No Uterus, No Opinion

Saturday, May 26, 2018, marked a historic day for the women of Ireland as they successfully had the constitution altered in their favor, decriminalizing abortions, shout out to all the women who made this happen, but Nigeria is unfortunately far far away from this happening.

Hi, my name is S, and I couldn’t have been prouder to see women rally around to effect this change for the advancement of women’s reproductive rights.

We have watched and allowed men to make decisions about what happens to our bodies and we are tired of that shit, we will not have it any longer! How in the fuck are men still making decisions about women’s bodies? Honestly, if you have a penis, you are automatically disqualified from having a say.

Men know nothing about being female. Absolutely nothing. Women bleed every month, and by virtue of this fact, men are no match for us, we bleed while being very much alive, we are superhumans, (yes, I said, bite me). Men know less than nothing about the excruciating pain comes with menstrual cycles not to mention the hormones and the mood swings. Men know nothing of birth control or its side effects, carrying a child in your womb for nine months, the pain of childbirth and to top it up, men are not the ones who bear the heavier burden of having a child they didn’t plan for because the State mandates that abortions are illegal. If anything, men belittle women for being women, for having estrogen, I have heard the most horrid things like “she’s acting up because she’s on her period,” “Your period again!”. Sir, we didn’t ask to be made this way. As biology would have it, we bleed every month while having to function optimally in society, and yet, it’s men who are making decisions to affect OUR reproductive health? Issa a no from millions of women in the world and me.

A woman should have agency over her own body, what she chooses to do with it is her business and hers alone, it is no business of the State. The State, after all, does not provide special welfare benefits to women who have children because they can’t have abortions, so they need to butt out. If in some universe, men could bear children, you all know the rules would be COMPLETELY different. The world doesn’t treat women well, and that’s why it’s important for women to stand together, take action and bring forth the change they desire. More women need to be in positions of power and help implement laws that empower other women.

Several people are pressed about women having abortions, my question is, why do you hate women? Also, what is your damn business? Is it your body? How does it affect your life, especially when you have a penis? No laws are regulating what men do with their penises so get state laws out of women’s vaginas.

We are in the 21st century where rockets are visiting space every other weekend, you can see someone on the other side of the world with a click of a button, cars are driving themselves, and 3D-printed hearts are possible, yet it’s still illegal for women to have the option of abortions? HOW? It’s already a struggle for women to exist in the world of men if our reproductive rights weren’t toyed around with, perhaps we would have a little less have less to worry about.

As a woman, I cannot be with a man who doesn’t believe that women have a right to take whatever birth control measures she deems necessary. In fact, while dating, at the very beginning, I want to know where a man’s stance on such issues is because if your man is not a feminist, that relationship is not for you, quote me anywhere.

Every time abortions come up, the issue of morality follows it; however, the two could not be any less mutually exclusive. You don’t have to support abortions but don’t let your ideals get in the way of making abortions legal to those who need it, because a lot of women will need it. Nigeria is a country where women are still dying of childbirth, not to mention all the women who have passed from abortions (rest their souls). It’s quite sad; women do not need to be dying because doctors won’t perform abortions, just like the case of the doctor in Ireland; Savita Halappanavar (rest her soul) whose unfortunate death was protested and used as a rallying cry at the ‘Repeal the 8th’ rally held in Ireland.

The word ‘abortion’ already has a stigma to it, and for no good reason, if you ask me, just like condoms, it is a birth control measure. Those who are against abortions; and there are millions; make it seem as if women would be strolling into clinics to get abortions, but that is not the case.

There is also the fact that several unnecessary legal unions could be avoided if abortions were legally available. Do you know how many couples have had to get married just because there was an unplanned child in the picture, and the woman didn’t want to have to go through the stigma of being a single mother in the society? Think of all the heartbreaking stories you’ve heard about babies being left near the trash and other tragic places by parents who don’t want them, if abortions were legal, this may very well not be the case.

Women really shouldn’t have to struggle or fly to a whole other country to have an abortion, the entire process of having an abortion is straightforward, so why are women denied this? Right now, in the United States, Donald Trump’s ‘domestic gag rule’ is yet another thing that women must deal with. We already know that no one gives less of a fuck about women than Trump, so this discriminatory and problematic rule that that seeks to ban doctors at federally funded health institutions from even suggesting abortions to women or else their funding will be cut, is like criminalizing abortions as punishment for women who choose to have sex. If a patient had cancer, the doctors are obliged to present every possible option of treatment and the risks, so why can’t women who want abortions be awarded the same respect.

I am not even going to kid myself, Nigeria is far from the stage where the government or even the people will give a damn about women reproductive health. It’s a country that deludes itself into thinking that women aren’t supposed to be having sex if they aren’t married or even care about their reproductive health if they don’t have kids. The government can barely provide electricity and social welfare to its people, not to talk about dealing with women’s health.

In the most idiot-proof sense, having an abortion does not make a woman a ‘bad person,’ it’s her choice. I genuinely look forward to a time where women all over the world can exercise power over their bodies.

  • Well…you get a RT from me!
    I think it’s absurd that a woman can’t choose to walk into a health institution and demand for an abortion or Plan B Pill (basically an abortion pill). Why not? I remember I had to walk into a pharmacy a few years back to buy Postinor 2 for one of my best friends. Not because she couldn’t walk in herself but because the possibility existed that the attendant could’ve been nasty/hesitant/whatever and I wasn’t gonna have that. More importantly, I remember I had to fly to be with another great friend after she’d just had an abortion (at a shoddy clinic) and she was in a dark place. A lot of people think it ends after the foetus has been removed but it doesn’t! Apart from the physical healing, there’s mental/emotional healing that needs to happen amen if it was legalized, post-abortion therapy would also be included (I believe). It’s been almost a year and my friend still has nightmares where she sees her baby and some other twisted shii and all this would reduced if not totally avoided if it was legal. Post life/Pro life or whatever aside, it’s the woman’s call and it shouldn’t be a crime to make that call.

    June 20, 2018
  • Kells

    Sometimes women’s problems are from their fellow women, it will burst your head to find out your fellow women will follow men to fight against legalising abortion in this country. Your fellow woman will be shouting abortion is sin , don’t commit murder keep the baby so that people will see them as morally upright . Before you even start to shame men you need to start with women because they are part of the reason things are hard for women in this country. Women need to learn to stand together before we can fight for the change we want but that’s like asking for snow to fall in this country. Oh well I’ll get better someday

    June 24, 2018
  • G B

    I agree with a lot of what you’ve said. Also, whether or not it’s legal, women will more than likely continue to have abortions. They might as well be allowed to do it safely.
    To a large extent, yeah, men have no say in these things; at least not at the legislative level. But we could have a say in some small cases, like when our teenage daughters get pregnant, for instance (I don’t know what I’d do in such a situation, by the way. I hope it never happens).
    That said, I don’t agree that abortions are necessarily the same as birth control. Yes, you could say the end result is the same in that there’s no pregnancy, but I think this is a myopic view. There’s a big difference between preventing conception and removing a fetus. One is a tad more risky, however ‘routine’ it should be.
    My two kobo.

    June 27, 2018
  • Errr… abortion is a sin. Use contraceptives if you do not want a baby. It is that simple.

    May 6, 2019
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