Dear Self,

A few years from now, I expect you would have made many more mistakes than you already have. I know for sure you would still be your very inquisitive self because nothing has kept you from that in the past and I know you’ve been through a lot already.

You will find true love and settle down. Eventually you would have enough money to live well.  How do I know? Well, you never stop talking and thinking about making money! Also, you’re a very industrious woman and it’s only a matter of time before all your hard work pays off (it always does).

You will become a mother to many – not only to your biological offspring – but to others who will seek you out to find out how you survived these years. You would take them under your wing, feed them knowledge and they would never remain the same.

Life is sometimes hard, but you will overcome being shy and afraid. You will come to truly appreciate that we all die but once.  Dying a second time is overkill (LOL)!  You will become more daring: speaking up for what is right, fighting for justice and defending the oppressed.

You will stop worrying about money because you will have plenty of it. You have seen,  you have heard and you will conquer. In dark times, you will remember and hold on to the God you’ve served all your life. You will remember to be strong and that you are a survivor.  You will not be a quitter. You will survive whatever life throws at you.

When things aren’t rosy, you will stay strong.  Remember that in humility, we find peace. In abundance, we discover who we are and plant for the time when darkness shall fall again. You will remember to sow the good seed in the life of all who cross your path.

And years from now, when I remember to visit you again, when I look upon you and read the words which you have written for me today,  it would be with smiles upon a wrinkled face that says:

“You have been true to yourself all your life. You have been an amazing and wonderful person.  You have spent your life well. You took the chance that has been given to you as a human being; and it was worth the shot.”


If you had to write a note to your future self, what would you say?

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My name is Bukunmi, I enjoy talking with my hands on and other platforms. And hope one day these fingers would tell enough stories that will inspire greatness in others.

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    “Dear shy,
    Things may not always be rosy now but it will surely get better by the day. Be the you you’ve always wanted to be and this will give you strength to move forward. Don’t let people determine your mood, actions and feelings all the time cos that will only get you to lag behind. Be thankful for all you have and appreciate the people in your life for they are part of your happiness. I will want you to look back and not regret anything.”
    Thanks so much for your lovely write up Bukunmi.

    October 29, 2016
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    Dear Msi,
    If u have to chance to come back to life or do things differently am so sure u wont chose this path u r on.
    Dont let anyone discourage u. Follow ur dreams and achieve ur heart desires.
    But then they say everything happens for a reason

    October 31, 2016
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