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After what seems like eons, we had finally had enough. And the democratic revolution started. The flaws of this system of governance forced us to evolve and what we have now is a step forward in our journey towards equality. This chapter is called Democracy. This system is built on the inclusiveness of the people. Yes, there are variations of this but that is the fundamental idea of this new system of government. There is a general agreement that this system of government is an improvement over the one it replaced(although sometimes, I am not so sure). It puts less power in the hands of the leaders and involves the people more in the decision making process.

Naturally, this comes with issues of its own. First of all, time. Decision making will take more time in this system of government than in any other. Secondly, the government has to make the population as educated as possible so that the can make informed decisions. Thirdly, because there is the very real possibility of the majority making a wrong decision, the system has to be set up in order to prevent or deal with this scenario. As you can see, all three things are linked. An educated population makes better, faster decisions. So far, the current format of democracy includes 3 arms of government; executive, legislative and the judiciary that have separated powers. They also check each other and prevent each other from spiraling out of control. A cynic would point out this is merely an advanced monarchy and perhaps they are right. However, in addition to those three arms of government, there is a fourth arm that is often excluded in the narrative of democracy: the people.

The executive, Legislative and Judiciary check each other, but who checks them? The. People. All those revolutions around the world did not occur for us to regress to the days of monarchy. In Africa, the executive arm of government basically takes up the powers of the monarch and acts with impunity. With little or no resistance from the other two arms of government. Without those two arms, we do not have a democracy.

I have often wondered why Africans never really got the taste for democracy. Was it the violence? In the time since independence, Africa has seen more violence than probably any other region on earth. We do not embody the ideals of democracy and if we continue on this trend, we will be no closer to our goal of equality than we started on our quest. In the Monarchy system, the Leviathian (that is he/she who we submit our liberty to in exchange for equality) is the monarch. In democracy, it is ourselves. The inclusive nature of democracy requires that we not only participate in the process of government, but also pass down the baton of participation to your children.

Our generation is the first generation that can’t remember what it feels to be under military rule and that is really an incredible statement. Perhaps, it is somewhat understandable that we have not been given the “democratic spirit”. Our parents have seen very little actual democracy and you cannot give what you do not have. But this is no excuse to roll over for ANY leader. If we are the first democratic generation, we have a responsibility to future generations and we must take this responsibility seriously. We simply cannot beg and plead for leaders to suddenly become responsible overnight. “A leopard does not change its spots”, our people say. So instead of asking for the impossible, why don’t we go for the probable?

“the genius of any slave system is found in the dynamic which isolate slaves from each other, obscures the reality of a common condition, and make united rebellion against the oppressor inconceivable” — Andrea Dworkin

We must first be free, before we are equal. Let us come together and fight

for our freedom,

for our family,

for our country,

For. Our. Democracy.

It is no longer about you.

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  1. Larz
    Very interesting read. Thanks for posting.

    The system of democracy is not just broken in Africa but around the world. See Trump and Brexit for starters.

    A reform is definitely overdue but who knows what forms it might take.


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