This thing about Love is just something else.

Someone that was or used to be your everything, one day becomes what you don’t want to see anymore.

Someone that was or used to be your daily delight, becomes the darkness your morning doesn’t want to see.

Someone you can’t go a day without talking to or talking about to family and friends, becomes a stranger with just a known name.

I have asked most poets for a comprehensive definition for love. Since their world revolves around their words, they were not at a loss for answers.

Some say love is like a river that drowns the tender reed.

Some say it is like a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say it is like a hunger that creates an endless aching need.

See how love is being compared. More importantly, see what it’s compared to. Shouldn’t Love be described with Flowers or something more beautiful? Well, just like some people feel the rain while others only get wet when it’s raining, some people feel love while others don’t. Love should be of a rare birth.

Love shouldn’t be too complicated, it loses its meaning if it does. Many see Love as a duel, that’s why it’s been lost ignorantly. As a result, we’ve abandoned our wandering staff thinking Love can only hurt. Its lips have stained us red. We’ve been broken that what’s left of us are just injurious pieces. With these pieces we cut everyone who crosses our part. After all, anything broken develop sharp edges. We now prefer to be lost in the fire of lust. We’ve given up on Love.

Lust is a medal many have dangled. It has broken the hymen of many souls. Love can nest our peace. It has nested that of many and it’s still spacious. More can be accommodated. Love isn’t begged for. There is some kind of deity attached to Love. Yes, Love should be like a deity. It should be reverenced and worshipped. It should summon our souls. Let Love be Love.


      1. Cavey
        I’m trying to reduce my love tirades before y’all get tired of me (plus, Funmi threatened me so there’s that).
        PS: You never replied my mail -_-

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