Lights Out: Resurrection – Book Announcement

For the last 5 years, TheNakedConvos (TNC) has celebrated Halloween every October with Lights Out, an annual collection of horror stories.

Previous Entries in the series include:

  • Lights Out: First Blood (2011)
  • Lights Out: Nightmare Theatre (2012)
  • Lights Out: Twisted Fairytales (2013)
  • Lights Out: Monsters (2014)
  • Lights Out: Nigerian Horror Story (2015)

To celebrate its sixth year, The Lights Out series expands into a full-fledged, continent-wide anthology of over 50,000 words, digging deep to find some of the best buried African horror fiction.

This year, Lights Out issues a special edition of 10 horror stories – some original, some re-issued, all excellent – by some of the best African writers working today. These stories are set in Africa, feature African characters and explore African fears through the horror genre.


They have arisen.
The things we buried, the ones we thought we would never see again.
But they are not what they used to be.
And neither are we.

Lights Out: Resurrection is an anthology that explores what happens when that which we thought dead returns seeking vengeance, when sins we thought hidden resurface to haunt, when prejudices we thought forgotten return to us, brandishing teeth.

Featuring spectacular African authors from the horror, dark fantasy, speculative fiction, and thriller genres, Lights Out: Resurrection showcases excellent contemporary African horror fiction.

Prepare yourself for 10 terror-inducing tales.





“Daughter Dearest” by Chioma Odukwe – A woman who has just lost her husband finds herself in danger of losing her daughter as well and goes to desperate lengths to keep her in this unusual zombie story.


“Shame” by Nerine Dorman – A biracial couple try to find acceptance during South Africa’s post-apartheid transition period but find themselves confronted with a devastating horror instead.


“Sleep Papa, Sleep” by Suyi Davies Okungbowa – A mistake made during a taboo trade leaves a young man in modern Lagos desperate to rid himself of something terrifying from beyond the grave.


“Blood and Fire” by Sawaleh – Religious corruption in one of Africa’s largest Megachurches provokes an ancient and unspeakable horror that seeks to punish, corrupt and feed.


“Koi-Koi” by Raymond Elenwoke – One of Nigeria’s most prevalent and persistent urban legends is given an origin story in this frightening interpretation of the Lady Koi-Koi mythos.


“Eaters Of Flesh” by Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso  – A young university student is confronted by mysterious events involving his parents that threaten his sanity and his life.


“Afin” by Edwin Okolo – Twisting the Snow White fairy tale in surprising ways and transposing it to pre-colonial Nigeria, the court of a king is thrown into disarray when his older wives pit themselves against his youngest.


“Hadiza” by Nuzo Onoh – A man’s greed and lust lead him to divorce his faithful and loyal wife, an action that has dire consequences in this Nollywood-Horror style tale.


“The Wild Dogs” by Mandisi Nkomo – A Swedish woman volunteers to help fight a strange disease consuming Cape Town and comes faces to face with monstrous inhumanity.


“Udu” by Damilare Falowo – A village girl and her newborn child are thrown into a cursed forest to die but in the forest she finds vengeful things that are worse than death.


with an Introduction by Wole Talabi



Lights Out: Resurrection


OCTOBER 28, 2016

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