Lets Talk Cheating And The Yoruba Man


I recently discussed the failings of Yoruba men with some Nigerian women of different age groups and generations. As I’m sure you are aware that Yoruba men have a reputation of being liars, cheaters and egotistical humans. I acknowledge that this is an over-generalisation, and I am not here to point fingers at my tribal…


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I recently discussed the failings of Yoruba men with some Nigerian women of different age groups and generations. As I’m sure you are aware that Yoruba men have a reputation of being liars, cheaters and egotistical humans. I acknowledge that this is an over-generalisation, and I am not here to point fingers at my tribal brothers, I would simply like to discuss this issue in attempt to gain some clarity. My main question is this; “is this reputation a result of evil doers, or evil tale bearers?” If you permit, I will now continue.

About three years ago a friend said to me; ‘Dami I cannot believe he did this!’ I said to her ‘what did you expect?’ You see my friend was cheated on by her Yoruba boyfriend. They had been together for over five years and marriage was the long term goal (In her opinion). Once I made that statement, I was ashamed, I apologised and went on to console her by calling him several wicked names. Yet I knew, that no matter how many times I cussed him out, the sting of the blow would not soften. She did not see it coming, I did not see it coming, yet the innate voice within both of us said; “what did you expect?” Although we had both become indifferent to hearing tales of cheating Yoruba men, we did not actively expect it would happen to any of us. This made the reality painful and difficult to bear.

I have several tales to tell of the ‘cheating Yoruba man’, as I’m sure you all do. However, I am desperate to find statistics that say that these men are as bad as the stories tell. Have these ideas been misconstrued and propagated by those with an agenda? Folklore and modern essays complain about the Yoruba man and his love for the ‘fairer sex’. I was once advised that due to the fact that many Igbo men are Catholics, they are afraid of committing ‘mortal sins’ like adultery; but I’m not convinced. African American women are plagued with tales of the ‘cheating black men’. So is this a black man issue, as opposed to a Yoruba one?

When Maje Ayida was accused of cheating and impregnating ‘the other woman’, people began to insult Yoruba men. However, he is not a Yoruba Man. Today as I write this article I’m conflicted. You see, my friend left her boyfriend sharply, but knowing her, I know that if she was a few years older she would have overlooked it as a common misdemeanour or ‘a non-event’ and I may have never heard of it. As I reconcile myself with this ghastly truth I asked myself; has this ‘habit’ been propagated by women? I do not believe that men cheat because their wife was not sufficient in a certain area. I am convinced that people; men and women alike, cheat because they cannot say no, they simply lack self control and temperance, in that given moment. But when men do cheat, have women become complacent and accepted this as gospel; saying ‘Boys will be boys’?

As I sat with those women, I heard them tell stories, some  tales were over half a century old. Am I too bold to say that these ‘Yoruba cheaters’ continued to cheat as women dealt with things that were more important? After all, the life of a woman is not an easy one. Back in the day, these men married several wives who met their needs accordingly. Has religion and westernisation attempted to stifle their natural instincts? Is it true that all African men are polygamous by nature? After all, Bill Clinton was neither African, black nor Yoruba! As a result I am convinced that there is nothing a woman can do to prevent any man, black or white from cheating. Maybe these are vices that will just not go away.

That conversation caused me to ask several questions. Is cheating to be expected if married to a Yoruba man? Should women be grateful when their Yoruba men don’t cheat? If women demanded faithfulness, will they receive it? Is this a plague, or a cultural norm? Should women accept it or ask for better? Is this a fault in the way men have been raised? When men do cheat, is it a woman’s sole responsibility to reclaim her home? Is it true that a woman of virtue forgives her husband of all sins in advance? Are Yoruba men really worse than their counterparts in other tribes? Is monogamy even natural? Is it fair to single out Yoruba men who excel at polygamy?

Do share your thoughts below, you know Dami loves to chat.

Until next time.

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    1. Stephanie
      U re right, my father was married to my mum for 35 years, blessed with 5 kids , he was cheated on her for 17 years she didn’t know, cause she was a churchy person. The woman in question is his wife now. He married her exactly a year after my mum’s death.
  1. Nosa
    Nah. I don’t even count Yoruba guys as good cheats, (No offence). I have friends, mostly from Edo, Delta and Crosss Rivers, and the stunts these guys pull, well, let us just say yoruba guys are learning.
    We all know about yoruba guys because they got caught and getiing caught just means you ain’t good at it.

    The best thieves are the ones who never got caught. Those are the real MVPs.

  2. Elohor
    Yes the women help in making men what they are today,the majority have come to accept men cheating as the norm,especially the married ones.
    While most men lack self control and temperance as you said.
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  4. eS
    I’ve only recently become acquainted with this ‘stereotype’ of ‘cheating Yoruba men’. Have I been living under a rock?
    Do they really cheat and lie, more than others? It would be interesting to have some stats.
  5. joe
    A friend’s version is “Yoruba boys kiss and tell”

    “due to the fact that many Igbo men are Catholics, they are afraid of committing ‘mortal sins’ like adultery”
    Nobody should take it serious

  6. Temitayo
    As you have pointed out already, this is one of those over-generalizations. Everyone one cheats, regardless of gender, tribe or religion. It is just unfortunate that yoruba men are the adopted archetype of this vice. Women voices are the loudest when lack of faithfulness in relationships is being discussed. They would have us believe they are victims. This cannot be further from the truth. Women, single or married, are very active cheaters as well!
  7. Anonymous Aboki
    Dami, is your entire piece by any chance based on social media trends, specifically twitter? ’cause I can bet it is..

    Nigerian twitter, which is basically Lagos people & the sum of their (limited) experiences, pressed their keypads & stated cheating is unique to the Yoruba race; you k’uma na jumped on it, ya’Allah..

    Frankly, you’re putting too much credence (where it isn’t due) to the “power of social media” yarn, which is absolute balderdash by the way..

    Cheating is a “global” phenomenon, a fact you admittedly make a rather weak attempt at stating. Plus, see Nosa’s comment above? You’ve basically just shown that Yoruba males are fries, along with Nigerian twitter..

    You shall find neither the clarity you seek nor supporting stats, as the issue at discussion is totally DOA..

    PS. I’m not Yoruba, apologies for stating the obvious..

    1. Olamide A
      I don’t understand the sudden rave about yoruba boys cheating.

      The first guy that cheated on me was from Benue. I think him cheating was smoother than the yoruba boys that cheated on me.

      Plus I agree with Aboki and Nosa

  8. Blaqlotus
    I’ve dated Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. When it comes to cheating, the Hausa man takes the cake, Yoruba is a smooth talker and the Igbo, well, was just Igbo . In my opinion, it all boils down to personality.
    1. Anonymous Aboki
      Hausa takes the cake? Because of the dan’iska you dated? *sighs*

      It’s apparent where you’re coming from sha, so it’s cool..

      1. Blaqlotus
        My comment is based on a personal experience. If the Hausa man was more of a cheat than my other lovers, i have a right to say so. And you have no idea where i’m coming from.
        1. Anonymous Aboki
          Lol, easy now..

          I didn’t say I knew where you’re coming from, I said it was apparent; as from your 1st comment, even a dummy would’ve seen that you gave Hausa the cake (as we’re certainly not taking it!) because you dated a douché..

          & no 1 is infringing on your right eh? Not me..

          1. Blaqlotus
            Lol, You sef calm down. What does giving cake has to do with a cheating partner. He was my lover, so whether i give cake or not, we’re talking about cheating here. Not who cake was given to or who is not taking cake. Abeggii
      1. Adepoju Ridwan
        Well these is Ridwan and I want you to know that this is one of those over-generalizations. Everyone one cheats, regardless of gender, tribe or religion. And remember someone wrote this shit it might be due to the person past relation, so its choice now, To stay with me or back off due to what’s you Read…. Thank you.
      2. Mary dr
        Hey woman run for your dear life. Is all sugar coated . there is ko yoruba man that does not have kids and woman unless they are in there early teenagers or very early twenties. Make sure to investigate him well before u. Bring his ass over here. Shine your eye.
  9. Le Mad Hatter
    A man’s predisposition to cheat has nothing whatsoever to do with tribe or race. And I am tired of reading possible excuses for men cheating like they do, whether Yoruba or Edo. No, it’s not a cultural norm. No, it’s not because their forefathers were polygamists and No, women should not accept it as a normal thing for a man to do. It’s nothing but weakness and selfishness. rme.
    And “I was once advised that due to the fact that many Igbo men are Catholics, they are afraid of committing ‘mortal sins’ like adultery”. Seriously? LMAO, pls I cant!
      1. JADE
        hahahahahaahahhaahahah Deblowwww, I have also noticed that people upload their pictures instead of a meme, that “add image” something is really misleading o
  10. Tatcher
    Hmmmmm. Dear dami, point of correction we have some female folk who cheat too, not only that, we have some igbo men who cheat, in fact as I type now my boss is with his gf( an igbo Catholic knight for thàt matter ) . Everyone cheats àt one point in life that’s for me tho. I detest tribal labels.
  11. Debloww
    I don’t believe these ‘Yoruba boys are demons’ generalization, i mean it is funny and shii but not always true. Some though were obviously planted on earth by the devil to cause havoc but this is irrespective of tribe. One of my exes was the best boo ever and he is a Yoruba boy. Cheating has nothing to do with tribe. It is more of personality (and fear of God!)
  12. E
    Lol…u said it all ; at d end of d day d junior boys (in cheating) are d ones dat get caught.

    But i did lyk d poster 2 knw dat cheating does nt go wit any tribe,nation or continent;its an irresponsible path anybody (men/women) can take.

  13. june
    Cheating when it comes to yoruba men is a real deal, i do get worried when they come my way but truth is, is not a function of tribe really. I kind of feel yoruba guys are just more sloppy at it and they somehow bring it to your face. I miss TNC, work has made me so far away but am back for good
  14. seryxme
    We’re a in a generation where women can cheat and act like it’s nothing and there are still people who believe that cheating is a tribal thing or a man thing? I get the Twitter bants and all but some people do take these things seriously. Like the Anonymous one said, this issue is DOA. Nothing to discuss unless we’re talking cheating in the general sense.

    First thing is that cheating gets to me in a very bad way. I’ve conditioned myself to think that a woman that can cheat on her partner can plot his death (not law, please, but just my way of making cheating something I can’t accept from a lady). This is basically because I do not see myself cheating on someone I love. In essence, it is unacceptable for me and should probably be unacceptable for anyone (male or female). I do not want to rationalize it by saying men are polygamous by nature. I do not accept that. Even IF it is true. The fact is that it still hurts very badly when you discover your partner cheated. That’s what true nature is. We want the exclusivity of our relationships, and unless explicitly stated in the “terms of contract”, we do not want to share that with a third party. Cheating breaks trust and trust is the foundation of relationships. You can do the math.

    For me, cheating is not acceptable, not unforgivable, but we can’t continue. Love does strange things to us though and I did try to continue such a relationship once (because it wasn’t a ‘red-handed’ situation, she only confessed to sleeping over at the guy’s, lol) but it soon ended. The most painful relationship I’ve been in ever!

    However, I do understand people who can get over it and work out their relationship issues. I’m just not that kind of person.

  15. Theo
    I think cheating is a general phenomenon. Men and women cheat. Married and unmarried people cheat. I think the “Yoruba man cheats a lot” stereotype is one we should have outgrown. Cheating is a personal decision and has nothing to do with your ancestors!
  16. JADE
    But what is the big deal tho? I always ask because I don’t understand why Jide putting his penis in Adanna’s vagina will cause me pain, why? I need somebody to explain it to me. Like i always say, so long as my partner plays safe I don’t really care if he has a side chick and all what not. Penis and vagina are just parts like ear and tongue. You people like giving yourself unnecessary HBP
    1. KELS
      Kai! You just made sex sound unsexy. Just a penis in a vagina? Where’s the emotion involved? And same parts as ear ke? Pls help me understand
    2. Nosa
      Well, I have a friend who used to talk like this. Not anymore though. There is always a turning point.

      “It’s just sex”, i say that also. But i know i won’t ever cheat in a relationship sha.

      Everybody has to have a code. What’s yours?

      1. S
        Always! Someone that you don’t ever ever want to share might just walk into your life unexpectedly.

        I think there is “it’s just sex-sex” and “i like this person sex”.

        Having a code is quite real. frankly i don’t know how to do it, splitting their attention and affection between both people whilst hiding it from them. I don’t think its ever worth that stress.
        If you genuinely care about someone you shouldn’t want to risk them finding out that you’re a lying cheating bastard, that’s how people get curses for christmas.

      1. JADE
        hahahahahaha Debloww, what kind of meme is this now? pls is there any way of coping memes from this site? there are just soo many funny ones
      1. S
        Yinka boo boo.
        Listen, it can never be me.
        way too possessive.
        Not just the preek sef, everything. I dont want anyone else to know how he smells, or notice his smile or his cute bum, or his birthday, or know what his tongue can do, or hear his laugh. basically i dont want anyone else to know he exists, just keep him for me. i know this is the path to becoming a psychopath but…..
        I cant deal with cheating… nah… it bugs me big time.
        1. DEJIDOPE
          Words from S

          All these things are small matters.

          Adults are pretty much allowed to screw whatever CONSENTING adult they want to if they bloody much please, it’s not evern about so called morally right or wrong.

          Yes there probably are single guys but this one married man has what she needs, simple.

          She’s not in love with the married man, chances are when her boo (who is not around) returns from his trip, she let’s tha man go and resumes quality sexy time with her own lover.

          The wife will be alright please.

          1. Nosa

            WAIT!!!!!!! FUCKING TIMEOUT!!!!! This happens here also? You went back in time and “copied & pasted” the comment. To what purpose? What’s your point?
            I mean. I’m confused. I just kent deal!!!!!
            If this isn’t sad, i can’t figure out what is.
          2. Enn
            I don’t see how it’s sad, d guy’s obviously surprised/confused at S’s 360 as some of us are…so calm ur tits down, it’s a valid reaction.
    3. S
      Jade, first of all, why are you far away in Abuja? *tears*
      Second, you know I love you, you’re my personal pozon but honestly I am not one to share, ANYTHING.
      so it would bother me if someone else is eating from the same plate of good stuff (a lover) that i am.
      well, they are body parts but they are specific body parts that can be used as an expression of sexual love.
      nope. unacceptable. no side chics, safe or not. nope.
      1. JADE
        LOL S honey, well i’m a generous person :). i love to share my toys. maybe the real reason is because im a cheat as well i dont know. But ive always been ambivalent about cheating, i stayed with my fifth boyfriend despite how randy he was but the day he threatened to slap me if i dont shut was the day i left him. sooo………… i ask again, what is the bug deal? I’m coming to Lag in december so maybe we can have our sit down then, no?


      2. DEJIDOPE
        But S, you were praising jade in one of the previous post when she said she was cheating with a married man and saying the married man’s wife will be very alright.
    4. anon-repentant
      I’m not writing this to diss you but I guess I understand your ‘sex is just sex’ stance.. as you have already informed us of your bf and manf.. lol
      I’ve cheated before and from my experience, I thought it was just sex but it goes deeper than that and it was so hard to break off from the act and turn a new leaf because it’s more emotional than that!
      So I’m also of the opinion that cheating is a selfish act as well as an act of lack of self control.. If you truly care about your SO, you either stay faithful or break up the relationship!
      And I agree with the Yoruba guys being sloppy about cheating or being more like the ‘kiss and tell’ type.. because anyone can cheat, it only takes discipline and the grace of God to NOT CHEAT!
  17. Tola
    The genetic evidence suggests that most of humanity hasn’t been monogamous until fairly recently. In that sense, monogamy is entirely natural. That said, I’m not saying go out and cheat on spouses and significant others.
  18. JADE
    well, maybe my own code doesnt have to do with sex, i condone cheating in a relationship but i will not condone abuse of any form and i will never abuse anyone in any form. , well it is what it is, just another part of the human anatomy
      1. JADE
        Yeah? because i didnt talk about trust? or the “emotions” involved? abeg emotion dey give orgasms? stop comparing me to your friend pls, she is her and i am me. what more is penis inside vagina if not sex?
        1. Nosa
          LOL. Did i say anything about emotions?
          Well, you still believe i’m talking about sex.
          Errrrrm, and it’s not about trust. What i’m trying to say is……… Nvm (maybe Monster can tell you what i’m thinking since it can obviously do that)
    Not all Men Cheat.
    A lot of women seem to believe all men cheat or at least have the potential to cheat, from what i have seen on Social Media(Twitter), some women have pre-programmed their minds to forgive their husbands when they cheat, you see them tweet that they know it is going to happen and they are going to forgive him for it, it seems a lot of people this days feel cheating is inevitable in a marriage(relationship in general), i think that’s one of the reasons why some men do it, knowing fully well his wife or girlfriend will not leave even if she finds out.
    Also, when a man cheats most times, the wife or girlfriend attacks the women he was cheating on her with and doesn’t even get mad at her man(probably for fear of losing him), making it look like it was the other woman that threw herself on her man and her man is a victim in all of this, or she would blame herself for her man cheating, thinking she is not doing enough to “satisfy” him.
    I have never cheated in a relationship, but i don’t plan on cheating when i get married, obviously been married or in a relationship doesn’t stop other women from been attractive to you, but i don’t plan on ruining my marriage, i honestly belive some men go into marriage knowing fully well that they will cheat and others, well, it was just circumstances, the oppourtunity presented itself and he took it, but yeah, women should ask for better, nobody deserves a cheating partner, the cheating thing has nothing to do with tribe or race, it’s a global problem.
  20. Maxpayne
    I am a Yoruba boy and I am not a demon.

    That said, the ratio of women to men in the world is 5:1. Every man has 5 women, and with transgenders, maybe it is now 7:1. As with everything in life, you have to be contented. You can’t have too much money, but at a stage you need to be contented. Truth is there will always be someone better than your bae, it is contentment that will keep one from cheating. Anyone and everyone can cheat. Generalizations are a bitch!

    1. Anonymous Aboki
      Max Payne Baba, cool game, cool name..

      We believe you’re Yoruba, the demon part is rather dicey ’cause of that zobo stat you just casually dropped..

      Baba, the general verifiable consensus is there are actually more men than women, roughly 2:1..5:1’s bogus..

      PS. was kidding about demon, I’m sure you’re an angel in fact; out here defending a tribe & preaching contentment..

    2. MIA
      Correction please there are more men than women. Google is our friend. In most countries(India) they abort female fetus so I don’t know why people always believe we lack men…..

      I have missed TNC.

  21. Nosa
    LOL. Did i say anything about emotions?
    Well, you still believe i’m talking about sex.

    Errrrrm, and it’s not about trust. What i’m trying to say is……… Nvm (maybe Monster can tell you what i’m thinking since it can obviously do that)

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  23. Chinedov
    All men cheat. Sometimes for very unexplainable reasons.

    The only reason the Yoruba boys are always on roast is because they’re bad at the act.

    They might be prolific by the number of liaisons they manage to garner, but they’re really profligate at keeping everything under wraps.

    But then again, there’s no verifiable statistical data to further buttress this.

  24. ifunanya
    LoooooL!!! This is twitter banter, furst of all i need to cop these memes mehn, too damn funny.
    On a real tho men cheat but i think the thing with yoruba guys can be explained thus: “all dogs dey chop cheat but the one wey chop am finish carry am for mouth na im they go call shit eater” (sounds a lot better in igbo) they arent really the worst they are just…..
    Most women are enablers tho and that is a major part of the problem. I love the comments sha


  25. pluto
    Hello everyone, been a regular reader but first time commenting on here. I think Yoruba guys don’t just know when to stop which have made them the poster boy for cheaters but I KNOW not all cheat. I read Nosa saying ND guys keeping it real with sealed lips are the MVPs.
    PS: I’m Yoruba BTW
  26. Esq
    I am Yoruba and to be true Yoruba guys are sloppy at cheating. I think it is more that they are not bothered about the consequences since they prolly grew up seeing it all around them. In my circle of friends and acquaintances, the only Yoruba guys that don’t cheat are the celibate ones
        1. Cher
          Lollllll noooo . I didn’t actually think it would post like that , the thing is a bit misleading .

          The blog write up was very interesting since every day on the net Yoruba boys are being slammed for whatever reason . We all know now it’s for bants .

          My friends however all have different view points when it comes to cheating , as did people here on this blog . So I wanted to see what everyone was saying …

          But wait , why am I explaining myself sha !?!????

  27. Ray
    Looooooool to think anyone would pin cheat on a certain tribe is disturbing. People cheat cos of various reasons. Some, I guess, don’t even know why they cheat.
    But really, is it so hard to commit your genitals to just one person? Is it so hard to walk away from the ‘main’ since they obvi are not enough?
  28. Chocho
    When a Yoruba guy who hasn’t cheated reads this write-up plus the comments section, …….. i say no more.

    For me, the word “cheating” is relative so i’ll take that other meaning now. *shrugs

    First timer!!!! Woohooo!

    While I cannot categorically say that Yoruba men are cheats, I dated 3 yoruba men in my lifetime and all 3 of them cheated on me.

  30. Ditiro
    M almost 3 weeks dating a Yoruba man. He said he stays with his brother. We are madly in luv and always chat and call each other non stop. He took me to his place during the day and visited me all through out the day since m working far from home. Last week we agreed that I will be sleeping over his place, he said he will ask his brother to go home, I asked him why is he doing that unless if he is hiding me. I then alerted him that I was leaving town to Randburg where he leaves. Like always, he kept checking on me and and, I continued to update him. Later his phone went off and he later chatted after an hour that he was running late. I continued to check on him and his phone was completely off. As I was in my house he then sent me a chat message around 23h10 that he was on his way home, I responded “it’s okay”. After an hour he texted that he was home and sent me and as always, he sent me a romantic message. He sent me a chat in the morning and never said anything about yesternight. I have a feeling that he is cheating on me and don’t want to show me up. I am a very disciplined, matured, I independent woman and don’t want to be played games. He then started to apologies when I asked him about the whole thing and told me to punish him in whatever means. I love him so much and needs advices on his behavior.
  31. That girl Abike
    hmmmm I just don’t like sharing I think that’s why I can’t cheat. I mean if you are mine,mister you are mine! yes I’m stingy I know but it is my thing(s) na.
    you don’t own people. it’s either they decide to be yours alone or they stray. Not all men cheat but most guys do. besides, the are several types of cheating. emotional cheating (loving or fantasizing about another person apart from your SO) OR physical cheating (it definitely involves sex) OR combination of both. some men believe that there soul mate is another woman other than their wives/girlfriends. though they are not cheating directly. it’s still cheating. the word cheating is more complicated as emotions itself. Good luck.
  33. Mizta Gabri
    yes, every tribe cheats, but I think it’s all about how they do it and and the outcome. You’ll just hear some stories about some people and you’ll be like, ” Wtf! how on earth would someone do that?!?” I think the impact of the action of the cheats amongst them that earned them the reputation
  34. Tam
    To be honest I did not read any of the comments above except the one from @nosa that said “Yoruba men are not even good cheats”. My comments rests on the author trying to truly find out if really men just cheat, or are Yoruba men likely to cheat more or less than men from other ethnic groups.

    The problem is that we have a very weak academia in Nigeria. The intellectual bourgeois of the ivory tower are not performing their responsibilities adequately. Why do I say this? “Unfaithfulness of partners in relationships”, one that is seen as extremely prevalent in Nigeria is one that Nigerian sociologists shout tackle – or at least that’s what we think – is a social problem. The general believe is that Yoruba men are more serious cheaters, among men from the other 250 ethnic group – going as far as personifying them in the well designed stereotype of the “Yoruba Demon”.

    But this might not necessarily be true. We need data to back up that claim before we can even go on to proffering real solutions to that problem. This is something that Nigeria Economics & demography, Sociology and Psychological departments should step u to the game to do.

    First we collate data anonymously through different methods: Questionnaires, Interviews, etc, using a sample size of 100, 000 people. We restrict this to a certain demographics like ages 18 – 60. Then we can go on to restrict our sample to only people that are have ever been in a relationship once. Then our sample would be divided in proportion to the populations all the Geo-political zones in Nigeria. Respondents are required to provide data on: 1. How many people they have ever been in a “real” relationship with. We set the parameters for what we mean by real. 2. What where the ethnic groups of the ex-partners. 3. What was the reason for the breakup. 4. Was it a bad breakup or no: please describe the events that led to the breakup. 5. What is your current relationship with all the ex-partners: a. friends, b. friends with benefits, c. enemies, d. don’t know whether they exit at this time or not, e: don’t give a fuck, etc.

    We can then create another demography of only married people. And collect data like: 1. Have you ever cheated on your partner? 2. Do you know if your partner has every cheated on you? 3. If yes? What was your response: a. nothing, b: I left her/him, c. men will be men/women will be women, d. I leave it in the hands of God, 4. If no? Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, 5. If yes how would you find out for sure?

  35. Tam
    Then based on this data we collect we begin to find patterns based on the rubrics we create and make inferences to the specific ethnic groups based on the data.

    Then we arrive at our answers – that is, what ethnic groups is likely to cheat, which one cheats the highest in relation to their total population, are men more likely to cheat than women or is it the other way around?, At what rates do men and women in relationships cheat?

    After this work is done by economist and demographers. Sociologists and psychologist take the data to discover the causality of a certain ethnic group cheating more than others. Why would one cheat after confessing love to another person? Are the kind of questions they would ask, prompting more research.

    Data concerning the status based on ethno-political, socio-political, socio-economical, etc of the respondents, their partners and ex-partners, and the person that the respondents cheated with would be taken. from this data we would be able to infer If respondents are more likely to cheat with people they know or strangers. If they would cheat with prostitutes – if respondents are more likely to cheat with prostitutes. Are they more willing to pay for it?

    We would also define what we mean by cheating. Is it just thinking of another person in a romantic way, Or looking at another person with lewd thoughts or the age old, when vagina and penis come together in copulation?

    Here we can begin to find out if truly there are incentives for cheating. What the incentives are? Are they economical or psychological incentives (gratification). What can we do to modify or change those incentives.

    That how we can really know. And this is what our Academia and so called research institutes including the Federal Bureau of Statistics need to do. Because it is through gathering objective evidence that we can truly proffer tailor made and market based solutions to our problems – through proper policy-making practices.


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