P.S: The changes remind me of Medium. 😃

    Posted from TNC Mobile

    1. Options
      We’ve made it quite easy to write and submit a post.
      There is an option just next to your avatar on the top right corner of the page, ‘write a post’. Click on it. It takes you to another page where you can write directly on the site.
      Write your post. Put the title. When you’re done for the time being. You have 3 option just by the right of the ‘Title’ of your post.
      1. Submit for review. 2. Save. 3. Circle icon with the three dots in it.

      1. Submit for review: When you’re done writing and editing your post. You can click on ‘submit for review’. This sends the post straight to our editors.

      2. Save: If you’re not quite done with your post, you can save and it automatically goes into your draft folder accessible once you mouse over your avatar at the top right corner of the site, a menu comes down, scroll to ‘blog’ another menu appears, click on ‘draft’. You would find your saved posts

      3. Circle icon with the three dots in it: By clicking the circle icon with the three dots in it, you’ll see options for adding tags and a featured image to your submission.

    1. thetoolsman Post author
      Sorry I missed this. Once you’re logged in, click the write a post icon in the top right corner, it takes you to the post page. Once you type in your post title and start typing the body, the “Submit for review” button will appear and you can just click that when you’re done.
  15. Coker Yinka
    The new layout is easy on the eye and works a treat. Haven’t checked it out on my mobile yet so can’t provide feedback. But yeah overall it is a dope upgrade. Kudos to the TNC team.

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