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  • Unrepentant media addict.
  • S
    I Believe In Harvey Dent
  • Just a new blog addict and a proud father.
  • Gone insane. Should be back before dinner.
  • God - Family - Fun. life is a better teacher so we write about…
  • Hi. 🙂
  • MissO is my alter-ego; the person I really am but afraid to be. I…
  • Od
  • *exhales* Do bios ever get easier to write? "Seeing someone reading one of your…
  • Omotola Ajibade often describes himself as an aspiring renaissance man. He is a graduate…
  • Ray
    I love chocolate cakes, Caprisonne, music, laughter and the colour red.  
  • Being of light and creativity
  • writes about sexual violence on, a platform which provides a safe space for…
  • Simply taking life one day at a time... curve balls and all
  • Youthful humanitarian and passionate change agent with a thirst for love and God… Follow…
  • Funmi works in TV development, which means she gets paid to make stuff up. She…
  • She is a diehard believer in Nigeria. She is a journalist every other day…
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