In my whole life, I have only heard gist like this. I have never really experienced it, till recently. I was walking down the street with my friend from KFC. We were doing our regular Friday eat out, so we went to KFC to buy chips and chicken so we could go home and eat while watching movies. Nothing beats eating in your comfort zone and devouring the food and chewing the bone of the chicken. You know what I mean *winks*.

Anyway, as we were walking, I just felt/heard a stampede building up behind me. People started jumping from everywhere to join the already accelerating crowd. I heard voices shouting, “Ole”, “Thief”, “Armed robber”. My brain quickly remembered one article I read. The writer said, if you hear “Ole! Ole! Ole!” in Lagos and you see people chasing, there is a high percentage that some people do not know the thief and anyone could be mistaken for the thief. So what do you do? Help yourself by doing one of two things:

  1. Join them in the chase and be shouting” Ole” or Thief.
  2. Duck, hide, move away from the madness and be still.

Well, I chose the second option as I couldn’t be doing #fitfam exercise that I did not bargain for. My friend was laughing at me when the drama moved away from us. He said the way I disappeared was epic. I couldn’t even take the risk. The chasers looked angry. As usual, I got curious. I started walking slowly towards the scene and I noticed people had converged around two guys. They were beating these guys mercilessly. It was like the guys were the reason for any misfortune they had experienced that week. It was not funny o… People were beating any part of the body they could reach with anything they had… It was like if they could beat the hem of any of the thieves’ garment, all their problems would disappear. Even small children came around and were beating the guy. One small child, I estimate to be no more than 4 years came and was shouting “Put tire, tire…” and I was shocked. It occurred to me that this wasn’t the first time he was witnessing such a thing and left to that child, the only justice would be to adorn the thieves with tires as jewelleries on their neck and set them on fire.

I was curious to see what they stole. I silently prayed in my heart that the thing they stole should be worth it o, cuz this kain beating… chai. That’s how I peered further to see the 2 bags they stole from the babe. I was weak. Apparently, the purse was empty or maybe another individual that was forming “beating the guys” had slipped something into his pocket. I don’t even know. All we saw were papers, an empty purse with her ID cards and another bag of clothes.

Those boys chopped beating. It was like the frustration therapy for those that had chased the thieves and caught them. Some people ran out of their houses to just beat the guys. It was after a while of beating that police showed up and saved these guys lives. In my opinion prison cell is better than that kind of mass beating o.

I learned that quick success never ends well. Either the money doesn’t last or you get hurt getting it. The quickest route to success is determination, work and consistency. As Timi Dakolo said at Headies 2015, do it till someone notices you. If you are doing anything worthwhile, I admire you and I believe in you. The foundation for a high rise building takes longer to lay than that of a bungalow. People may not see you while you are laying the foundation but trust me they would notice the high rise building. Burj-al-arab took almost a decade to achieve it’s iconicity. Anything Iconic and worth celebrating takes a while, don’t be dismayed. Get up everyday and take a step that brings you closer to your goal achievement.

Soar, Fly, Run, Walk, Crawl… whatever you do, don’t stop moving!

Make the best out of this new year.

But seriousness aside o, do you think Jungle Justice is an apt punishment for thieves?


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    Phew! God forbid I witness such evil. Yes! Jungle justice in my opinion is evil! As far as I’m concerned, the thief as well as the entire mob are guilty of some sort of offence. What gives them the right to carry out justice in such inhumane manner?
    Btw you forgot to add the fact that if you try to stop the madness, you will be tagged an accomplice to the crime. And of course, once you’re dragged into that mob circle, there’s no English that can get you out of the mess; Innocent or guilty!
    It’s a good thing you brought this to our attention. Something really needs to be done about Jungle Justice. It happens everyday and sometimes, the police allow it like in the case of Aluu4. God rest their soul.

    Do you think nine years imprisonment is enough punishment for the husband of the woman who crashed her funeral? Read today’s post

    February 8, 2016
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      Anonymous Aboki

      See ehn, it’s ironic that it’s called jungle justice, ’cause that shii is assault, murder etc., depending on the degree of hurt inflicted.

      I can’t see the logic/sense – in the crowd’s motivation, that sense of camaraderie, their ability to draw blood..someone stole, you now want to kill him/her? Barbaric

      I couldn’t, didn’t watch the aluu4 video, yet I had nightmares. Maybe the live images I saw, growing up in Kad., are finally having an effect.

      On the night Burna performed at Afropolitan Vibes, that’s how the Ole rendition started, whilst I was waiting to get into the venue with my friends. 1 2, & they had started seriously smacking some well dressed niqqa around, I did not know when I jumped into the fray.

      I sha managed to break the thing up, after shoving like 2 agberos, begging them in tattered yoruba to free the guy & asking a policeman repeatedly, who had been standing & watching nearby, to arrest the ‘thief’. Officer kept saying they’d pounce on him if he interrupted – Nigerian Police too useless, kai!

      Oya now, what did the thief steal? Agberos said a Samsung phone. & where’s this phone? O’ti da’kpada. Lol, God. They sha wanted to kill him for attempted stealing, with no evidence.

      At this point, 1 of my friends dragged me away, as the niqqa bled. His face was like a partially opened tap. He was bent at the waist holding his knees, as blood poured, making these splatters on the floor.

      Shii wasn’t funny..

      February 8, 2016
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        Dang!! I honestly hope I never find myself entangled in that kind of situation. It’s really bad cos you want to help but you just have to consider your own life too Mehn cos these people are usually too rugged to listen to plenty grammar.
        So I think you had a bit of leverage cos you came down to their level by speaking the language they understand.
        Too bad for the guy tho. Even the law doesn’t kill you for stealing 300 billion naira of government money but people are murdered for stealing tinned tomatoes. O ma ga o!

        February 8, 2016
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        Mehn that’s deep. I hope he haunts them cos it’s so ridiculous that even in this 21st century such barbarism still occurs. Let’s just hope we’re never in the wrong place at the wrong time.

        February 8, 2016
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    Miss James

    Somebody who is not armed will be chasing someone that is called an “armed robber” because in Nigeria all thieves are armed robbers.

    February 8, 2016
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    I was out with a friend one day when we encountered one of these jungle justice thing.. This girl left my side starting picking bricks on the floor and hitting the guy on the head. Kicking and stamping on him. She had no idea what he had done. I couldn’t believe it, stood there feeling sick. I never saw her the same way again. We aren’t close anymore. This is the kind of person that wouldn’t hesitate to cut you up and eat you if you’re both stranded on an island.

    February 8, 2016
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      LMAO… Thank God you fled for your life, because the moment you fu*k up dating her ehhh, she go lock door pound you and your neighbors will think you are the one doing the beating not knowing you have been blinded doublelipped by you so called bae.

      I really thank God for your life.

      February 10, 2016
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    This was my childhood. In Aba of the nineties, this was pretty normal. I think it gave me this reflex to stay away from crowds. And violence. I can see things escalating just from the sounds of people’s voices when they talk.

    And the opportunism? It’s terrible.

    Glad you were alright, Einsteinette. 🙂 Wish those guys were too.

    February 8, 2016
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    If you go steal do it right nd perfect. Getting paraded for stealing a biro is wrong…when ur mates dey use biro dey disfigure check.

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    February 8, 2016
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    Nigerians jus use it as an opportunity to unleash their frustrations. Naira is high, Buhari is too far , look for one thief to finish. Entered one molue to oshodi, faster, cheaper, smell like hell. Was still trying to understand why people leave their houses smelling so horribly when one unfortunate guy decided to steal from one of those guys that work in five star/ladipo/toyota. Obviously the guy caught him. God the slap. Like 3 times in quick succession. Trust lagosians. All the anger that they had to go to work early, all the kongi that they were keeping for lack of bae/money. Gosh it was terrible. Even police ma that was supposed to intervene was looking for the guyz eyes to destroy.

    February 8, 2016
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    I pray i never witness such evil. Me that, back in secondary school, when boys catch the thing responsible for depleted provisions and proceed to exact punishment either by flogging or soaking the rat and electrocuting it, I’d start pitying the thing!

    Einsteinette, I think you’re on to something when you say people lash out at the thieves like they’re the cause of all their problems and unfortunately, it doesn’t take too much to work upa blood lust in the heat of rage. That’s why the voice of reason is hardly heard. You scream “please stop, this isn’t the right way to go about this” but all they hear is “stop so he can live and steal more stuff”. It’s sickening.

    February 9, 2016
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    Something like this happened to me in Uni, 3 of us were strolling to a viewing centre nearby to watch UCL and we stumbled on robbers robbing some other students, we just ran back to our hostel dropped our valuables (phones e.t.c) and decided to go back to watch the match coz its champions league. On our way back to the viewing centre, some idiotic fellows who saw us running away from the scene of the crime and then strolling back concluded we were the robbers and accosted us. After accusing us of being the robbers, we explained to them what happened, but they were having none of it. They told us to sit on the floor and were already looking for sticks and other things to beat us with, so I flared up and started shouting at them, I got 3slaps in quick succession and I just retreated to one corner. They got the victims of the robbery to identify us so the proper beating could start, but when the girls came they confirmed that we were not the robbers. So the idiots let us go without even apologising. I then heard a friend to one of the girls chastising the girl for saying we were not the robbers. That at least the beating we would have gotten even though we were innocent would have reduced the pain of loosing her phones and money.
    Some people are just wicked, people who engage in mob beatings or killings are even worse than the offenders. It’s better for a hundred guilty men to go free than for one innocent man to be punished unjustly, that’s why one is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately Nigerians would rather kill the petty thief who steals because he is hungry, and worship the greedy politicians who steal their collective wealth.
    Anyway, I had an opportunity to deal with the guys who accosted us (uniben style), but I decided to be the bigger man.

    February 13, 2016
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