Postpill for Mama Bomboy

“Mama Bomboy come na.”

“Papa Bomboy leave me. Leave me eh!”

“Ah don’t shout now, you want to wake the children up?”

Mrs. Bimpe Isijola ‘Mama Bomboy’ eyed her husband warily as she shifted to the far end of their bed. Between catering to the needs of her five children and running her shop, she’d had a long day and was not in the mood for any hanky-panky. Her 6th and last born, Tobi had been running a temperature earlier, and she was still slightly worried about him. Needless to say, having relations with her husband was the furthest thing from her mind tonight.

“Abeg leave me. You no see say Tobi no well?”

“Ehn, na your shouting go wake am jor.”

“Na so. You don buy condom?”

This was the recent bone of contention between them and perhaps she could use it to wriggle out of his advances tonight. When they got married, they had planned to have only 3 children, yet they were now on number 6, and if she let him have his way, perhaps they would end up with 20!

“Come now sweet heart, you know I don’t like those things.”

Ah, he’d switched to full English; this was serious. Bimpe kept her back to him hoping he would decide to leave her alone. But he seemed to be on a relentless mission and wouldn’t give up.

“But why don’t you just do that salt and water thing that you always do now? Why do I need a condom again? Abi are you accusing me of sleeping round?”

“Papa Bomboy that salt does not work!” She’d leaped off the bed now, her furious anger surprising even herself.

“Heh stop shouting now!” His voice was a fierce hiss. “You want to wake them up?”

“Yes oh, maybe I should wake them up and line them up in front of you for you to count. Six Papa Bomboy, six! And the only one that came at the time we planned was Junior, the first. The last two we didn’t even plan for at all. All the time I was doing that salt thing; it never worked. Use condom, no. Oya let me do family planning, no. Wetin! You wan kill me??” She was visibly shaking now, close to tears.

Papa Bomboy was at her side in an instant. “Ah my queen I’m sorry, don’t be angry. Don’t be angry I’m sorry. Oya calm down, tomorrow we’ll go and do family planning ehn. It’s okay come now. Smile for me. Oya smile, come…”

Mama Bomboy’s last coherent thought as she gave in to her husband’s kisses was what they were going to name their sixth child.

***Next day***

“Mama Bomboy I’m back oh!”

“Ah my husband what happened? Did you forget something?”

“No oh, come make I give you something.”

“Wetin be this?” she asked distractedly, her mind going over the million and one things she needed to do before heading to her shop.

“I went to that pharmacy at Adelabu and they gave me this for you. It’s called POSTPILL. They say it can prevent pregnancy when we don’t use condom and it works well. So no need to do salt and water because of last night, just take this, and we will be fine. Then first thing tomorrow Saturday, we will go to the clinic for full family planning.”

“Heh Papa Bomboy you mean am?”

“Ofcourse now. I no wan suffer you again. Plus I no even get school fees money for another pikin again abeg.”

“Papa Bomboy!”

“Mama Bomboy!”


POSTPILL is your last chance to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. It should be taken as soon as possible within 24 hours, but it can also be taken within 5 days (120 hours) after unprotected sex. #IncaseofEmergency, Use POSTPILL. #Onedose #AfterSexpill

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